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Offering your dog a space of their own, where they can feel safe and secure is necessary if you have decided to include a dog in your life. A dog kennel is a great gift for your dog, whether it spends hours outside or inside your house.

Big dogs often feel responsible for guarding your home so they tend to spend many hours in the garden or backyard. By offering your dog a kennel where it can take shelter and protect itself from the rain or sun will make it very happy. Dog kennels can also serve as educational tools for your dog when they are left alone at home.

Key Facts

  • A large dog house can be used both in the backyard and inside a house, on the verandah for example. It is a place where your dog can feel safe and warmly sheltered.
  • The market for these products is varied and it is important to take a good look at the dimensions of the inside of a kennel. This will ensure that your dog is comfortable inside and can sleep without being cramped up.
  • It is common for a large dog kennel to have some kind of base on the floor to prevent moisture from seeping inside.

Our recomendation: The best large dog kennels

In the following section you will see a list of the most popular kennels for large dogs on the market. In addition, we outline the main characteristics of each one of the products so that you have an idea about which one may be suitable for your dog. With this list you'll be able to choose the kennel that suits you and your dog.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about large dog kennels

It is important that before buying a large dog kennel that you know the most common characteristics of these products. By doing this, you'll be able to select the kennel that's right for you and your dog. In the following section, we answer the most common questions among dog owners when buying a new a new dog kennel.

amily sitting in garden together

Dogs are an integral part of the family but they also need their own space.
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What's the use of a large dog kennel?

Just as you need your privacy and your own spaces, dogs like to have a space of their own, somewhere where they can relax in peace. A large dog kennel can be located outside or inside the house. Outside, it can be used to provide your dog with a roof to cover it from the sun during long days in the garden or to provide a warmth and protection during winter nights.

Inside the house, a kennel can serve as a training tool when you want to educate your dog, to know how to behave when alone. If a dog is used to being with people, staying home alone can be scary. By offering a space where it feel comfortable and protected when you leave the house, such as a kennel, can help your dog significantly.

Is it good for my pet to sleep outside in a kennel?

It is increasingly common for dogs to sleep indoors, even in the same room or bed as their owners. However sleeping outdoors is not a problem and can actually be very beneficial for some dogs. Large dogs particularly enjoy sleeping outside, as they often feel responsible for taking care of the security of a house and staying vigilant at all hours.

The decision of whether your dog sleeps inside or out depends on the character of your pet. Some dogs become so accustomed to life outside the home, especially in country towns or houses with large gardens, that they prefer their kennel. However if you see your dog sad when sleeping outside, let it sleep inside as it may feel lonely outside.

Did you know that adopting a dog can positively influence the emotional behaviours of family members of a household?

How do I educate my pet to be alone using a kennel?

A kennel can be very useful for educating a dog to be alone and to feel safe at home when you're not there. If your pet is new to the home, but you regularly leave the house to go to work, you may need some ways to help it feel comfortable without you. A kennel can serve as a refuge and a safe place for your pet to pass the hours at home alone.

If you are starting the process of leaving your dog alone, put a treat in their kennel to invite it to enter the kennel. Eventually, your dog will enjoy passing the day inside a kennel because they will associate the kennel with a place of enjoyment. Dogs like human company and usually do not enjoy being home without you, but if you provide it with a kennel of its own, you'll help it feel better.

Border collie and Golden Retriever at doghouse

It is recommended to apply flea and tick repellant inside the dog kennel.
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It is recommended that you buy a dog kennel that is completely enclosed. You dog may not like it at first, but organising the kennel well and giving it a homely feel will make all the difference. Put his favourite toy and a blanket inside to add a touch of familiarity. When your dog becomes used to being alone inside his kennel, it won't feel so lonely when you go off to work.

Is it good for my dog to spend the day in and outside the kennel?

As for everything related to dogs, these decisions must be made based on the behaviour and personal characteristics of your pet. Take note of their reactions to decide what makes them happier or sad. If you see your dog sulking in the garden if you're not with it, your dog most likely requires a lot of attention. However if you see your dog enjoying itself, running, acting as a guard dog and keeping itself entertained, then there is no problem with it being left outside all day.

If you happen to see your dog making holes in the lawn or destroying pots, the furniture or the garden, it's because it is bored alone outside. When your dog is entertaining itself and not at the door of the house waiting to be let inside, let it spend the day in the garden. If you see him inside the house waiting at the door to go into the backyard, let him go run around all day, it will at least be great exercise for your dog.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a large dog house?

