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A hair dryer is a great ally to have in your bathroom. Not only does it help you keep your hair dry in winter to avoid getting cold, but you can also use to create the most sophisticated hairstyles. Nowadays, these electrical devices combine power and the latest technology to achieve professional results.

While it seems that hair dryers have always been around, there might be a lot of things you don't know about them. In our new shopping guide, we'll be looking at these appliances in depth, so that you learn all there is to know about what is currently revolutionising the world of hairdressing.


  • Hair dryers are essential in any bathroom. We use them every day, and they give us the possibility to get professional finishes in a matter of minutes. The technology featured in the most modern hair dryers, such as the ionic technology, enhances their power and helps you reduce the damage caused to your hair.
  • We tend to dry our hair mechanically, without knowing if we're doing it right. There are several simple steps we can follow to obtain the perfect results we're looking for. And so much the better if you also know some tricks and care advice from professionals.
  • Technology and power aren't the only important factors to choose the right hair dryer. Weight and size are also key, since we generally use this device everyday.

The best hair dryers: Our Picks

So many different hair dryers are available on the market, and it can be challenging to choose a specific model. We recommend you to base your choice while relying on the opinions of hairdressing professionals and experts. We've select the very best products out there to help you take your final decision.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about hair dryers

It's not uncommon to have questions when it comes to hair care or products. We love to have healthy-looking and shiny hair, and the truth is that this depends a lot on how we dry it. In the following section, we've answered the most frequently asked questions about hair dryers to guide you in your decision.

Remember that ionic hair dryers will be most beneficial for your hair.
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What are the different types of hair dryer?

It's important to differentiate two main category when talking about the different types of hair dryer available: technology and material. Ionic dryers, for instance, are very useful to reduce frizz and obtain professional results. On the other hand, infrared or nanotechnology dryers are very hygienic and help fight fungi and bacteria.

There are three materials used to manufacture these devices: ceramics, metal and tourmaline. Ceramic dryers are the most common because they are able to heat evenly. Tourmaline dryers are generally ionic, as this precious stone releases negative ions when heated. Finally, metal models are more affordable but also more aggressive.

What are the advantages of ionic hair dryers?

Nowadays, ionic hair dryers are your best bet for fast drying, high quality results and without excessively damaging your hair. This type of technology practically only offers benefits when used. Here's a table so you can make up your own mind:

  • Faster drying
  • Shinier and healthier hair
  • Reduction of frizz
  • Bactericidal properties
  • Do not use it for longer than necessary
  • Price

As you can see, the only disadvantages in the use of ionic dryers are time and price. Regarding the former, the quick drying means that you may not realise that your hair is ready and could use the device for too long. On the other hand, the cost is hardly a problem anymore: you can find models for all budgets.

How do I use my hair dryer correctly?

You've probably dried your hair so many times without really thinking about it, and most people assume that they do it well. However, it's easy to see that professionals in hairdressing salons get better results than we do at home. We've created the following step-by-step guide to help you dry your hair like a professional.

  1. Use a towel to remove most of the moisture out of your hair before using the dryer. Press it gently instead of rubbing.
  2. You are advised to use care products, such as heat protectors or oils, before drying your hair.
  3. Carefully untangle and comb your hair.
  4. Divide your hair into different sections, from the lower part to the forehead, and hold them with hair clips.
  5. Start by drying the lowest part, lock by lock. Move upwards.
  6. You are recommended to us a low temperature and a high air power to minimise hair damage.
  7. Use a brash simultaneously to style your hair.
  8. Once your hair is dry, pass a stream of cold air through it.

What care does my hair dryer require?

This is a common question you should ask yourself. People often see their favourite hair dryer break without  knowing why it happened. The truth is that they're probably not taking good care of their appliance. What we mean by this is that you need to keep clean. Since you probably use your hair dryer every day, it's normal that dirt builds up.

Cleaning a dryer is actually easier than it might seem, and you'll greatly increase its useful life if you do it regularly. Simply remove the back cover of the device — which is where the filter is located — and place it under water. Make sure the water passes through from the inside to the outside.

Are there tricks for using my hair dryer like a pro?

It's no secret that a professional hairdresser does a better job when drying your hair than when you do it at home. If you're wondering why, the answer is simple: cold air. You probably know that it is best to finish washing your hair with a jet of cold water, as this helps closing the cuticle of the hair. The same goes for drying.

If you follow the recommended steps to dry your hair and finish using a jet of cold air, you will realise that the results are better and last longer. This very simple trick offers you many benefits not only in terms of results, but also when it comes to hair care.

What are the purpose of the different hair dryer accessories?

