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Anyone who enjoys spending time on the terrace or in the garden knows that garden stools are practical and versatile. Sometimes the stool serves as a seat, sometimes as a footstool or as a side table. A garden stool is also the ideal companion for weeding, so you can sit down or use the stool as a kneeler.

There are different models with many functions for all these uses. For our product comparison, we have compared different garden stools and worked out the most important aspects. We also looked at price ranges, types of garden stools as well as additional items and storage considerations.


  • Garden stools come in many colours and different materials - from wood to aluminium or rattan to plastic.
  • Basically, you can use the stool to sit on or to put your legs up, i.e. as an addition to a chair. A garden stool can also make work easier, for example, it is easier on the back and knees when weeding or repotting plants.
  • Special functions such as castors, a cooling function or storage space give a garden stool a special meaning. There are also folding and adjustable stools that make your life easier.

The Best Garden Stools: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for garden stools

To find the perfect garden stool for your needs, we have worked out some buying criteria. These criteria should make it easier to compare the individual models so that you can make the best decision. The criteria you should consider when buying are as follows:

We will now explain the listed evaluation criteria in more detail so that you have a better overview of what to look for when choosing a garden stool.


The materials for garden stools range from iron, steel or aluminium to plastic. Wood is also frequently used. The most popular material is teak. This is a rather dark wood that is very stable and weather-resistant.

Furthermore, rattan or poly rattan are often used materials for garden stools. Rattan is made from the trunk of rattan palms. The best known use of rattan is woven furniture, especially chairs. Rattan furniture is much lighter in weight than wood or metal. If your garden stool has to withstand a lot, you should choose hard-wearing material such as polyrattan.

Area of use

A garden stool is suitable if you want to make yourself comfortable in the garden and put your feet up. It serves as a footstool. On the other hand, you can also use a stool to kneel or sit when working in the garden. 2-in-1 solutions are particularly suitable for gardening, because the stool can also be used as a kneeler.

There is a suitable model for every purpose. When buying a stool, you should therefore pay attention to what you want to use it for later and which material and functions are suitable for it.


Depending on what you want to use the garden stool for, some models offer special functions. For example, there are stools with wheels and foldable or stackable garden stools. If you want to store tools or cushions in your stool, those with storage space are suitable. Stools with a cooling function are also practical, as you can not only sit here but also cool your drinks directly.

Load capacity

The load capacity of the garden stool is usually given in kilograms. Normally, the value is between 80 kg and 150 kg. Especially if you need the stool for working, i.e. for gardening, it should be as stable and hard-wearing as possible.


The colour or design should of course match your other garden furniture. Whether plain black, white or brown, or a rather bright colour such as blue or green, garden stools are now available in a variety of colours.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about garden stools answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about garden stools. This will give you a more detailed insight into the topic.

Who is a garden stool suitable for?

A garden stool is suitable for young and old, to sit on or to put things on. Of course, you can also use the stool indoors. This is especially useful in winter.


Garden stools come in different designs and materials. They can also be used in many different ways, from sitting on a stool to storing drinks, plants or books. (Image source: Dylan Ferreira/ Unsplash)

Besides the main function of sitting on it, you can use the stool as a storage surface or as a side table. A stool is, so to speak, a handy and mobile chair alternative.

How much does a garden stool cost?

The price is mainly determined by the material, the quality and special functions. The prices of garden stools can range from low to high. The following table should give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (15 - 50 €) Mostly made of plastic or wood, rather small and plain
Medium-priced (50 - 150 €) Usually more robust
High-priced (from 150 €) Mostly more stable, weatherproof and easy to clean, good quality

Simple garden stools made of plastic or wood can be purchased for as little as €15. However, these products are of low quality and usually not very stable. From 50 €, the stools are already of higher quality and more robust and often already have special functions such as storage space. The sky's the limit, because you can buy designer stools for several hundred euros.

What types of garden stools are there?

Garden stools come in a wide variety of designs. First of all, there is the normal stool for sitting on. Then you can also buy stools that are height-adjustable or foldable. Furthermore, there are stools that are designed for kneeling on. This is particularly suitable for gardening.

Not to be forgotten are stools with special functions, such as castors, storage space or a cooling function. In addition to the classic four-legged stools, there are also sturdy three-legged stools.

What additional items are available for garden stools?

In addition to a garden stool, we recommend a matching cushion or pillow. This naturally increases the comfort. When making your choice, think about whether you need a cushion and where you can store it in winter or at night.

If you have a garden stool with storage space, you can even stow the cushions inside. Depending on the material, especially for furniture made of woven materials, we also recommend a protective cover to protect against weathering.


Garden stools are ideal for enjoying the sun on the terrace or for busy weeding. Thanks to the variety of colours, designs and materials, you can choose a garden stool that perfectly matches other furniture or at least your imagination.

When buying a stool, you should always keep in mind what you need it for and what functions it should have. A mobile garden seat makes gardening easier and is easy on the back and knees. A stool with storage space allows you to easily store cushions and pads directly in the stool.

(Cover photo: Ryan Yoo/ Unsplash)