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When you decide that a cat is going to be part of your family and your home, you are also accepting a big responsibility. However independent cats may seem, their well-being will depend to a large extent on the care provided by the people with whom they live.

A supplement to their diets called "hairball remedy" is made with malt paste and is one of these basic products that every cat should be provided. This product helps keep the digestive system of cats healthy so that the cat does not suffer from hairballs, which are created when cats groom themselves. In the following paragraphs, we will tell you more about this great product.

Key Facts

  • When cats groom themselves, they use their tongues. In doing this, they remove their dead hair by brushing it with their tongues and they ingest it. This grooming can create hairballs in various parts of the cat's digestive system which can be dangerous and painful. Hairball remedy helps eliminate these hairballs through the cat's normal digestion process.
  • Hairball remedy also sometimes contains other nutrients that are good for a cat's overall health, such as protein and vitamins.
  • When buying hairball remedy for your cat, you should carefully note the ingredients of the product and ensure that it does not include any unnecessary ingredients or anything that could be harmful to a cat's health.

Our Selection: The Best Hairball Remedy Products

In this section, we will discuss some of the most popular hairball remedy products on the market and we will help you determine which hairball remedy will best suit your particular.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Hairball Remedy Products

Choosing the right hairball remedy for your pet may be a bit confusing. You can't just grab the first product you see – you need to analyze the characteristics of your cat: size, age or length of the coat, and also determine which product your cat is most likely to accept. Next, we will answer the most frequent question people have and discover some more things about these fascinating animals.

Cat in cage

Malt is a natural product, which improves the digestion and intestinal functioning of cats.
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What is hairball remedy and what does it do for cats?

When a cat grooms itself, it swallows quite a bit of hair. Hairball remedy, and specifically the malt, and oils it contains, helps prevent these hairs from forming a harmful hairball in the cat's digestive tract.

If I do not give my cat hairball remedy, what types of problems can occur?

A cat whose stomach or intestines contain hairballs can end up suffering from many problems. For example, a cat may stop eating because there is no more room for food to enter their digestive system. In the absence of food, a cat will not be able to receive the nutrients it needs to live.

Veterinary experts recommend that a cat be given malt regularly.
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Does hairball remedy also come in cat food?

Although malt itself is a paste like the one already described, there are fiber-based hairball remedy products that include malt. These can serve as food, but at the same time there are cat food varieties that help eliminate hairballs. As a general rule, these cat food formulas use either fiber, malt or vegetable oils to aid in eliminating hairballs.

Why should I give my cat hairball remedy?

The hairball remedy you buy usually will indicate how much of the product to give the animal and how often. As it often comes in a mass inside a tube, it is common for the manufacturer to indicate the number of inches to feed the animal. This type of hairball remedy can be either licked off your finger, fed directly into a cat's mouth from the tube or you can mix it with its food. This if they like this formula.


Although malt itself is a paste, there are cat foods that include malt.
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Another option is to take the paste and put it on one of the front paws of your kitty so that they just lick it off of their paw, or apply to the corner of the cat's mouth. These options are more convenient for cats who do not really like malt. They will have no choice but to clean themselves of the sticky malt.

How often should I give my cat hairball remedy?

Many veterinary studies and companies that manufacture malt for cats recommend offering two doses per week for animals with short fur. Now, if you have a breed of feline with long hair, it is better to increase the dose. About four times a week is recommended for those breeds. In times of shedding, such as springtime, you can even do it daily.

How do I know if my cat needs hairball remedy?

If your kitty has a gagging cough, if you notice an unusual lack of appetite or if your cat vomits often when eating and has not fully digested their food. Other symptoms to watch out for are a swollen abdomen or abnormal behavior of the animal, such as an unusually bad temper. They may not be well because they have hairballs and are irritable and uncomfortable.

Cat breeds that have long hair are at greater risk of developing annoying and harmful hairballs in their bodies.
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What else can I do for my cat to avoid hairballs, in addition to providing hairball remedy?

It's a good idea to brush your cat often. By brushing them, the animal will have fewer shed hairs and, when grooming itself, the cat will run less risk of swallowing these hairs and of forming hairballs that collect in its intestines. It is recommended to brush your cat daily. There are many types of cat brushes and you must find one that your pet likes.

Buyer's Guide

As you have seen, hairball remedy is an essential element for the quality of life of your cat. It is better to avoid those hairball remedy products that contain ingredients that a cat does not need. Although they may help you improve your cat's intestinal transit and eliminate hairballs, you could be feeding your cat other harmful substances. For the purchase to be appropriate, we recommend looking at the following criteria:


Hairball remedy can help improve your cat's digestion through the different ingredients that it includes. It is usually composed, as a general rule, of malt extract, vegetable fats, vegetable oils, fiber, raw ash, a minimum dose of dairy products and sometimes yeast. Sometimes fish oil is included.

There are also ingredients that a hairball remedy can contain that are less necessary. For example, sugars, coloring components, preservatives or flavors, which only serve the appearance or taste of the product, but contribute nothing to the animal's overall health.

It is a good idea to brush your cat often.
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The hairball remedy does not serve to provide the nutrients that a cat needs. But in one of these products, one or the other macronutrients may be present. It is recommended to choose the hairball remedy taking into account the nutrients that a cat needs to obtain. Therefore, in this table, we will show you which are the most important for a kitty:

Nutrients What foods include them? Amount your cat needs Properties that contribute to your cat
Protein Meat, fish The most important of all. It should be between 26% and 40% of their total diet. Proteins are essential for maintaining the muscle mass of these felines.  
Fats Animal and vegetable It should be between 15 and 20% of the total diet. They serve as an insulator and protection for your cat's internal organs.
Minerals In the hairball remedy, the ash usually adds to the mineral content. It can also have calcium, phosphorus or magnesium. The ash should be below 10%. Necessary to keep your cat's bones healthy.

Additional Vitamins

There are some hairball remedies that include extra elements to provide vitamins to the cat beyond the laxative effect, both to improve intestinal transit and to avoid hairballs. Some of the added elements, which some of the existing products on the market include, are included in the following list:

  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B12, D3, and E, among others
  • Folic Acid
  • Taurine

Packaging and Textures

The most common is that the hairball remedy comes in the form of a semi-soft paste and is available in tubes, aluminum or plastic. Thus, it is easy to dispense according to the centimeters of recommended paste, according to the fur of your animal or the time of the year. But, on certain occasions, the hairball remedy is incorporated into pieces of feed and stored in plastic bags.


Some products include flavoring elements, offering the taste of other ingredients, such as cheese or fish such as salmon. As a general rule, this curious substance does not usually taste bad and it is common for cats to like hairball remedy. On many occasions, some sweetener is added to make you like it better.


Every time your cat grooms itself, even if you brush it often, ingest hairs. These can create a ball that accumulates in the stomach or intestine of the animal. Hairballs cause a lot of discomfort in cats, vomiting, apathy, and lack of appetite. Therefore, they need to consume hairball remedy often. And, above all, in case you see these symptoms.

Hairball remedy is created to facilitate digestive transit and allow these balls to be easily expelled through feces. Being a complement, sometimes hairball remedy comes with extra vitamins very necessary for the body of these small cats. When having a pet at home, it is important to have on hand tools that improve your quality of life.

If you liked our guide, do not hesitate to share it with your contacts. And if you have more questions or something to tell us about your cat's experience with hairball remedy or hairballs, we are looking forward to reading about it in the comments.

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