The following list summarises the advantages and disadvantages of having a large dog kennel. This product can be used in many ways and its use will largely depend on the character and personality of the animal. Take a look at the lists below to see if a large dog kennel is going to be suitable for your pet.

  • A good place for your dog to shelter from rain or sun
  • Useful for providing a safe place to your dog
  • Your dog will have its own space
  • Exclusively using the kennel as your dog's home can lead it to feel lonely

Should I take my dog for a walk even if it has a big garden and a kennel?

Even if you have a big garden and a kennel where your pet can take shelter and feel comfortable, every dog needs to go for a walk. Dogs love to share moments with their owners and going out for a walk is beneficial for socialisation with other dogs and helps to educate your pet how to behave with other animals and people.

Don't simply think that with a big garden your animal doesn't need to leave because it is running around all day. Take your dog out for a few hours a day to get to know new places, to walk with you, to play with other dogs and to enjoy new environments and smells. Dogs really love to spend time with humans and taking them for a daily walk is one of the best ways to do this.

Besides the kennel, what else should I put in my backyard for my dog to be happy?

In addition to a dog kennel, a dog needs many things to play with in a backyard if the idea is that he spends most of the day there. To keep your dog occupied, you can make a special space for your dog that is not part of the normal garden. For example, a space that may have a sand pit so that your dog can dig and hide its toys. A sand pit in your backyard can also be used for your dog to dig a hole to lie in and cool down on hot days.

When thinking about your garden, it is very important to avoid toxic plants or using chemicals for your garden maintenance. It is also a great idea to design a purpose built area where you dog can do its daily toiletry needs. Always remember that a backyard should not replace daily walks.

Dr Chris BrownBondi Vet
"It's all about trying to make their life a little more interesting, trying to give them a bit more exercise in the morning if you are going off to work. And then providing some sort of stimulation during the day so they aren't prone to boredom".

Where do I place a large dog kennel in the backyard?

It is important to observe your dog's favourite place when it sleeps in the backyard or where it spends the majority of its time. This information can be very useful when deciding where to locate the kennel to ensure that your dog regularly uses it. Another important aspect to consider is that the kennel is located in a large, open space, otherwise your dog may feel that the kennel is a form of punishment.

Around the house there should be plenty of room for your dog to play and run. It doesn't hurt if you put toys that he likes inside the kennel and some comforts in the kennel such as a blanket or a mattress. It is recommended that dogs also have easy access to the inside of the family home from where the kennel is located.

How to keep a kennel clean and hygienic?

If your dog's kennel is in the garden, you run the risk of harbouring a wide variety of insects and parasites, especially during summer. To prevent this from happening you should regularly clean the kennel with water and disinfect, such as ammonia, and then rinse the kennel well.

It is also advised to apply specialised products to repel fleas and ticks from the inside of the kennel. If the kennel has a mattress, blanket or pillow inside, wash them periodically with very hot water and detergent in a washing machine. If you dog urinates near or on its own kennel, hose the area regularly with water and educate your to find another more appropriate place to go to the bathroom.

German shepherd in its kennel

One trick that you can use to get your dog used to their kennel is to put treats or its favourite toys inside. 
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Is a kennel with a covered verandah useful?

It is easy to find a large dog kennel on the Australian market that includes a covered verandah. The biggest advantage of a covered verandah is that it allows the animal to be outdoors, whilst being protected from the sun or rain. This place is ideal for your pet to have a wide view of the area around it, but without having to lie on the grass or in the dirt.

On many occasions, your dog may want to keep an eye on who's near the house or what you are doing if you're in the garden. If it is too sunny or it is raining, your dog needs to protect himself from these natural elements. A verandah in front of the kennel door offers these possibilities to your dog.

dog inside his kennel

Even if your dog is comfortable in the garden, you should always take him for a walk, as they enjoy spending time with you and it helps them to socialise with other dogs.
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When shouldn't a kennel be used?

If your pet cries or is extremely nervous when you leave it in the garden, its kennel should not be the only place that it passes the days and nights. Some dogs may be happy living in their kennel, but not every dog is like this. Do not use a kennel as the only home for your pet. Allow it to be part of the family, which means letting it inside the house from time to time.

