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If you're going on a holiday soon, one item that you cannot forget is your first aid kit. It's an indispensable way of organizing and storing the basic medicines you need. To make your holiday safer, you should always take a basic first aid kit with you that contains items such as ointment, alcohol wipes, and plasters.

The best way to enjoy your next holiday destination is to have everything under control, which also means keeping yourself in good condition. Do not let the rush and excitement of traveling get the better of you. You should begin filling your first aid kit a few days before your trip so that it is well organized and no items are forgotten.

Key Facts

  • A first aid kit is an essential item to take with you on every holiday, vacation or weekend getaway. Keep in mind the specific trip that you are taking in order to include the products that are just right for that trip. Depending on the duration of your vacation, a larger or smaller first aid kit may be more suitable.
  • When buying a first aid kit you should check how it is organized. Analyzing the spaces it has and the way the products are stored inside can make a big difference in the usefulness of the kit.
  • When it comes to the purchase criteria, make sure that you check key factors such as the size of the kit and the ease of carrying.

Our Selection of the Best First Aid Kits

To help you find and choose the best first aid kit on the market, we have created a list of the best products currently available. We have selected these products based on their value for money, their features and customer feedback. Take a close look at this list as we are very confident that your next first aid kit is below.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About First Aid Kits

Functionality and ease of access are the key aspects to consider when purchasing a first aid kit. If you are an adventure traveler or enjoy being in nature, a first aid kit should be the first item you pack when you go away on holiday. Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit will give you peace of mind and will help you out significantly in the case of an emergency.


First aid kits should contain basic first aid products such as bandages.
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What is a first aid kit and what is it for?

To begin with, a first-aid kit can be generally defined as: "furniture, a box or a suitcase that is used specifically for storing medicines and transporting them wherever it is convenient". Paying close attention to this definition, it is important to note that a first aid kit should be a resistant and well-packaged product whose main function is to store medical supplies in an easy to carry format.

The items stored within a first aid kit should serve to heal wounds or to alleviate problems that may occur whilst you are traveling or away from the house. As an example, this may include cuts, scratches or bites that are commonly experienced when in natural or performing physical activities such as hiking, swimming or rock climbing. With this in mind, it is always advisable to have the first aid kit close by and easily accessible. It also makes sense to carry a small first aid kit with only the essential items inside, so that it does not become a burden to carry a heavy kit with you everywhere.

What features are associated with a first aid kit?

Safety. A first aid kit can help you feel safe when you are on vacation or away from home. With a well-stocked first aid kit, you don't have to worry about always finding out where the nearest health center or hospital is. With a first aid kit, initial treatments of an accident, such as a fall, can be performed swiftly and easily. Carrying a first aid kit gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are well looked after.

Comfort. Generally, a first aid kit will occupy a fairly small space and will barely be noticeable. It is not necessary to check the exact measures of a first aid kit, the most important aspect is that the first aid kit can fit easily inside your suitcase or backpack. By purchasing a first aid kit that is small enough in size, it will ensure that you can take it with you anywhere, without a problem.

Why should I buy a first aid kit?

This question is closely linked to the above features. If you are a traveler of any type and would like the peace of mind that you are looking after yourself when you are away from home, then a first aid kit is a product for you. It is far nicer to be able to travel to different places around the world without the fear of having to go to a medical center in the event of an emergency. With a first aid kit, you can resolve may small inconveniences with all the products kept inside your kit.


We recommend that the weight of your first aid kit does not exceed 17 ounces.
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Do first aid kits have to follow any kind of regulation?

If the first aid kit is designated for use in a workplace, the first aid kit must meet the requirements as set out by the United States Department of Labor. The standard, 29 CFR, sets out the minimally acceptable number and type of first-aid supplies for first-aid kits in US workplaces.

When it comes to a first aid kit for personal use, there are no specific standards that must be met, as each individual person has different needs. From a personal perspective, your first aid kit should contain the items that will be necessary for the activities you will be performing. It is the individual's responsibility to fill their kit with the correct products for the activities they plan on doing.

What kind of care should be taken before using a first aid kit?

