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Wearing makeup offers obvious cosmetic benefits. It enhances our features, makes us feel more confident and attractive, and corrects our small imperfections. The one big disadvantage, however, is that we eventually have to remove it, which can be quite annoying at times. We need several products and time for this, and it can sometimes damage our skin.

Behold! A revolutionary product has come to put an end to all your makeup troubles: micellar water. You may have heard of this cosmetic, and if so, you know that it is actually much more than a simple makeup remover. We've designed this article to introduce you to its multiple benefits and properties.


  • Micellar water is a product with multiple properties: it can remove makeup, cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin.
  • Using it is very simple and doesn't require rinsing or rubbing your skin.
  • You'll find different types of micellar water to fit each skin type.
  • Micellar water isn't just good for the skin. It can also be used on the eyes and lips.

The best micellar water: Our Picks

In this section, we've compiled the best micellar water products that you can find on the market. We've also summed up the main characteristics of each product for you to compare more easily. We hope that it will help you decide which product is just right for you.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about micellar water

You'll have to know the main characteristics of micellar water before you can make your purchasing decision. This is why the following section presents the most important factors regarding micellar water, and answers the most frequently asked questions by users. We hope this will give you all the information you need to buy the right product for you.

Don't worry if you have oily, dry, or acne-prone skin. You'll find micellar water just right for your skin type. (Source: Kachmar: 68415092/

What is micellar water exactly?

This revolutionary cosmetic product was designed to cleanse and care for the face. The name of this liquid substance comes from its similarity with micelle-based water formula. Thanks to its triple cleansing, toning and moisturising action, it has quickly become one of the most popular beauty products available.

Unlike tap water, micellar water has a composition specifically designed for skin care.

It is free of lime, chlorine and other potentially irritating substances. Its micelle-rich formulation also gives it great cleaning power. The great thing is that micellar water allows you to cleanse your skin in a respectful way.

How does micellar water work?

The action of micellar water is based on its key element: micelles. But what are micelles, you ask? They are chemical structures whose molecules are laid out in circle. Their outer portion attracts fats and repels water, while the inner bundle works the other way around: micelles are therefore polarised elements.

The structure of micelles means they can attract fat molecules like magnets. It is then possible to remove all the dirt from your skin and emulsify it with water. In other words, micelles capture the grease from your skin and hold it; all the dirt is then removed when these micelles are mixed with water.

Switch to micelles and you'll forget all about using multiple products to cleanse your face. (Source: Stankevych: 80910033/

Because they are very small structures, micelles cannot pass through your skin. This means that the impurities captured will be eliminated rather than reabsorbed. With micellar water, you'll be able to remove skin impurities in a simple, effective and risk-free way.

Why should I use micellar water?

Micellar water is recommended for many reasons, and its properties go much beyond its cleansing and purifying action. It is, for example, a great makeup remover: micelles make it easy to remove remaining makeup without having to rub down your skin.

Micellar water has a soft and respectful composition, so you can also apply it to your eyes and lips without needing to use other products. Moreover, the toning properties of micellar water give you a smoother and brighter skin, and you'll no longer have to use lotion. You'll also avoid skin dryness as you never have to rinse this product off.

Using micellar water is very easy. (Source: Stankevych: 89512142/

In addition to its cleansing and toning properties, this product also provides hydration for your face. The use of makeup often results in dryness of the skin, and micellar water can come in very handy to combat this phenomenon. Your skin will be purified, toned and hydrated, and look healthier and brighter than ever before.

When should I use micellar water?

Micellar water is soft and respectful with our skin, and you can therefore use it at any time of the day and as many times as you want. There are naturally moments when micellar water is particularly recommended: our suggestion is to use it first thing in the morning and at night before heading to bed.

Your skin accumulates sebum and other impurities during the night. This is why we recommend using micellar water when you wake up to remove that dirt from your face.

On the other hand, your skin is exposed to several external agents during the day, such as toxins and pollution, while makeup and other cosmetics can also affect it. For this reason, you'll find the use of micellar water particularly helpful at the end of your day. You'll be able to remove all the toxins, traces of makeup and impurities that accumulated on your skin. It will also provide the necessary hydration you need to balance the excess of sebum.

It's always the right time to take advantage of micellar water's benefits.

How should I apply micellar water?

One of the greatest advantages of micellar water is how easy it is to use: all you need is a cotton pad. Simply pour a little bit of micellar water on the pad and apply it gently on your skin, making circular motions or tapping softly on the skin.

You don't have to press hard on the cotton or rub the skin. Since micellar water is a powerful makeup remover and cleanser, you won't need to use strength to reap its benefits. As mentioned earlier, you can also use it to clean your eyes and lips. Once you're done cleaning, all you have to do it thoroughly rinse off, which enhances the moisturising effect of micellar water.

Micellar water is a very safe cosmetic. No adverse reactions derived from its use have been identified thus far. (Source: Akz: 56705002/

Are there different varieties of micellar water?

Yes, you'll find different types of this product on the market. Each person's complexion is different and will present certain characteristics, which is why various types of micellar water have been developed. These are adapted to the requirements and needs of each skin type.

