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We all know that children are fascinated by the world of adults. They watch their parents driving down the road and have only one wish: driving their very own vehicle. This is why kids cars are such a trendy product. They are suited for children and designed to be driven on their own.

Your child will feel like the king or queen of the road with this toy. Some cars are pedal-operated, while others are motorized. Whatever model you choose, they all have one major thing in common: they allow kids the freedom to travel short distances on their own. Considering how many different models and manufacturers there are out there, we suggest you have a look at the below shopping guide to choose a make and model that is best for your child.

Key Facts

  • Children's cars are toys that simulate real-life vehicles. Every child dreams of being like his or her mother or father, which is the reason why they love these toys.
  • They do not only entertain: kids cars are very beneficial for their cognitive and motor development.
  • The three most common types are the electric cars (running on a small motor), the pedal cars, and the push cars.

Our Selection: The Best Kids Car for Children

Adults' cars have nothing on kid cars. The most innovative models are electric, which means that they are equipped with a motor and can reach a certain speed. Design-wise, the options are very diverse, but most truly resemble real vehicles.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About a Kids Car

Before purchasing a kid car, you should take into account several factors. Depending on the age of your child or the environment in which he or she will use it, one model might be better suited than another. In this section, we answer the most common questions regarding these products for children. You will then be able to make the right shopping decision.

What is a kids car exactly?

Kids cars are toys that have been made to have the look and aesthetic of a real car, and are fully ridable and drivable. They are made with children's weight and height in mind, and are typically made from materials that are safe for children, but also durable. There are also a range of accessories out there to add onto these toys.

Few toys can stimulate a child as much as cars. (Source: Rasstock: 45919910/

Since they reproduce adult vehicles, they are equipped with driver's seats and rear-view mirrors. The steering wheel is obviously one of the essential accessories present. It allows children to feel like they are running the show – or driving, should we say. Depending on the model, it may include other accessories such as music, lights or horn, among other things.

Why are kids cars beneficial for children?

Few toys can stimulate a child as much as cars. From very early on, vehicles become a part of his or her life. They watch their parents drive, and dream of nothing but following in their footsteps. Kids cars give them the opportunity to be independent and, more importantly, to really enjoy themselves.

Kid cars help children familiarize themselves with their surroundings. As they play with their kid car, children will slowly develop skills such as the sense of orientation or coordination. They can also be a genuine source of exercise, especially if these operate with pedals. Finally, kid cars boost children’s self-esteem, as they feel like adults.

What types of kids cars are available out there?

Ultimately, we could distinguish three different types of kids cars: electric, pedal and push cars. The former are the most in demand, considering their technological component. These models integrate a battery and a motor that allows the car to move by the simple push of a pedal. The maximum speed tends to be 5 km/h.

Pedal cars are powered by your child's feet and legs. These toys don't have batteries of any kind. They are incredibly easy to operate, and are, therefore, often preferred for young children. They often require the assistance of a parent, however.

Remember that kids cars are not recommended for children under the age of 12 months.

For what ages are kids cars recommended?

Depending on the car and the manufacturer's indications, each model is designed for a specific age or age range. Push cars tend to be aimed at children of about one year-old. This means that they are suited for kids who are learning to walk. This is why they need an adult to push them.

On the other hand, the most advanced models are generally tailored for children older than three.

The measurements of the kids car must also be considered. There are larger vehicles, ideal for children up to the age of 8. In short, you will need to carefully analyse the characteristics and specifications of each product.

Can kids cars be harmful for children?

If the kids car complies with all safety regulations, it is a product that should not present any drawbacks. Of course, parents should be particularly more careful with electric cars. This is because these are models that can reach a higher speed, and the precautions need to be more extreme. This is all to avoid collisions and blows.

Some cars have very elegant styles and incorporated lighting. (Source: 54202237/

That is why certain electric cars include a remote control. This device grants parents an absolute control over the vehicle, minimizing the potential risks. Considering they are equipped with a small accelerator, the adult should be vigilant that the speed is appropriate. The aim is for your child to have risk-free fun.

