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Infrared lamps are lamps that emit red light in the form of infrared radiation. They stimulate blood circulation in the irradiated areas, which relieves joint pain and tension.

Furthermore, the infrared lamps can be used for the breeding of animals or for the prevention of colds in babies. When used correctly, infrared lamps have no side effects and are not harmful to the body.


  • Infrared lamps can be used for muscular complaints. They promote blood circulation in the muscles by emitting heat and can thus relieve tension.
  • Infrared lamps can be used specifically for rearing animals or when they are ill in order to provide warmth. This promotes the recovery and growth of the animals.
  • Since the infrared lamps emit natural light and thus produce natural warmth, you can also use the infrared lamps for babies without hesitation. You can use them after bathing your baby to prevent it from catching a cold.

The Best Infrared Lamp: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for infrared lamps

When buying an infrared lamp, there are various criteria to consider. Below we have listed the 5 most important criteria you should look for when buying your infrared lamp.

  • Power in Watt
  • Application / type of surface
  • Adjustability
  • Weight
  • Additional functions

For more criteria, take a closer look at the product description. In the next paragraphs we will explain the criteria in more detail.

Power in watts

The power of infrared lamps varies greatly. To achieve good results from home and to irradiate the body efficiently, we recommend a minimum of 150 to 300 watts for surface radiators. The higher the wattage, the deeper the heat and infrared radiation can penetrate the skin and muscle fibres to relieve tension and other ailments. Circular radiators require less power because they are only used selectively.

However, if you are looking for an infrared lamp for professional use in a physiotherapy or massage practice, we recommend that you look for more powerful infrared lamps. These devices should then have more than 300 watts of power.

Application / type of surface

Basically, there are two types of infrared lamps for people. On the one hand, there is the powerful surface radiator and the round radiator that can be used selectively. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Area radiant heaters are powerful and can radiate larger areas of the body at the same time. These radiators are therefore particularly suitable for larger areas, such as for back complaints, but also for smaller areas.
  • Round radi ators are usually very small and compact. The power is lower and therefore this infrared lamp can only be used selectively. The circular radiator can be used well, for example, for selective treatment of neck pain or other selective treatment of smaller areas of the body.

For an all-round treatment, we recommend the panel radiator, for selective use the round radiator.


The infrared lamps have several possibilities to change the angle of inclination. This enables a comfortable and relaxed lying position for the radiation. When buying, pay attention to how you want to use your infrared lamp. If you want to use the infrared lamp in various positions, an adjustable infrared lamp in height, sideways and the angle of inclination should also be adjustable.

There are infrared lamps that can adjust the angle of inclination in different steps or even stepless ones. The stepless devices are much more comfortable to use because you can set the angle that suits you best. Thus, the infrared lamp adjusts to your position and not vice versa.


The weight of infrared lamps ranges from 0.5 to 10 kilograms. The difference is mainly reflected in the type of construction. Conventional floor-standing models are very small and compact, so they weigh a maximum of around 2 kilograms. Infrared lamps with a stand that can be adjusted in height can weigh more than 10 kilograms.

The weight and the size of the device have an effect on how easily it can be stowed. A floor-standing unit is very easy to store and takes up very little space. Larger units with a stand or castors are more difficult to store, but are easier to adjust.

Additional functions

Many infrared lamps have a timer to precisely set the irradiation time. The timer can be set to the desired irradiation time so that, for example, the infrared lamp is automatically switched off after 20 minutes. This function is suitable for you if you fall asleep quickly during relaxing moments.

The timer function is available on many devices. If your infrared lamp does not have this additional function, you can alternatively place a timer between the socket and your device to regulate the duration. In any case, this function is very important, because excessive irradiation should be avoided.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about infrared lamps answered in detail

In the following section, we would like to answer the most important questions about infrared lamps. We have selected the most important questions and answered them for you. After you have read through the guide, you will know all the possibilities for use and treatment.

Who is an infrared lamp suitable for?

An infrared lamp is particularly suitable for all those who have muscular problems. No matter if young or old. The same applies to people with joint problems. Furthermore, the infrared lamp is also useful as a preventive measure against colds, which is an advantage for everyone. If illnesses are present, irradiation with the infrared lamp can normally be carried out in addition to the doctor's recommendations. Please discuss this with your doctor first.

The radiation and heat of the lamp are natural, so it can be used without hesitation. The only things to consider are the duration of radiation and the distance between the body and the lamp. (Image source: Pixabay / betexion)

What types of infrared lamps are there?

There are infrared lamps for humans and infrared lamps for animals. These differ greatly in design and area of application. While infrared lamps for humans treat physical complaints, infrared lamps for animals primarily provide warmth.

Infrared lamps for humans are further subdivided into area and circular light emitters. The area lamps are mostly floor-mounted devices with a rectangular red light area. They can be used over a wide area, have a high output, but are also somewhat more expensive than the circular light emitters. The round light emitters are suitable for selective treatments, are usually more compact and cheaper than the area emitters.

What does an infrared lamp cost?

The costs for infrared lamps start very low at under 10.00 euros and can cost up to several 100.00 euros.