Leaving your dog outside your home for extended periods of time can lead it to feel lonely or punished for something without knowing why. A kennel is a good place for your dog to take shelter during the hours it spends in the garden, but not 24 hours a day. A new kennel should not lead to a ban on sharing time at home with the family, but should be utilised as a complement.

Shopping Criteria

When purchasing a large dog kennel, it is very important that you are well informed and that you evaluate a number aspects prior to making the purchase. In the following section we summarise the most important areas to take into account to help you make the right decision. The shopping criteria we recommend is:


In the dog kennel market, there are a diverse range of materials that can be used to built this structure. Wood and hard plastic are the most common materials when it comes to a large dog kennel. In the following table we summarise the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can decide which suits you and your dog better:

Large dog kennel materials Advantages Disadvantages
Wood Protects the dog well from high temperatures during summer.

Insulates well during the cold winter months.

Comes in beautiful designs that can compliment your garden.

If you need to dispose of it, the materials are biodegradable.

They are usually more expensive.

Wood tends to rot with moisture, cold and rain, so they require more maintenance and care.

Wood can be difficult to clean.

Hard plastic Strong material

Many colours and models to choose from.

High quality and very durable material.

Easy to clean

Plastic can become very hot in high temperatures, so for summer it is not recommended.

Offers poor insulation during cold temperatures.

Non-biodegradable product

Lower resistance to dog bites.


The perfect measurements of a large doghouse should allow your pet to easily turn around, lie down and enter and exit without difficulty. If you choose an overly small kennel, it will be very uncomfortable for your dog, and if the kennel is too big, it may become cold in winter. If you have two dogs, you can check that both fit comfortably inside.

To choose a kennel, measure your dog lengthwise, without the tail. Measure your dog's height from the foot of the front leg to the top of its head and choose a kennel that is slightly higher than your dog's height. Animal experts recommend that the height of the kennel should not be more than 50% more than the height of the dog or 25% longer than the dog's length.

Walking your dog daily and playing games can help reduce the risk of your dog developing heart disease, depression and some types of cancer.


It is recommended that the kennel floor is slightly raised if you live in a humid place or experience with frequent rains. This way, water will never enter the interior of the kennel and the kennel will stay cleaner and last longer. Some kennels have a thick floor to avoid water entry or legs on which the kennel is supported.

In case your large dog kennel is not elevated, it is recommended that it has some form of insulating material in its base. There are some kennels that allow the floor to be detached from the rest of the structure to facilitate easier cleaning. Always ensure that the base is strong enough to support the weight of your pet.

jack russel on green lawn

If you see your dog playing and enjoying itself in the garden, it means it is comfortable outside.
(Source: Ivan Kmit: 18180590/


There are several shapes that the roof of a kennel can take. As with houses, it is highly recommended to choose the roof shape depending on the climate of the location. In addition, many kennels feature removable roofs to make it easier to clean the inside of the kennel. The most common kennel roofs are:

  • Inclined or gable roofs. If you live in a place of frequent rain or even snow, the roof should be sloped. This allows the water to slide off easily and not accumulate on the roof of the kennel.
  • Flat roofs. In areas where the climate is warmer and drier, flat-roofed houses are more suitable. Flat roofs make the interior of the kennel more comfortable, as the height of the entire house inside is the same.
  • Roof with verandah. Regardless of whether the roof is flat or inclined, a verandah can help protect your dog from the rain or sun when it wants to lie in its kennel with its head outside.


For a large kennel to be comfortable for your dog, it must have a mattress inside. Larger dogs need to rest their bodies on a soft, comfortable surface in order to rest better. You can also include your dog's favourite blanket. Ensure to always keep both dry and clean.

Dog kennels should be related to the leisure and enjoyment of your pet, so toys that your dog likes are always a great complement to a kennel. Kennel doors are also a possibility and they come in different shapes to keep your pet warm when it goes to sleep or rest if it is cold outside.


If your dog likes to spend hours in the backyard of your home, you should buy a suitable dog kennel where it can take shelter from time to time. These kennels can also serve as a great space for dogs when you want to educate them to stay indoors alone during work hours.

If your dog has a garden with a kennel this doesn't mean that you don't need to take it for a walk everyday. Socialisation is essential for the behavioural development and health of all dogs. If you leave your dog outdoors regularly, don't forget give it have access to the family home so it doesn't feel alone or punished. A kennel is an ideal complement to give your dog its own space.

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