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Those who garden know that a hedge trimmer is indispensable for shaping thick bushes. Want to buy a new one? Then don't miss out on today's edition. You will learn exceptional information about this tool required for trimming thick hedges.

Maintaining the garden is a pleasurable activity. No doubt many can relate to such manual labour, right? However, in order to be able to perform excellently in plant care, you must have the right tools. So, we invite you to enjoy this instalment dedicated to the hedge trimmer.


  • Today we will discuss the details of the hedge or shrub pruner. It is mainly used to cut and beautify vegetation located in gardens and driveways, in order to mark boundaries, diminish wind, zone different areas and even hide objects.
  • Distinguishing between the variables that the market offers you is an aspect that favours your purchase. You will find out more about electric and cordless hedgecutters later on, which one suits your activities? You are about to find out in our section dedicated to the types of hedgecutters.
  • In the last segment of the text you will have the opportunity to compare between the four criteria we have structured for you. This time we will look in detail at the power source, applications, blades and safety system. Take the time to analyse each of them.

The Best Hedge Trimmer: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about hedge trimmers

A high-performance hedge trimmer is a must-have for private and commercial gardening. But have you ever wondered what you need to know before you buy one? Here are the little things to consider when you're ready to press the buy button.

Beautify your garden with the right tools. (Photo: Marina Lohrbach/

How to sharpen the hedge trimmer blades?

To renew the sharpness of your hedge trimmer blades, you should seek specialist help. We recommend that you go to a workshop where the device is properly maintained by professionals. After all, sharpening is a key and delicate process that must be carried out with specific tools.

The operation will be done with the help of two instruments: file and radial. The former is used to determine the sharpening angle. While the second one will grind all the teeth of the machine, one by one. The whole procedure is done with the indicated safety equipment, such as gloves, glasses and protective clothing.

  • Swivel and multi-functional handle
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Long reach blades
  • Sound reduction system
  • Anti-vibration mechanism
  • Precise and safe cutting
  • Can be heavy
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Requires knowledge to operate
  • Variable power depending on power
  • Some models are expensive

Electric or cordless hedge trimmers - what should you look out for?

You will find a wide range of hedge trimmers on the market from manufacturers. Although each presentation has enough to trim your garden hedges, they vary in terms of power, design, price, fuel and applications. That said, we invite you to assess which one is right for you.

Electric. One of its main advantages is that it does not act as a pollutant. It is the choice of many buyers because it doesn't make noise either. This hedge trimmer is lighter because it does not have an engine or a container to store gas or petrol. In addition, it is ergonomic and avoids operator fatigue.

However, corded models have a limited range of action. This could become a nuisance for the user. Therefore, they are perfect for private or private gardening. Additionally, they are less expensive compared to other presentations whose power source comes from fuel.

Cordless. There is no doubt that this variable will allow you to move around the garden with autonomy, without restrictions. However, it implies constant refilling of gas or petrol. For this reason, its price is usually higher than electric ones. To this we must add that it is a heavier and more difficult to use type of mower.

It is not recommended for beginners. On the contrary, it is a specific option for gardeners with experience in commercial applications who are already used to handling them. Some come with rotating blades to hold them at different angles. They require continuous maintenance to avoid breakdowns.

Electric Cordless
Power source Mains, batteries Gas, petrol
Applications Private gardening Conventional gardening
Blade Universal Universal, rotary
Mobilisation Limited Stand-alone
Price Moderate High

How to use hedge trimmers

Knowing how to use a hedge trimmer will extend the life of the product. Start by reading the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. Then cut the branches of the shrubs at low speed and progressively reach the desired level. The idea is to familiarise yourself with the tool as you go along.

Reading the manual to avoid mistakes in pruning precision is the main thing to do when using it

To avoid mistakes, adjust the pruning precision before proceeding with a complete hedge, for example. Make horizontal movements to give a square shape to the upper area, and vertical movements if you are pruning the walls from the ground. Now, for circular strokes, tilt the blades diagonally towards the centre.

Be sure to use the cutter in conjunction with the indicated protective equipment. (Photo: Monterkoi/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate the different models of hedge trimmers

Ready to take on the challenges of the garden? Selecting your product will depend to a large extent on the comparative analysis you make of the aspects we have explained. Only by taking the following material into account will you be able to make a choice, based on certain determining criteria in favour of the equipment required.

  • Power source
  • Applications
  • Blade
  • Safety system

Power source

Everyone has particular preferences when it comes to the power source they use for their work tools. However, when it comes to hedge trimmers, it is essential to evaluate the practical benefits of each alternative, as this will help you determine which one is right for your needs.

Electric current. This is the right recommendation for individuals, hobby gardeners and beginners. Especially if you have a small garden, surrounded by hedges or shrubs that function as fences, windbreaks or decorative elements. We suggest you to take an electric article with cable.

Battery. We recommend the purchase of electrical devices that rely on rechargeable lithium batteries if they will be used in residential, school or sanitary areas where noise must be reduced as much as possible. Check the product description to see if they come with an additional battery.

Are you a professional gardener? Choosing a cordless high lopper with a petrol canister is the ideal choice. Remember to maintain it from time to time and budget extra money for fuel. Also, consider that they are heavy and require protection.

Gas. Opt for a gas pruner to cut thick branches quickly. Hobbyists and professionals can purchase them for commercial or private use. Keep in mind that although they allow autonomy, some devices are polluting to the environment.


There are several areas where gardening work can be carried out with the help of a hedge trimmer. For each of them, it is essential to choose the right device. Fortunately, the options are quite precise. Read the following and select a hedgecutter variable accordingly.

Private gardening. If you work personally on pruning and hedge trimming, opt for electric equipment only. Why? It reduces the investment cost, as you only have to set aside a budget for the equipment. On the other hand, it respects the sound environment and will not disturb your neighbours when you use it at home.

Commercial gardening. When the intended purchase is for large-scale commercial work, the purchase of cordless devices is suggested, whether they run on petrol or gas. The important thing in these cases is to provide an efficient and accurate service, as provided by such instruments.


Manufacturers have invested in the development of specialised blades. Nowadays, distinguishing between the types of cuts you want is easy, but it is up to you to assess the requirements of your shrubs. Take a look at the alternatives you'll find in the garden tool market.

Universal. We advise you to opt for a hedge trimmer with an interchangeable universal blade, so you can get a new head when you need it, regardless of the brand of product. As it gives you the possibility to change the height to the desired size, it will be a great help when pruning from the ground.

Swivel - why get a unit with these features? Swivel handles are recommended to maximise the quality of the finish, with minimum effort from the gardener. We suggest you purchase cordless pruners with this type of terminal if you perform maintenance work of any kind.

You will find several types of hedge trimmers depending on the quality of their blade. (Photo: Welcomia/

Safety system

Before using a hedge trimmer it is important to keep in mind that it is an activity with a certain degree of risk for the gardener. For this reason, in addition to putting on your personal protective equipment, it is essential to take home a device with an integrated safety system that prevents damage to the subject.

Locking. Check the product description to see if it has a button to eliminate any possibility of it starting up on its own. After pressing it, it will be impossible for the handle to be activated. For this purpose, use the latest generation of pruning shears, designed to prevent accidents.

Cover. It is advisable to get a device with a protective cover made to stop debris in the form of bits, branches and leaves, which will be thrown off the bushes once you pass the blade over the hedges. This recommendation applies to the choice of electric and cordless units.

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