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Unthinkable just a few decades ago, the world of mouse pads has undergone a major revolution following the significant rise in popularity of e-sports and online gaming. Do you need a gaming mouse pad or gaming mat? Whether you're an amateur or a professional gamer, a good gaming mouse pad will make all the difference.

Mouses or mice have continuously evolved with new technologies and so to have their inseparable companions, mouse pads. If you are an avid gamer, there are many aspects of this accessory that you must take into account, including the speed or wear and tear of the edges. Would you like to know more? Pay close attention to the following article.

Key Facts

  • A good gaming mouse pad will optimise the reading of the optical sensors or laser pointer of your mouse.
  • There are gaming mouse pads made from all kinds of materials, some as unthinkable as stone. However the most common types are fabric / fibre, plastic, aluminum and glass.
  • Depending on the type of gamer you are, you will need a gaming mouse pad of one type or another. If you frequent LAN parties or tournaments, then you should choose a gaming mat with a good thickness.
  • A mouse with laser sensors won't slide well on glass, but it will slide on firmer mats. Meanwhile optical mice work well on all kinds of surfaces.

Ranking: The best gaming mouse pads

You know that a gaming mouse and a gaming mouse pad go hand in hand. It doesn't matter if you have the best mouse on the market, if you don't have a good gaming pad, the mouse won't behave the way you want it to. Below we have prepared a careful selection of the best gaming mouse pads on the market so that you can find one that perfectly meets your needs.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about a gaming mouse pad

One of the most common problems encountered by gamers is the accuracy of the mouse. The key to a good gaming mouse pad is to absorb the pressure and spread it throughout the pad. In the following section you will learn all about gaming mouse pads as we answer the most common questions among users.

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The texture of the pad may be rough or smooth. (Source: Roman Kosolapov: 104368106/

What exactly is a gaming mouse pad?

A gaming mouse pad is an enclosed surface or support where the mouse of the computer or PC is located on the desk or table. A good mouse pad optimises the reading of optical sensors or laser pointer, to provide accuracy and speed, which is indispensable for a gamer.

Video games or e-sports have created an importance for quality mouse pads and currently there are gaming mouse pads exclusively designed for gaming due to their high level of accuracy.

Is it worth buying a gaming mouse pad?

Yeah, definitely. If you are a beginner gamer or you are on your way to becoming a professional you will not regret buying one, as you can see by reviewing comments from other gamers on the Internet. The current gaming pads are designed to optimise the game you are playing and improve the response of the mouse, so it is an important and much needed compliment for all gamers.

In addition, the gaming mouse pad must be large, robust and very comfortable so that the sliding action of the mouse is smooth and fast to allow you to win any game or contest. If you compete in online games or tournaments, such as Call of Duty, you will know that a fraction of a second can mean defeat.

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Not all mouse pads are suitable for participating in the world of gaming.
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What types of gaming mouse pads are there and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Gaming mouse pads are classified by the type of material from which they are made. The most economical are those pads made of foam rubber. Gaming mouse pads can also be made with fabric, silicone rubber, glass, leather, stone, aluminum, stainless steel, wood or plastic, among others. Below we explain more about the most common types of gaming mouse pads:

Type of gaming mouse pad Advantages Disadvantages
Plastic Lasts longer than fabric or fibre and the level of friction is low.

Offers smooth sliding on its surface, although it is in an intermediate level pad.

Will work with all types of mouse sensors and helps to create very precise mouse movements.

They deteriorate with use, especially where there is more friction.

Can also become deformed.

Wear down at the base of the mouse and are noisier than those pads made of fabric.

They accumulate a lot of dust particles, although usually they are easy to clean, depending on the model.

Fabric or fibre They are very economic and the most popular.

They are effective with all types of mice and are quiet to use.

The fabric distributes the pressure of the mouse and the displacement is agile, while the friction level is average.

If you choose this type, pick one with finished edges

The fabric stains easily and sometimes it is not possible to wash them.

They deteriorate over time, whether they are made of fibre or fabric, and they are not always as accurate as a gamer needs.

If you sweat heavily, keep in mind that they can deform in the area of your wrist.

Glass These are precise, have minimal friction and the mouse glides very easily.

The material won't wear out if you take care of it.

Easy to clean

You can make involuntary movements because of the minimal friction.

The glass can break due to it being fragile and it does not work well for a mouse with optical sensors. Robustness of the pad varies between models so you must verify this because it depends on the manufacturer.

Aluminium It is the ideal mat for those looking for speed and precision.

These are more expensive than cloth, but last a long time.

They are very cool in summer, but overly cold in winter.

They are a little noisy, especially if you play at night.

Is a matte or reflective gaming mouse pad better?

The mouse will always stick better to a matte gaming mouse pad than to a reflective one, so keep this in mind when making your purchase. It's easy to be seduced by the fancy designs offered by brands, but if your ambition is to be a professional in the world of gaming, do not forget this simple recommendation.

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A good gaming mouse pad won't help you win if you don't have a good mouse (Source: Анастасия Бежекенева: 115866784/

Do I need a slippery gaming mouse pad surface?

First and foremost, you need good mouse control. If your mouse is very heavy, it is important that the gaming pad has a smooth and fast surface. If the mouse is light you do not need so much slip, but better grip to maintain control. The weight of the mouse depends on your personal tastes and what you feel more comfortable using.

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Is a rigid or padded gaming mouse pad preferable?

It depends on personal preferences, but if the mouse is designed for gaming, then a rigid gaming mouse pad will provide you with greater precision for fast and accurate movements. A laser mouse won't slide well on glass, but it will move well on rigid carpets. Optical mice perform well on all gaming mouse pad surfaces.