Type Price range
Area lamp 50.00 - 150.00 Euro
Round lamp 15.00 - 50.00 Euro
Infrared lamps for animals (without infrared bulb) 15.00 - 40.00 Euro
Infrared bulb 6.00 - 50.00 Euro

In addition, there are electricity costs, because the infrared lamps need quite a bit of electricity to generate the heat and the red light. These costs amount to about 6 cents per hour, depending on the power level.

What effect does the infrared lamp have?

The infrared lamps have a warming effect. With the infrared radiation and its natural warmth, the radiation penetrates deep into the skin and muscles. Depending on the device and the power level, the heat even reaches the joints. The effect is very simple and efficient. The radiation and heating improves the blood supply to the affected area. In this way, tensions can be relieved, skin can appear firmer or colds can be prevented by the heat.

For which complaints is the infrared lamp suitable?

The infrared lamp can be used in a variety of ways. The infrared lamp can have positive results for the following body regions:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Knee
  • Thigh
  • Buttocks
  • All joints

Furthermore, the infrared lamp can help with the following illnesses:

  • Flu and colds
  • Earache
  • Acne or other skin diseases
  • Inflammation of the sinuses
  • lack of energy and drive
  • Lumbago

In some cases, the infrared lamp is even used against depression. However, the effect is not scientifically proven. The feeling of warmth can therefore lead to a feeling of happiness.

Is an infrared lamp harmful?

According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the use of infrared lamps is not dangerous as long as the recommended irradiation duration, irradiation distance and irradiation frequency are observed.

If the distance between the infrared lamp and the body is too short, burns can occur. The eyes are particularly sensitive and should not be irradiated. If you still want to irradiate your face, you should always wear protective goggles.

How to use an infrared lamp correctly?

The use of infrared lamps is very simple and intuitive. Nevertheless, there are some mistakes to avoid and ways to use them to get the most out of the infrared lamp. Here is a brief guide on how to get the most out of your irradiation:

  • Step 1: Identify the problem area.
  • Step 2: Find a suitable position, for example lying down (on the side, on the stomach) or sitting. Choose your position so that the part of your body to be irradiated is as relaxed as possible.
  • Step 3: Stand up again and place the infrared lamp in the right position by adjusting the angle of inclination optimally. The focus of the infrared lamp should be directed towards the part of your body with the discomfort. The distance between the infrared lamp and your body should be at least 40 cm, for babies more than 50 cm.
  • Step 4: Set the timer to your desired radiation time, we recommend between 10 and 30 minutes.
  • Step 5: Lie down or sit down and relax during the radiation.

So that you are prepared for everything and can relax to the maximum, we have 3 additional tips for the use of your infrared lamp.

The 3 additional tips:

  • Do not use your smartphone during the treatment and concentrate on the warmth and your well-being.
  • Always wear protective goggles when irradiating the facial area.
  • Use the infrared lamp regularly, because only then will results be achieved.

As you can see, the application is very simple and intuitive. If you follow the steps and pay attention to our tips, your irradiation with the infrared lamp should go smoothly.

Infrared lamp for people:

In order to be able to treat your complaints in the best possible way, you should make sure that there is a good distance between the lamp and your body. We recommend a distance of about 40 cm.

The most important tips:

  • Distance between body and infrared lamp about 40 cm.
  • You can irradiate your body up to 3 times a day.
  • Choose an irradiation time between 10 and 20 minutes, no more and no less.
  • Be sure to wear protective goggles for applications in the facial area.
  • As long as the eyes are not directly irradiated, protective goggles are not necessary.
  • Find a comfortable position for the radiation, sitting or lying down and relax the body as much as possible.

You should also pay attention to the frequency of irradiation and its duration. Basically, you can use the infrared lamp 2 - 3 times a day. You should irradiate your body or the affected area for between 10 - 20 minutes.

Infrared lamp for babies:

To make changing nappies more comfortable for babies and to prevent colds, the Reer EasyHeat Flex changing table heater is very suitable. Here, the warmth is especially important for the baby. Choose a large distance between the baby and the infrared lamp.

The most important tips:

  • Keep a large distance between the baby and the infrared lamp.
  • Mount the infrared lamp firmly on the wall or place it in a stable position so that it cannot fall over.
  • Never leave the baby unattended under the infrared lamp.
  • Do not expose the baby to the infrared lamp for too long.

If you follow our tips, regardless of the type of application, nothing can go wrong. We hope to be able to offer you added value with our tips.

Infrared lamp for animals:

The infrared lamps for animals are ideal for breeding, care or prevention of diseases of the following animals:

  • Rabbits
  • Mice
  • Cats
  • Puppies and dogs
  • Chickens and chicks
  • Turtles
  • Animals in terrarium

When rearing, the infrared lamp should be tempered, so make sure the temperature is constant and check it with a thermometer. You can easily adjust the temperature by adjusting the distance between the animal and the infrared lamp.


With the help of an infrared lamp you can support your body to survive the winter time without getting sick. You can use it for the treatment of physical and muscular complaints or to warm your baby and protect it from colds. With different types of irradiation for spot or area irradiation and the possibility of different tilt settings, there is something for everyone.

For people with localised complaints such as neck pain or localised back pain, infrared lamps with circular radiators are suitable. For people with large-area complaints such as back or joint pain, on the other hand, the area radiator is suitable. There are lamps specially designed to provide warmth for animals or to prevent babies from catching colds after bathing. Infrared lamps are multifunctional and easy to use.

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