Shopping Criteria

After gathering some information about these toys, your time has come to make the purchase. To choose the right model for your little one, you need to bear specific aspects in mind. Below is a list of some of the most important shopping criteria. Don’t forget to take them into consideration in your decision-making process.

As with any children's toy, it is very important to review the manufacturer's instructions. kids cars may be suitable for an age range between 12 months and 8 years. This will, of course, depend on the model you are looking at. The design and measurements of the product are decisive factors.

While many models are made for children that are older or younger, most of them are designed for children between the ages of two and three. At the younger end of that age range, it is best to get a car that can also be remotely controlled by parents. This allows you to minimize the risks that come with these toys.

Age Recommended type of car Advantages
1-2 years Push kids cars They help children in learning to walk
2- 3 years Electric kids cars with remote control or pedals Fun and safety
4-8 years Electric kids cars Greater understanding of the environment and autonomy

Type of Car

Earlier, we saw that there are three main types of children’s kids car. Electric cars are, perhaps, more suited for children from the age of three onward. At this age, they become more aware of their environment and can therefore have more autonomy. It is even better if they are accompanied by a remote control.

Models with pedals are very useful for exercising the child’s legs. The speed of the car will then be determined by its pedals. The faster the movement, the faster the speed. In the case of electric vehicles, they have engines that can handle a maximum speed of about 5 km/h.


One of the most essential aspects in these cars is the safety. This factor is influenced by the materials the product is made with, as well as the presence of certain accessories. For example, it is recommended to have a seat belt. Shock resistance is another quality that this children's toy should have.

It goes without saying that the product must be industry-approved and comply with the standards. This is the one and only way to guarantee safety. If you buy an electric car, it would be interesting to find one that includes a remote control so that an adult can manage the speed at all times. There are situations where this may be necessary.


The accessories on the market can either make the car look less or more realistic. Most models come with a number of basic features, including a drive's seat, rear-view mirror, and steering wheel. Many of these cars feature wheels that are highly similar to real car tires and wheels. Your child will love seeing how their car looks and feels like yours.

The most complete models presents accessories such as seat belts, lighting, horn or sounds. The presence of a luggage compartment or storage space for personal belongings is an additional advantage. Certain toys cars even have an MP3 connection so that your kid can listen to his or her favorite music. There are indeed many accessories available.

Quality and Design

The quality of the manufacturing materials is important when discussing design and safety. The kids car should ideally be child-friendly: both resistant and durable. Plastic is the most common material used. Make sure that it is solid and can withstand any possible impact.

Take a look at the vehicle's finish. The latest designs can include many different luxurious details. You can opt for a model of a well-known children's brand or car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW or Range Rover. This usually means more guarantees and impeccable finishes. You should also choose a car with quality wheels.

"Kids cars help develop intelligence, improving the ability to synchronize movements between body and mind."

Ease of Use

Being the latest innovation and boasting a spectacular design is not enough. A kids car should also be an easy-to-use product. It is pointless for the vehicle to have several driving directions if the child cannot understand how to use it properly. It is important for it to be a challenge for your child, but not an impossible one.

The most important aspect of this product is that it be entertaining. However, it is also a good idea that the child does not have to put too much effort into it, or he or she could get frustrated. Sometimes the simplest toy is the most appropriate, and this doesn’t mean having the latest technology. Your kid and your pocket will thank you.


There are not many toys on the market that will bring your child more joy than their own kids car. Between the ages of 2 and 3, children love imitating their parents and everything they do, which explains the success of these toys over the years. Kids cars are a great way to provide your young ones with some controlled independence and freedom in a way that makes them feel grown up.

When it comes to selecting the right model, it is important to have some clear aspects in mind. The child's age, his or her tastes, safety and price are key factors. Children grow up fast and these toys may only last a couple of years. Therefore,you should consider all possible scenarios before your purchase decision.

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