The vast majority of hair dryers will come with accessories. However, we often neglect them and leave them aside. This is probably because we don't know what they're for and how to use them. We tend to overlook the fact that they can help us achieve better and much longer-lasting results.

Name Shape Function
Concentrator Flat nozzle It concentrates the air to give it greater power and get a perfect brush.
Diffuser Large round nozzle It expands the air diffusion to give a greater volume to the hair.
Silencer Round Placed at the back of the dryer, it reduces its noise.

How do I care for my hair before using a dryer?

It's no secret that using a hair dryer isn't exactly the best thing for our hair. However, there are many times when we just have to use it. Certain products available on the market are designed to help you reduce the potential damage your hair may suffer. You can find different types of these thermal protectors.

You will need to choose the right product based on your hair type (normal, greasy, dry or dyed) and make sure that it protects it correctly. Keep in mind that thermal protectors need to be applied on wet hair before using the dryer. Use it regularly to protect your hair from aggression.

Cleaning a dryer is actually easier than it might seem, and you'll greatly increase its useful life if you do it regularly.
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Is it bad if I use my hair dryer every day?

You already know aggressive heat can be on your hair. This is precisely why so many people wonder if it is good to use their dryer every day. In reality, it's not necessarily bad. You can use it every day if you make sure to do it with protective products and follow the instructions.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to take care of your hair before you dry it, and use the dryer correctly. But be careful: we're not stain that using hair dryers doesn't cause any damage. Heat simply isn't good for it, and it is inevitable that it suffers from exposure. However, you will minimise risks if you use your hair dryer properly.

Shopping Criteria

We've always sued hair dryers, and they're an essential item in any bathroom. However, more and more models are available on the market, and it can be difficult to know where to start. We've analysed some key criteria in the section below, and we're confident they'll help you choose the right model for you.


This is definitely one of the most important factors. And it makes sense, because the time you'll take to dry your hair depends on it. Brands tend advertise more power than the product actually features. This is because legal regulations prevent them from putting more power into their hair dryers.

On average, a quality model will offer between 1500W and 2200W of power. You'll have to decide what you need based on how much hair you have.

Listen to expert recommendations if you want to find the right power to dry your hair quickly without damaging it.

Temperature control

We all know that heat damages our hair. However, the reality is that we do need to dry our hair and how essential it can be. This is why we strongly encourage you to choose a hair dryer that has temperature control. That way, you'll be able to adapt it to your needs of the moment.

This will also depend on your type of hair. If your hair is fragile, you should avoid using too high a temperature, although you'll need longer to dry. Temperature control also means you can use a jet of cold air when you're done drying. As you know this will make the results last longer.

Mari RingSenior Stylist for Maximus Salon, California
"Keeping the hair taut is 50 percent of the battle. The other 50 percent is the direction of the airflow. Ensure that your dryer nozzle is pointing down the hair shaft from roots to ends."


This might seem silly, but it takes us an average of 10 minutes to dry our hair. Having your arms raised for 10 minutes straight can be quite uncomfortable, and it won't get any better if your hair dryer is too heavy. This is why we encourage you to think about the weight of the model you're interested in buying.

The heaviest hair dryers generally weight around 1.3 kg, while the lightest shouldn't exceed 400 grams. This can make quite a difference. We recommend you to go for something in between, since smaller hair dryers may not have enough power. The ideal dryer should weigh between 500 and 700 grams.

Ionic models

Ionic hair dryers are very valuable to have. They will not only give you the best results, but also reduce the time you need to dry your hair and take better care of it. These models work by inserting negative ions between the positive ones that are created by your hair's own static electricity.

In the end, this prevents your hair from becoming frizzy. Ionic hair dryers also help evaporating hair moisture quicker. This reduces the overall time you spend drying it, and it also minimises the damage caused by the heat. Nowadays, can find very affordable models, and we encourage you to opt for one of them.


As we mentioned earlier, it is interesting for you to check out which accessories your hair dryer comes with. While you can always purchase them separately, you'll get better bang for your buck if they're included with your dryer. These accessories will allow you to get different results depending on your tastes.

If you want to straighten your hair, for instance, your best option will be using the concentrator nozzle. On the other hand, the diffuser will help you achieve more volume. In the end, the more accessories your dryer has, the better. If you decide to buy the accessories separately, make sure that they are compatible with your hair dryer.


Drying our hair could be a straightforward daily activity, but it's not the case. Nowadays, hair dryers integrate technology designed to work faster, more efficiently, and to reduce the damage caused by heat. This is why choosing the right model isn't such an easy task.

In addition, knowing how to dry your hair correctly and how to use the different accessories are key if you want to get professional results. You'll also need to consider the care and protection of your hair to keep it looking silky, soft, shiny and healthy.

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