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Not many people know about female condoms. This should not be the case, as female condoms are very useful and you can apply them hours before having sex. This way, you can use protection without killing the mood. You will be able to take control of protecting yourself from getting pregnant or contracting STDs.

Female condoms are still not as popular or accessible as male condoms. They may seem complicated as they require a bit of practice to insert. However, female condoms are an excellent option for any sexually active woman. In this article, we will provide you with the information you need to know to make the best purchase.

Key Facts

  • Female condoms are condoms that you put inside of your vagina. You can put these condoms in up to eight hours before having sex.
  • Just like male condoms, if you use them correctly, female condoms protect against pregnancy and STDs.
  • To choose the best condom for you, you should keep in mind how you are going to use the condom. The condom should adapt to your needs. We will dive deeper into this in the section titled "shopping criteria."

Our Selection: The Best Female Condoms

We understand that purchasing your first female condoms seem very complicated. To help you out, we have included our selection of the best female condom on the market.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Female Condoms

When most people think about condoms, the male condom comes to mind. Many don't even know that female condoms exist. Until recently, female condoms were not too easy to find. However, they are a wonderful alternative to the traditional male condom and they protect you in a similar way. In the following section, we will answer some of the most common questions from buyers like you.

When most people think about condoms, the male condom comes to mind. Many don't even know that female condoms exist.
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What are female condoms exactly?

Female condoms form a barrier that protects you from pregnancy and STDs. Male condoms are used on the penis, while female condoms are used inside the vagina. This is why they are also referred to as "internal condoms." You can put a female condom in your vagina up to eight hours before having sex.

Female condoms are similar to the traditional male condom

The main difference is that female condoms have a ring on both sides. The outer ring helps keep the condom in place and prevents it from going into the vagina. The interior ring extends the condom inside of the vagina.

How do I use a female condom correctly?

You might think that inserting a female condom is pretty difficult. It is true that it takes a bit of practice to correctly use one. We recommend that you use a little bit of lube to make the process feel more comfortable. You should squeeze the inner ring and insert it like you insert a tampon.

You should put the inner ring as deep as possible. Once the inner ring is in, the outer ring will stick out a bit and cover part of your vulva. This might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to the sensation. To take the condom out you should twist the outer ring to trap any sperm that may be inside of the condom and remove the condom. Just like masculine condoms, you should throw feminine condoms away in the trash can, not the toilet.

Most female condoms are not made out of latex. They are usually made out of materials like polyurethane.
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It is normal for the female condom to move around a bit during sex. If you feel that it comes off or goes into the vagina, take a moment to make sure that it is still in place. If it has fallen out of place, re-adjust the condom.

What are female condoms made out of?

Unlike male condoms, female condoms are usually not made of latex. They are usually made out of materials like polyurethane, which is thin, strong plastic. New models of this product are often made of a material called nitrile. Nitrile makes the production of female condoms easier and less expensive.

Material Pro Con
Polyurethane You can use this type of material with all types of lube. This material can produce sounds during intercourse that may be distracting.
Nitrile You can use this type of material with all types of lube. Condoms made from this material are usually cheaper. This material can also produce sounds during intercourse that may be distracting, but not as many as polyurethane condoms.
Latex This type of material does not make any noise. This type of material sticks to the vagina more, just like male condoms. You can't use oil-based lube with this type of condom. Some people are allergic to latex.

Can I use a female condom while my partner uses a male condom?

No, you can not. Even though it seems like two condoms would be more effective, this is definitely not the case. When you use two at the same time, the friction between the two condoms can break them or move them out of place. This greatly increases the risk of getting pregnant or contracting an STD or STI.

If you want to protect yourself even more during sex, we recommend that you use another method. You can use birth control pills or other forms of protection, but, again, never two condoms at the same time. Keep in mind that condoms are the only way you can protect yourself from STDs and STIs when having sex.

What are the pros and cons of using a female condom?

We understand that using a female condom may seem more complicated than using male condoms. However, with a little bit of practice, this is not the case. Also, female condoms have a lot of benefits. The main benefit of using a female condom is that you can apply it hours before engaging in sexual intercourse. When you are ready to have sex you will already have the condom on! You'll be ready right after the foreplay.

Although it is always important to use a condom to protect yourself from pregnancy, STDs, and STIs, sometimes, putting on a condom can kill the mood a bit. Also, using a female condom is completely up to you. The power is in your hands. Now, you don't have to depend on the man to use protection. Being responsible for your health can give you a great sense of power.

Of course, female condoms are not perfect. Most models do not adjust to your vagina. This means that they will feel a little bit loose when you have sexual intercourse with your partner. Also, most of the products can create noise because of friction during sex. This can distract you or your partner. They also take a little bit of practice to insert correctly.

Did you know that you can put your feminine condom in your vagina up to eight hours before sexual intercourse?

Can I use female condoms on another part of my body?

Although some people use female condoms for anal sex, we don't recommend it. Keep in mind that the female condom was created specifically for vaginal sex. The inner ring is meant to adapt to the inside of the vagina and it was not created for other body parts.

The female condom prioritizes pregnancy prevention. However many people forget that oral sex also puts you at risk. You can contract STDs and STIs orally. If you want to protect yourself during oral sex, use an oral barrier or condom. Oral barriers are thin sheets of plastic that you place over your vagina. This way you can safely receive oral sex.

You can put female condoms on hours before sexual intercourse. This is why this type of condom is perfect for dates where you expect that you will have sex.
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Shopping Criteria

If you have read up to this point in the article, we hope that you have answered all of the questions you had about female condoms. Now, it is time to make a decision. We have provided shopping criteria to help you choose the perfect female condoms for you. The following are those criteria:


Female condoms are newer than traditional male condoms. They have only been on the market for about 25 years. Therefore, there is still not a huge variety of female condoms on the market. When buying condoms ask yourself if a female condom is what you need or if you should buy a male condom, depending on how you will use your condoms: vaginally, anally, etc.

Female condoms are newer than traditional male condoms.
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The design and material of female condoms are changing throughout the years. When you search for your female condoms, you will probably find condoms made out of polyurethane, nitrile, or natural latex. Keep in mind how you and your partner are going to use the condom and what type of lube you will use when picking out your condoms.


You can put female condoms on hours before sexual intercourse. This is why this type of condom is perfect for dates where you are planning on having sex. Note that female condoms can be a bit difficult to put on in the heat of the moment, but, with a little bit of practice, we are sure you will become a pro!


As we have already explained above in the shopping guide, using a female condom correctly requires a bit of practice. If you have never used a female condom before, buy a pack and practice before using them in your sex life. If you have inserted a tampon before, this will help you when figuring out how to insert the inner ring of the female condom.

Personal Preference

Your personal preferences are very important to keep in mind as well. For some women, using a female condom can be very pleasurable as the inner ring cans stimulate the vulva. Some men enjoy not having their penis squeezed by a traditional condom.


Using a female condom is an alternative to using a male condom. Although female condoms have not been on the market for too long, they are becoming more and more popular. If you want to be the one in control of your sexual health, the female condom is the choice for you!

Although they require some practice to use correctly, female condoms can be very useful. We hope you have learned more about this less-popular condom. You should now have the necessary information to protect yourself and your partner using this product. It is important to use protection and always be ready for safe and pleasurable sex.

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