Last updated: August 25, 2021

A Playhouse is one of the most complete and fun activities of childhood. You don't have to spend a lot to give the little ones in the house this opportunity. With a little creativity and the tools we already have at home, it is possible to create a very fun environment. Do you want to learn how to play house with your children and understand the importance of this simple game? Follow us to the end of this article.


  • Playing house is an opportunity to recreate the domestic environment in a playful way. Children usually copy the behaviour of adults.
  • Contrary to what we have heard over the years, boys can also play house.
  • Children can start playing house from the first year of life.

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Remove your main doubts about playhouses

As soon as children turn one year old, they begin to observe and copy what adults do. Within the domestic context, they see their parents cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking and taking care of their children. So they soon start to reproduce these scenes in their play. Learn how to play house with your children and all the benefits this brings for their development with the tips we have brought in this guide.

Imagem mostra pai e filha na pia da cozinha

Playing house is a way of teaching domestic responsibilities to children. (Source: CDC/

What role does playing house play in child development?

The act of play goes far beyond fun and entertainment. The truth is that it is through play that children can express themselves and create a bridge of dialogue with adults.

Playing house is a great way of social interaction

It is fundamental for self-knowledge, development and awakening the imagination and creativity. In this sense, playing house is also important for all these aspects. In this game the child starts to perceive its personality and thus begins to experiment with different behaviors, transforming how to act in different situations.

Playing house is a great way of social interaction. It is also a way for parents to teach their children their values, encourage participation in domestic chores, determine rules of coexistence, the importance of respect for others, among many important points in the formation of the human being.

  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Teaches respect for others and discipline to follow rules
  • Works the importance of helping at home
  • Prepares the child for adulthood
  • Creates opportunities for dialogue and expression
  • Has no disadvantages

Can boys also play house?

Children will copy what they see at home. If in your home, the father participates in the domestic chores, it is quite natural that the children also want to play house. So, if the man of the house also cooks, washes the dishes and cleans the house, why shouldn't the children be able to play at reproducing these scenes?

And if the child doesn't see the male figure doing this, maybe it's time to review the family's conduct and teach these values to the boys. Playing house teaches boys not to depend on women to do domestic chores and also enables them to collaborate with the good functioning of the home, fulfilling their role.

This simple detail impacts on the formation of a more independent man. Many parents are still concerned that boys are interested in playing with dolls, but this prepares the boy for a fundamental phase of his life: fatherhood.

At what age can children begin to play house?

From one year of age children begin to imitate certain behaviors of their parents, so it is already possible to play house with your children from this age. The type of play, and also the duration of it, evolves with the age of the child. Babies of one year can make little meals, take the spoon in the mouth of the doll or even make the baby sleep.

And this can last a few minutes, so don't expect too much concentration from them. Older children, on the other hand, can stay entertained for hours, especially if they are accompanied by an adult while they play. The older they get, the more realistic the play is.

Mãe e filha na cozinha brincando e cozinhando juntas.

The older children get, the more realistic their play resembles reality. (Source: Kamaji Ogino/

Tips to get the kids' attention and play house games in a fun way

Want to start playing house with your children today? We selected the best tips for you to make this, a very special moment of interaction and strengthening bonds with their children:

  1. Use the resources you have at home: Place some chairs spaced apart, spread a sheet over them and reproduce a mini home there. Choose a situation that you want to rebuild with your children. How about pretending they are having lunch or cooking with the pots and pans in the kitchen? You can also simulate bedtime and put the dolls to bed with a little story.
  2. Bring the game into everyday life: If you have children at home you know that they love to help, to be part of the activities. With a little patience, it's possible to do some chores while they're safely having fun. You can, for example, buy a toy cleaning kit for your children and let them help you while you clean the house for real. Or, how about letting them cook with a kids' kit next to you while you prepare a meal?
  3. Diversify the play: Tidying up is also like playing house. After all, changing a shower head, fixing a pipe or changing a light bulb is part of the necessities of home life, even if less frequently. In this sense, a toy tool bench can be a different way of getting children's attention and teaching them other responsibilities.


Playing house is fundamental to building many important values for adulthood. In this sense, it is an essential game for the development of girls and boys. You don't need a lot of resources to play house, with a little creativity and household items you can recreate a fun environment for the little ones. Parents who play with their children strengthen bonds!

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