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The 90s was a golden age in the toy industry. In that decade, one toy was born that continues to be a bestseller today. Furbys were presented as adorable and innovative stuffed animals. With a most tender aspect, they immediately won the hearts of the children of the house.

Currently, Furbys fever is still alive. Not surprisingly, it is very difficult not to succumb to these toys that, at this time, are becoming even more technological. These dolls talk, sing, move and interact with users. In this article, we help you select the most appropriate Furby for a child.

Key Facts

  • Furbys revolutionized the sector when they emerged in the 1990s and continue to do so today. Interactive pets continue to explode in popularity in the field of toys.
  • Due to their characteristics, they can become the best friend of the child, since they are toys that you can talk to, feed, teach words or ask questions.
  • The most current models are accompanied by a mobile application, through which the possibilities of fun multiply.

Our Selection: The Best Furbys

If you find yourself in the search of a suitable Furby to give to a child in your life, here are some interesting options. These toys have been on the market for more than 20 years, but they are still one of the most sought after toys by kids today. Depending on the model, its functionalities have now to limits that you would not imagine.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Furbys

The universe of these fun toys called Furbys is very large. After more than two decades on the market, its original design and functions have varied greatly since then. Hence, it may be a bit complicated to select the appropriate model. Therefore, we help you clear up some of the most frequent questions shoppers have.


Toys help children develop their creativity
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Exactly what are Furbys?

Furbys are toys that came out in 1998, in full fury for virtual pets. After the success of Tamagotchi, these dolls appeared as an alternative more similar to a real pet. Its design brings to mind of a mixture of a hamster and an owl (or even a gremlin), its texture being very pleasant and fluffy.

They are, in fact, intelligent stuffed animals capable of interacting with users. The simplest models can emit sounds, express emotions, dance, sleep and speak in several languages. The most advanced are connected through a mobile application, so their interactive capacity is greater. They usually work with batteries.

What age is best for children to play with  Furbys?

The recommended age of the Furbys will depend on the model. Since some are more technological than others and may contain accessories and small parts, the age recommended by the manufacturer must be taken into account. However, generally, they are toys designed for children from 6 years of age and up.

There are also non-electronic versions, that is, in a stuffed format, which are ecommended even for babies. The most innovative models are able to outwit even adult users. As it is an article that has marked the childhood of many people, surely they would not mind having one even again they are older.

Did you know that the firsy generation of Furbys entered the market in 1998?

Do Furbys speak English?

Furbys are toys that have gone around the world. Created by the American company Tiger Electronics, the first versions were able to speak only in English. Given its enormous popularity, at present, it is possible to identify Furbys that speak in more than twenty languages, including Spanish, French and German.

It is essential, then, to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the language of the Furby. While there are models that speak in several languages at the same time, others may not be compatible with mobile application in other languages. For this reason, the description of the model in question should be thoroughly inspected, especially if you are looking for a Furby speaking any other language than English.


Furbys are interactive pets that delight children and adults.
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Are Furbys appropriate for all ages?

The Furbys can become totally didactic toys, hence they are suitable for any boy or girl. On the one hand, its plush design inspires a lot of tenderness. On the other hand, being an electronic pet, it can be an instrument to develop certain skills in children, such as responsibility.

Moreover, furbys are also indicated for children with adaptation problems or other pathologies such as autism. There are those who have found these toys useful to stimulate the abilities of these children. There are even specialized centers that use these articles as part of their therapies.

Patricia FraiaChild Psychologist
"If used with common sense, Furby can be a teacher. It can help the child understand what it is to take care of others."

Shopping Criteria

Electronic toys are the most popular among boys and girls. Kids are curious by nature, so they will feel very excited discovering each of the features these dolls have. If you want to hit a home run when selecting a Furby, you should consider these purchasing criteria.

Generation of Furby

Since its appearance in 1998, there have been several generations of Furbys, and therefore, there are different types with different  levels of functionality. First, there are the classic Furbys. These are the simplest and their functions are more limited. "Emotronic" Furbys are more interactive, with voice recognition and greater facial expressiveness.

Subsequently, the 2012 generation arrived with much more advanced Furbys, such as the Party Rocker Furbys, "Boom" or the highly-popular Furbacca version. As far as distinctive features, they now have LED eyes and are even more interactive than before. Finally, Furby Connects are the most technologically advanced generation thus far, as they are linked to a mobile application.

Generation Year Characteristics
1ª Generation 1998 Voice, difffernt colors and personalities
2ª Generation 2005 New design, sleep function and ability to interact with other Furbys
3ª Generation 2012 LED eyes, various personalities, movement and mobile application
4th Generation 2016 Antenna, function Bluetooth, more movements and mobile appplication

Age of User

Furbys are electronic toys designed for children 6 years of age and older. The reason for this minimum age is because, especially for the most innovative models, functionalities are incorporated that younger children may not understand. Theefore, before purchasing the product, it is advisable to double-check the recommended age.

Of course, there are also stuffed toys in the shape of Furbys that could be suitable for many younger children. Unlike conventional Furbys, these are stuffed animals that do not incorporate the electronic function or parts. Therefore, they are recommended models for children under 6 years old and even for babies.


Language is one of the most important purchase criteria for Furbys. Furbys are toys whose popularity has spread like wildfire all over the world. They are available in different languages to adapt to many markets. They can be found in English, Japanese, Italian, French and in Spanish.

The Furbys, at first, speak their own language ("Furbish"), although they have been programmed to speak a second language! Of course, it is vital to make sure that this is in the child's native language or another language with whcih the child is familiar, since, otherwise, the experience may not be entirely satisfactory for the child. So, do not forget to look at the product description, especially if buying in another country or from antother country.


In the market, there are simpler Furbys and others that have been incorporating more complex functionalities. The first models--those that landed on the scene two decades ago, were more basic. They had the ability to forge their own personality, although somewhat limited. They could also pronounce certain words and make sounds.

The most current, much more technologically advanced models are usually linked to mobile applications. They are equipped with LED eyes to express all kinds of emotions. In addition, they detect movement and are more sensitive to touch. Being linked to iPhone or Android applications, the possibilities of games, songs and conversations multiply.


Furbys are toys that kids are crazy about. Due to their diverse characteristics and functions, it is not surprising that they soon become a chil'd best friend. Without a doubt, Furby's are good alternatives to authentic pets, since they are able to express emotions and interact with their little owners in a very real way.

The range of designs, colors and types of Furbys is quite extensive, hence we must weigh the pros and cons of each model. Each boy or girl will have different needs and tastes, so they must be taken into account. Make sure that the interactive pet chosen is exactly the one the particular child needs.

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