Last updated: August 11, 2021

To be a knockout in make-up it is not enough to know the techniques, good products and quality accessories are essential. That's why today we want to talk to you about the makeup brushes, essential to make a make-up with professional finish.

If you want to learn the function of each makeup brush, you've come to the right place. Welcome!

The most important facts

  • A kit can contain a few options or dozens of makeup brushes. It is necessary to choose according to your needs.
  • There are makeup brushes for different purposes. To achieve the desired effect it is necessary to know the function of the main brushes.
  • Makeup brushes may have synthetic or natural bristles. The natural bristles are made from animal hair, so they are softer.

Complete guide on the best make-up brushes

There's no denying that brushes give a different finishing touch to make-up. With them it is possible to shade more easily, draw a more perfect line or even apply blush in the right dosage.

If you want to learn the function of the main make-up brushes, keep reading!

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There are brushes for different purposes. (Source:

The Best Make Up Brushes: Our Picks

What is the difference between synthetic and natural bristle makeup brushes?

Before we talk about the functions of the brushes, it is necessary to understand that they can be made of different materials. This is important especially when we talk about the bristles, which come into contact with the skin.

Makeup brushes can have natural or synthetic bristles. Although technology allows synthetic models to achieve good softness, the best brushes are the ones with natural bristles, which use animal hair.

Natural bristles Synthetic bristles
Feature Made from animal hair Made from artificial materials such as nylon
Indications for use Great for powder products and smudging effects Great for liquid products and effects that require firm stroke, such as eyeliner
Advantage Super soft and smooth touch Some brands are cruelty-free, which means it was not tested on animals and does not use animal hair, important for vegans

The right make-up brushes for every purpose

There are dozens of different make-up brushes, just realise that some kits are made up of more than 30 models. To simplify things, we have selected the most used ones to help you understand what they are for.

Cat Tongue

Maybe this is the most common of all. You can find it in different sizes. It is firmer and rounded, making it easier to reach specific areas. An important detail is that it absorbs a lot of product, not making it easier to save. In the large version it is indicated for applying foundation or other more liquid products. In the medium size it is perfect to apply concealer. The small cat's tongue is great to apply contouring.

Duo fiber

As its name suggests, it has two types of fibers. They are irregular in size and thickness, being the ideal brush to apply foundation giving a very natural finish. Unlike the cat tongue brush, it absorbs less product.


It is also available in different sizes, changing its purpose. The big one, for example, is great for applying products on the cheeks, such as blush, illuminator or contour. Now, its medium version is perfect to draw eyebrows or use in the eye area, such as eyeliner or kitty eye.


It has a thinner tip, imitating a pencil. This is the ideal brush to apply shadow, making that concave effect or to blend with more perfection.

Pincéis de maquiagem lado a lado sobre superfície branca

Every need a brush to apply foundation, powder, shadow and lipstick. (Source: Dids/

Step by step to clean your makeup brushes correctly

Washing your makeup brushes is a fundamental step for health. Between the bristles is normal to accumulate fungus and bacteria that can develop into skin problems. Not to mention that excess product can impact on the make-up result.

1. Choosing the products

There are specific products to clean makeup brushes. However, as they may be harder to find, you can wash them with neutral detergent. Another less aggressive option is children's shampoo.

2. Make a solution

Mix a little bit of product with warm water in a small pot, the ideal size for the bristles to be dipped in it.

3. Rinse gently

Dip only the bristles into the mixture and, very carefully and gently, rub the brush in circular motions on the palm of your hand. Remove the excess product on a piece of paper towel and repeat this step until the brush does not dirty the paper anymore.

4. Finishing

Now rinse the product excess carefully so as not to damage the bristles. Dry it with a clean paper towel or a very soft towel. Finally, you must leave the brush resting to dry naturally. Lay it down on the paper towel and wait for a few hours.

Attention: If you use your brushes (almost) daily, the types used for liquid products should be washed every 15 days, while the brushes for powder products can be washed monthly


The makeup brushes can be made of synthetic or natural bristles. There are great synthetic brushes, however, because they are made of animal hair, the natural ones are even softer.

Each brush has a purpose. And using the correct brush gives the perfect finish to your make-up, besides facilitating the daily routine of those who use a lot of make-up. Have you already chosen your favourite make-up brushes? We hope we have helped you make this decision!

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