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An electric kettle can make your life easier, allowing you to be in the office and prepare tea, coffee or even an instant meal. If you are thinking about getting one, we recommend you to stay with us, because this time we will show you all about this device, as well as the best ones of the moment.

Plug it into a socket or into your car, it's that easy to have hot coffee away from home. An electric kettle can fill your life with satisfaction thanks to the beauty of simple things. However, there are many models on the market, and choosing the right one for you becomes difficult, don't worry, we will help you.

Relevant information, technical details, pros and cons of the product, its variants and everything you need to know to have a good buying criteria, is here. With us you have a product review platform that really cares about you, because we do it to ensure you make the best purchase.


  • The electric thermos is a device or instrument that allows you to boil or keep a drink at an optimum temperature. This type of product is ideal to take everywhere without losing the taste and the pleasant sensation of having a hot drink whenever and wherever you want.
  • Simple and smart are the two variants of electric flasks on the market today. The first is the typical thermos that is connected to the mains and simply heats up. While the second can be configured via a touch panel and even remote control.
  • You can get the best electric boiler if you take into account the purchasing factors we recommend. The uses, capacity, connector type and extra features of this product are what will allow you to choose one model over another.

The best Electric Water Heaters: Our Picks

Buying Guide

To buy the best electric water heater you can find on the market, it is ideal that you know this product from start to finish. That is why we created our buying guide, to provide you with information that will be useful to you when purchasing such a product.

Use your electric water heater anytime, anywhere. (Photo: free-photo /

What is an electric water heater and what are its advantages?

An electric water heater is a kitchen tool that allows you to heat or maintain a liquid at an ideal temperature. These thermoses work with a heating element that heats up at the bottom of the thermos and allows you to boil or keep water, coffee, tea or milk at the desired temperature.

This compact, safe and practical appliance can greatly improve your quality of life, especially if your work requires long hours in an office. With an electric kettle you only need to plug it into a wall socket or in your car to have your favourite drink or instant soup.

Some models of electric water heaters allow the user to set the temperature inside via an interactive panel. This gives you the possibility to prepare everything the way you like it, which makes it more appealing to consumers.

  • Allows you to heat water or a drink almost anywhere
  • Can be plugged into your car
  • Compact and safe
  • Various models and capacities
  • They need to be plugged into the mains so they are totally compact
  • Not all come with a mains adaptor
  • Limited amount of ml

Simple or smart electric boiler - what should you pay attention to?

In order to buy the electric boiler that best suits you and your lifestyle it is important to know the two most relevant variants on the market. Knowing each of these and their characteristics will allow you to make a safe purchase.

Simple. The simple electric water heater is one that, when connected to a current, will simply heat the liquid contained in the cup. This device by itself will reach an ideal temperature for your drink. They usually work with a voltage of 12v.

Smart. A smart electric water heater is one where you can change the temperature inside through a touch panel or remote control. They can work with voltages ranging from 12v to 24v and are more expensive than simple water heaters.

Simple Smart
Capacity 200 to 1200 ml 200 to 600 ml
Voltage 2 -12 v 12-24v
Price Economical Expensive

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of electric water heaters

When you have a wide variety of models and brands of electric water heater in front of you, it is difficult to know which is the product that will satisfy you for days to come. To clear your mind in that situation we have created this section, where we will show you factors to look out for before buying an electric water heater.

  • Uses
  • Capacity
  • Connector type
  • Extra functions


One of the first factors that we will show you and that form a crucial part of a good buying criteria are the uses. We will show you what options you have when it comes to using an electric boiler, and we will give you recommendations on how to get one.

Office appliance. An electric water heater can be the ultimate office appliance. It's compact and all you need to do is plug it into the mains to start heating water. If you eat instant soups, drink coffee, tea or other beverages at work, we advise you to buy one, smart or not.

Car thermos. Got to rush out of the house to get home early? Make tea on the go or keep your coffee hot with an electric thermos that can be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter. Whether it's smart or the simple variant, you can make your life simpler with it.

Camping. It's always great to be in touch with nature and nothing beats camping. If you want to be able to have a hot drink or prepare something special, you should have an electric thermos of any kind among your devices.


The second most important aspect when you are about to buy an electric thermos is the capacity it has to contain a substance, that is, the amount of millilitres it can hold. This directly affects its price.

Low. A low capacity electric boiler is one that can give you 200 to 400 ml in its cup. This is a limited amount of drink, but it is perfect for a good coffee. If this is what you want, our advice is to buy a smart thermos, so you can set everything yourself. Small but blessed!

Medium. Medium capacity electric thermoses can hold 400 to 800 ml, a perfect amount for all kinds of drinks and even for preparing a small meal that requires boiling water. Do you need one like this? We recommend both simple and smart thermoses, both will meet your demands.

High. High capacity products in electric water heaters are those that can work with 800 to 1200 ml, in short more than enough for one person and you could even invite one more. In these cases our buying advice is to buy a simple thermos, they are the largest capacity and cheapest.

Type of connector

As our thermos flask is electric, it is important to know how to connect it to a power source in order to have more possibilities in terms of use and transport. The type of connector is another factor in the purchase of our thermos flasks.

Car plug. Cars have a cigarette lighter socket, there are models of electric thermos that have a connector that fits perfectly into this type of socket. This will allow you to take your thermos and your piping hot drink wherever you want to go. Both simple and smart thermoses are good options.

USB. If you don't have a car nearby but you do have your computer or other device, use a USB cable to plug in your thermos. This type of connector is perfect for office use, although it tends to be a little slower than the others. If you want a product with a USB connector, get a smart thermos.

Simple connector. This is the typical connector for electrical plugs or sockets, which you can find everywhere. If you like to have quick results and have multiple places to leave your electric boiler this is the most suitable, both the simple and the smart boiler have this type of connector.

Extra functions

Electric water heaters have different aspects or functions that also need to be taken into account to get the product that gives you the best possible performance. These aspects are the insulation, the appearance of your thermos and its touch panel.

Insulation. The insulation function of the electric water heater is extremely important because if you don't have it when you touch your cup you could burn yourself. This technology consists of using high quality manufacturing materials to maintain a high temperature on the inside and room temperature on the outside. No burns.

Appearance. When buying a product it is always nice to choose the one we like, not only for its functions or capabilities, but also for its appearance. The appearance and design of the electric water heater is another extra aspect that will help you decide which one to choose and which one not to choose, the great thing is that it all depends on your taste

Touch Panel. This is an extra feature that only smart electric water heaters have. It's a great feature to be able to set the temperature you want in your cup, especially if you prepare a tea that needs a particular point.

(Featured image photo: Alexsey Kurguzov / 123RF)