There are different products tailored for normal, oily and combination skins, as well as sensitive skins, skins with redness and dry skins. The mechanism of action of micellar water remains the same no matter what: it will act as a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. However, each specific product offers its own benefits depending on the type of skin for which it was developed.

We've summed up the different types of micellar water and their specific characteristics in the following table:

Type Properties
For normal skins Cleansing, toning and moisturising. It gives a healthy and glowing appearance to the skin.
For oily and combination skins Free of oils and fatty products. Matifying, sebum-regulating and balancing effect.
For sensitive skins Formulated with neutral pH and rich in soothing agents to prevent skin irritation.
For skins with redness or rosacea It consists of specific compounds that regulate vasodilatation, decreasing your skin's redness. Includes soothing and decongestant agents.
For dry skins Rich in moisturising substances that promote water retention and prevent its dissipation.

What are the adverse effects of using micellar water?

As we said earlier, micellar water is actually a very safe cosmetic product. Its formulation is free of irritating or toxic compounds that can damage your skin. The fact that you don't need to rub your skin during use also means that it won't cause further irritation or other mechanical damage to it. As of today, there have been no reports of adverse reactions derived from the use of micellar water.

That being said, you should always consider certain aspects before using any cosmetic, and it's no different with micellar water. People with allergies or with already known dermatological pathologies should be particularly careful. If this is your case, and while the risk is negligible, we strongly encourage you to consult your health practitioner before first using micellar water.

  • Cleanses and purifies your skin
  • Moisturising properties, prevents dryness
  • Provides glow
  • Effective makeup remover
  • There are no known side effects

Shopping Criteria

You'll want to take certain factors into account before buying your first micellar water product. In the following section, we've gathered key aspects to consider when the time comes to take your decision. We're confident this will help you make the right choice by choosing the micellar water that's best tailored for your needs.

Skin type

This is undeniably the most important factor to take into account when you buy this kind of product. We mentioned earlier that each type of micellar water offers specific functions and properties depending on your skin type. While the effect is always the same, each product has extra properties from which your specific skin will benefit.

Here is an example: your skin is considered sensitive if it immediately becomes red or irritated. In that case, the recommended product will be micellar water for sensitive skin. On the other hand, your skin is considered oily if it produces a lot of sebum and is very shiny. The best product for you will therefore be micellar water for oily or combination skin, with a sebum-regulating effect.


This aspect is closely linked to the previous one, as a micellar water product's components determine its function. This mean that you will find, for example, products with more or less hydrating or balancing agents. By gauging the end results you're shooting for, you'll be able to find the product that is best suited for your needs.

You should also know that the ingredients found in micellar water have an impact on your health. This is why you must always check each beauty product's composition before buying it; you don't want to get a potentially harmful product. This is particularly important if you suffer from allergies or a skin condition, as you'll want to avoid unwanted reactions.

Natural products should always be your go-to choice if you have allergy problems.


You always want to go for quality when buying any product, but this is even more important when it comes to cosmetics. While it is considered to be a very safe beauty product, poor quality micellar water can still cause damage to your skin. To ensure you get the best possible quality, we recommend you to follow experts' advice or the opinions of past users.

A good quality indicators you'd be looking for is that the product has been dermatologically tested prior to its release on the market. A product that has been approved by health authorities or cosmetic laboratories also provides greater guarantee regarding its quality. You should also think about the brand or the manufacturer of the product, and if possible opt for ones specialised in cosmetic products.


Micellar water won't simply provide you with a sensation of freshness, cleanliness and toning: each type also comes with a specific perfume. We believe this is another factor you should consider when making your purchase. Most aromas tend to be soft and fresh.

We recommend using micellar water with a lighter scent during the hotter months of the year, while warm, floral aromas are more appropriate for colder weather. This is also naturally a matter of taste. If you can, you should always check the fragrance of the micellar water you want to purchase.


The last thing you should consider is the bottle or container of the product. The majority of bottles are made of plastic and come with a cap; their size, on the other hand, can vary. Nowadays, some manufacturers have made the product easier to use with containers featuring a convenient applicator. Finally, you can also find micellar water in spray.

The size is necessarily something you'll need to consider to best suit your needs. If you tend to travel a lot and want to comfortably carry micellar water with you wherever you go, you'll be happy to know that travel-sized bottles are available on the market. As always, the size you'll opt for will depend on your personal use of the product. In short, we strongly encourage you to think about the most comfortable size and type of package for you before making your purchase.


As you now know, the multi-purpose properties of micellar water have made this product truly revolutionary. Acting as a cleanser, makeup remover, toner and moisturiser, it is considered to be unique. What more could you ask for? And as if that weren't enough, micellar water is very respectful of your skin and doesn't present any adverse effects!

If you've grown weary of removing your makeup, micellar water is just what you need. A single cotton pad will be enough to leave your complexion clean, cared for and free of impurities, as if by magic! Moreover, no other makeup remover will provide you with quite the same sensation of freshness and purity. We promise you won't be disappointed when you switch to micellar water.

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