Are the mouse and the gaming pad complementary?

Of course! A good gaming mouse pad won't help you win if you don't have a good mouse. It's critical that the mouse you use has a high degree of sensitivity, which translates into the Dots Per Inch (DPI) rate. The higher the DPI, the less movement you need via your hand to recognise the movement on the screen.

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If you spend hours playing, you should look for a gaming mat that deteriorates the least over time. (Source: Dean Drobot: 107576481/

What type of gaming mouse pad is suitable for each game?

Playing World of Warcraft is not the same as playing MOBA (acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, so you'll need one type of gaming pad or another depending on your preferences as a player. Here are some of the features of the gaming mouse pads based on some popular types of video games:

Type of video game Type of gaming mouse pad needed
MOBA Rapid sliding
First Person Shooter Greater control and minimal slippage
MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) Agile gliding and high precision

How do I clean my gaming mouse pad?

It depends on the material from which the pad is made from. There are some gaming pads that are better not to be washed. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them dry. In the following table we give you some suggestions on how to carry out good maintenance of your gaming mouse pad, depending on the type of material it is made from:

Type of mouse pad How do I clean it?
Plastic Prepare a container with soap and water. Moisten the pad and rub gently. Then let it air dry.

If the gaming pad includes a gel wrist pad. Moisten this part, gently rub, rinse with a damp cloth and let it air dry before using it again.

Fabric Gently rub after preparing a solution of water with shampoo or washing detergent.Rinse and air dry.

Another alternative is to put it in the washing machine like any other garment.

Aluminum Prepare warm or cold soapy water. Wipe and then rinse with plenty of water. Dry the mat.

Once dry, use oil and a cloth to polish the surface by gently rubbing.

Glass For this material, it is enough to use a standard window cleaner. If you do not have any window cleaner, use a little alcohol and a cloth.

Shopping Criteria

If you are going to buy a gaming mouse pad, you must take into account some key aspects before making the purchase. In order to avoid making mistakes, we have prepared the following list of the most important criteria to review prior to buying your new gaming mouse pad. Make sure your review this section carefully.

  • Material
  • Rigid or soft gaming mouse pad
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Thickness
  • Durability
  • Extra features


Earlier in the article we wrote about the most common materials of a gaming mouse pad and the benefits and disadvantages of each. Review this section carefully and make sure it matches your mouse and gaming style. If you have an optical mouse, you won't have a problem with any rigid surfaces, but laser mice can have problems when the pad is fabric. For fabric mouse pads, be sure to check that it has the edges finished.

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Rigid or soft gaming mouse pad

If you need to make very agile movements with the mouse and at great speed, a rigid gaming pad will be more effective than the soft pad. On the other hand, if you need little friction in the game, but require great precision in return, a padded or softer gaming mouse pad will be a much better option for you.


When you play with VLS (Very Low Sensitivity) games, you'll require a larger gaming mouse pad than if you play high FPS (Frames Per Second) games. Don't worry, most manufacturers offer gaming mouse pads in a variety of sizes, including over-sized pads, which are more than double the width than a standard pad. In any case, a large mat will also protect your wrists.


First, you have to consider your style of play as the texture can be rough or smooth. The former will give you more precision and grip, while the latter is suitable when you have little time to react, as in FPS games. If you're unsure, you can opt for a double-sided or reversible gaming mat to get the best of both worlds.


The thickness of your gaming mouse pad is more important than you might think and it will play a fundamental role in your gaming experience. Thinner gaming mats are usually lighter, while the thicker ones give your wrists more support. In the following table we break down the differences between the thicknesses of gaming mouse pads:

Thickness of the gaming pad Which one is right for me?
2 mm Ideal for those gamers prefer a more solid feel.

The feel is similar to playing on a rigid surface, but with more comfort.

3 mm or standard This is the most common because it includes the best attributes of thin and thick mats.
5 mm Ideal for gaming parties and LAN tournaments where it is not known on what type of surface you will be playing.

Very comfortable and helps to overcome any type of irregular surface.


If you spend hours playing, it is important to look for a gaming mat that suffers the least deterioration over time. If you sweat a lot due to the intensity of a game, you can always opt for cloth to protect the pad. In any case, discard any gaming mouse pad without finished edges, because they fray easily over time. You should also read the reviews of other users to find out how durable a specific pad is.

Extra features

Other aspects you should keep in mind when buying a gaming mouse pad are the aesthetics and design. Some people like the gaming pad to connect to the computer and receive notifications or to change colour as the game is being played.

Another type of accessory is wireless recharging of your mouse, possible on some gaming mats. With this feature you don't have to get up to charge your mouse regularly. Obviously, any type of accessory on your gaming mouse pad will raise the price significantly, but if you're serious about playing, choose quality and don't simply buy the cheapest one on the market. We are certain that you won't regret investing in a well made mouse pad.


Not all mouse pads are suitable for entering the world of gaming. E-sports require precision and speed when playing, so a good quality mouse and its inseparable companion, the gaming mouse pad, are critical components. The electronic sports boom has made these pieces of equipment very popular.

When buying a good gaming mouse pad, it is better to invest in a good quality pad than buying something cheap and regretting it. You should also keep in mind that a high quality gaming mouse pad will be of no use if the mouse you have lacks performance and quality. When considering a gaming mouse pad, aspects such as durability, size, material or ease of cleaning are just a few factors that you must take into account when buying your new gaming accessory.

If you liked this article, please share on your social networks so that others know more about gaming mouse pads. If you prefer, leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer you. Thank you very much!

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