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A standard door requires a lot of living space in order to open the door undisturbed. With a folding door, you can save more space in the room. What do you think a folding door looks like? A folding door consists of many individual pieces that fold up when opened. This is a great advantage for those who are short of space in the home.

For limited spaces, where a normal door is impossible, folding doors can be used very well in different sizes and materials. In order to compare the available products well, we have compared the different models and worked out the essential factors.


  • A folding door can be used anywhere and is mostly used as a door. It is easy to assemble and accordingly easy to operate.
  • The most necessary purchase criteria are the model, the material & design, the dimensions, the colour, the weight and the accessories.
  • The folding door is available in different price categories. A simple folding door made of plastic can be obtained very cheaply.

The Best Folding Door: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for folding doors

To help you find your perfect folding door, we have listed some purchase criteria. When making a purchase decision, you should consider some important criteria. These buying criteria should make it easier for you to compare the individual models so that you can make a better and more targeted choice.

The following criteria are important for your purchase in order to be able to compare the folding doors with each other:

The explanation of the respective criteria is explained in more detail in the next sections.

Material & design

A folding door can be made of many different materials. For this, it depends on the rooms in which you want to install a folding door. If you want to have a folding door in the flat between the dressing room and the bedroom and if your floor is made of laminate, then you can choose a wood look accordingly.

If you want to install a folding door between the living room and the garden, then it might make sense to buy a folding door made of glass.

Generally speaking, you should choose a folding door made of plastic or PVC with different motifs or simple for the interior. In order to have a modern and elegant design, you can also get a folding door made of plastic with windows. Folding doors made of plastic or PVC are much cheaper than aluminium.


There are companies that also produce folding doors to measure. Depending on the company or manufacturer, certain dimensions such as width, height or depth are requested in order to produce a folding door. Another possibility would be a folding door in standard, which has been finished according to a certain measurement and is ready for sale and delivery. You can find various offers for this on the Internet, e.g. on Amazon.


The advantage of a folding door is that it is much easier to choose a colour according to your needs. There are different colours such as white, light brown, brown, oak, beech etc.. It is also possible to choose a colour with motifs or patterns. With the colours you can get good information online or on site.


The weight depends on the size and material. A folding door made of aluminium is much heavier than a folding door made of plastic. Just as with the choice of material, the size also has an effect on the weight of the folding door. The larger and more qualitative, the heavier the weight of a folding door.


When making a purchase decision, it makes sense to research information regarding "accessories". In most cases, installation material, guide rails and frames are included in the delivery. However, you should take a closer look so that you do not receive too few accessories.

With insufficient accessories, you will most likely not be able to finish installing a trap door. If you need spare parts or accessories for folding doors at a later date, you can always order them online or on site.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about folding doors answered in detail

Here we want to answer the most important questions about folding doors. Our aim is to give you a good overview of the subject.

Who is a folding door suitable for?

In most cases, folding doors are installed privately in small rooms, flats or houses. In a flat there is usually a lack of space, so it is often preferable to use a folding door as a room divider, e.g. between the kitchen and the hallway.

In houses, too, there is usually more space, but it can still be used for access to conservatories, for example. Large folding doors are also usually installed as room dividers for conference rooms or halls in the hotel, hospitality and event industry.

The advantage is that you can have a folding door creatively made to your own requirements for little money. (Image source: Anthony DELANOIX / Unsplash)

Ideally, you should use a folding door if you are in a confined space. The aim is to save space, not feel cramped and not have any problems when opening a door.

What types of folding doors are there?

There are three types of folding doors:

  1. The folding door itself: This type consists of a whole leaf, and folds to one side. There are guide rollers that can be seen "on angle" in every second hinge. A top and bottom guide is essential, otherwise there is a one-sided load when opening.
  2. Harmonica door: With this door, the leaves fold only half inwards and half outwards. The stabilisation is in the middle of each leaf width. The load of the weight is central and it is a running device, which means that I can be sure that my door is guided precisely.
  3. Folding sliding door: A folding sliding door is very space-saving and opens on one side. This door consists of individual elements that are also individually fitted with frames.

How much does a folding door cost?

The prices of a folding door can vary. It depends on the leaves, materials and dimensions. Therefore, the following table should give you a good overview of the prices using an example of "aluminium folding doors".

Price range Available products
Low-priced (4,000 - 6,000 €) aluminium folding door with 3 panels, 2 m wide x 2.7 m high
Medium-priced (5.000 - 7.000 €) Aluminium folding door with 4 wings, 3 m wide x 2,7 m high
High-priced (from € 7,000) aluminium folding door with 5 leaves, 4 m wide x 2.7 m high

By listing the prices, you can easily see that the essential factors such as dimensions, sashes and materials play a major role. As you can see in this table, you can buy good quality "aluminium folding door" depending on the dimensions and material.

In addition, the price depends on the model and accessories, because the more accessories are included, the better it is for mounting.

What should you look for in a folding door?

We have compiled the most important tips so that you don't make any mistakes when choosing or maintaining the folding door. You should pay attention to the following:

  • Measure correctly: To avoid unnecessary stress, you should measure the dimensions correctly. This way you will get a correct and fitting door.
  • Cleaning: Once a year it is recommended to lubricate the folding door in the track with a standard lubricant to protect the material. A damp soft cloth is the best way to clean the surface.
  • Assembly: When assembling, it is always better to look at the instructions in advance via assembly video or also paper instructions. The advantage is that you can think about whether you can assemble a folding door on your own or if you need assistance. Most of the time, research also leads to questions that you can ask beforehand to get answers.

How is a folding door installed?

Most customised folding doors are supplied by companies in a pre-assembled state, so that only the rails need to be mounted and the individual doors fastened. The assembly also depends on the model of the folding door, but it is easy to install.

In the past, a folding door required a bottom track to be installed in the floor, but nowadays, with a modern folding door, the bottom track is no longer needed. Almost anyone can install a simple folding door with little DIY knowledge.


When space is at a premium, it always makes sense to consider a folding door. For a good replacement of a door, a folding door would be ideal. But folding doors can be installed not only in narrow rooms, but also in large rooms where you want a clean room divider.

The construction is simple and can be installed with little knowledge. To buy a folding door according to your needs, you should always think about the criteria such as model, material or design, dimensions, colour or accessories and weight.

Trap doors are used almost everywhere. You can even see them in public transport, such as trams, because the danger of a passenger getting trapped is not so high. The normal folding doors, however, are generally used more in the premises. Today, many people have installed folding doors in their living rooms as well as in commercial premises.

(Cover photo: Andy Art / Unsplash)

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