Before leaving home it is important to double-check that all the items in your first aid kit are in their corresponding place. By performing this check, you will be ensuring that all the items are available and you are never in a situation where a product runs out right when you need it. When checking the location and condition of each product, you should also check the expiry date. This will ensure that no product in your kit is out of date and therefore useless.

The second check to perform is regarding cleanliness. If you notice that your first aid kit is dirty, take a soft towelette and wipe the inside and outside of the kit. When cleaning the inside, it is recommended to remove all first aid items so that you can perform a proper clean. Keeping your first aid kit clean will ensure that it lasts longer and does not easily become damaged from leaking products or dirt.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of first aid kits?

They may only be small products, but there are still a number of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to first aid kits. Below we have included a table with the most important advantages and disadvantages of first aid kits.

  • First aid kits take up very little space
  • They contain useful and well-organized products
  • They are easily accessible and can be used at any time
  • Smaller items can be easily lost

What materials are the first aid kits made of?

Most first aid kits are made of particularly resistant materials such as nylon. This ensures that the kits do not degrade over time and can handle the rigours of traveling. It is vitally important that holes do not appear in your first aid kit, as the small items will fall out. Purchasing a first aid kit made from strong, water-resistant material is critical for owning a durable product that will withstand the stresses of traveling.


It is recommended that you check your first aid kit contents before packing.
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Where can I buy a first aid kit?

There are basically two main options for buying a first aid kit. Firstly, you can look at online in stores such as Amazon, which have an incredible range of products at the lowest prices. There is a huge range of products online, with different features and prices. We recommend reviewing the customer comments in order to purchase a good product online.

The second option you have is to visit a physical store such as a pharmacy or supermarket. By visiting a physical store, you can discuss the products with a trained professional who responsible for the health/travel section. They will be able to provide you with all the information about the product.

Shopping Criteria

Above, we have analyzed a series of factors to be taken into account when acquiring a first aid kit. Now we would like to go a little further by showing you what are the key elements to look for when comparing the products available. We highly recommend that you look closely at the following criterion in order to make a successful purchase.


There is no standard size when it comes to first aid kits. The difference in size can vary considerably depending on the items and the utensils that are inside the first aid kit itself. Review the images and product dimensions that appear on the website you are buying from and choose the size that best suits your needs.

As a tip, if you are planning a long vacation, it is recommended to have a first aid kit is complete and well-stocked. Therefore it should be a larger size with plenty of room for all types of products. However, on the other hand, if you are simply going on a short trip, such as a weekend away, a smaller first aid kit that does not take up too much space will be better.


Traveling is a rewarding experience for anyone.
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Choosing a first aid kit made of nylon is a good choice as it is a very strong material. When it comes to the system to close the product, you should choose a first aid kit with a zipper. A first aid kit with a zipper will be strong and will not break easily.

Also, it is advisable to look for a product made from water-resistant material as liquids can easily damage the medical supplies inside.


We recommend that the weight of your first aid kit does not exceed 1 pound. If it reaches 2.2 lbs, the weight to bear will be excessive and you will have problems taking the first aid kit on any trip. As we have stated earlier in the guide, comfort is fundamental for creating a useful first aid kit.

In addition to the weight of a first aid kit, it must be easy to carry. If you go hiking in the mountains, you must be able to easily take the first aid kit with you. Therefore, the kit should be lightweight and compact so that you barely notice that you are carrying it.


When purchasing a product, you should always pay close attention to the color and the organization of the product. A good first aid kit should be easily visible from the outside so that you can locate it quickly in case of an emergency. When it comes to the internal design, every item inside the kit should have a designated place that is easy to access.


The important accessories in a first aid kit are plasters, saline solution, rubber gloves, bandages, and scissors. There are many more accessories that you could include in your kit, it all depends on the activities you do or the specific needs of the individual. For example, a person that is allergic to any plant or insect should always include some medicine to combat an emergency of this type.


We hope that by reading this guide you have been able to confirm that a first aid kit is a very important product to take with you when you go traveling or are away from the house. If you are an adventurous type of person, you should always take a first aid kit with you, as it will help you handle any type of emergency or unforeseen event.

The shopping criteria that we have included should be followed closely, as they will help you choose the best product for your situation. We hope that from now on you always take a first aid kit with you when you go traveling or into the great outdoors!

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