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Lounge chairs add elegance to a room and come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours. The elegant armchairs allow you to sit comfortably to watch TV, read or relax.

In the production of the armchairs, manufacturers use different materials for the seat cushions, for which different aspects need to be considered. With our comprehensive lounge chair guide, we want to help you find the perfect lounge chair for you.

We have compared many different lounge chairs and summarise the advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying. This should make your purchase decision easier.


  • Lounge chairs are an elegant and comfortable seating option for 1 to 2 people and typically have a low backrest. The armchairs are available for indoor and outdoor use for a wide range of applications.
  • The armchairs are available in various colours and in modern as well as classic shapes. Before buying, you should make sure that the armchair matches your living style.
  • Basically, lounge chairs are available in real leather, imitation leather or fabric. The fabrics all have different care requirements that need to be considered. Before buying, you should be aware of which fabric the armchair should be made of.

The Best Lounge Chair: Our Choices

Lounge chair: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we show you which criteria you can use to compare the different lounge chairs:

The following paragraphs explain in more detail what to look for in the individual criteria.


When looking for a lounge chair, you will mainly come across three materials that are used for the seat cushions.

Before buying, you should weigh up the various advantages and disadvantages of the materials for yourself.

These are fabric, imitation leather and genuine leather. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual materials are described below:


The advantages and disadvantages of an armchair with a fabric seat cushion are described below:

  • cheaper than real leather
  • fabric upholstery is soft
  • microfibre materials less prone to staining
  • usually less hard-wearing
  • cleaning more complicated
  • regular vacuuming necessary

So the advantages and disadvantages of a fabric chair are relatively balanced.

Imitation leather

The advantages and disadvantages of an armchair with imitation leather cover are summarised below:

  • cheaper than real leather
  • easier to care for than real leather
  • no processing of animal skins
  • covers easier to change
  • less susceptible to stains and scratches
  • Eco-balance in production and disposal worse than genuine leather
  • feel less pleasant than genuine leather
  • hardly breathable

Thus, more advantages can be found that speak in favour of an armchair made of imitation leather. However, special attention should be paid to the haptic aspect.


The pros and cons of an armchair with genuine leather upholstery are presented below:

  • more pleasant feel than imitation leather
  • more robust than imitation leather when properly cared for
  • breathable
  • higher price
  • more difficult to care for
  • more susceptible to staining
  • use of animal skins in production

So, there are more "against" arguments to be found against a genuine leather cover, but they potentially have the best feel. In summary, it is not possible to generalise about which fabric is best for upholstering a seat. It is often a decision of personal taste.


When looking for a lounge chair, you will come across many different colours. You should match the colour as closely as possible to your living style or taste. The colour of the chair should always match your living room. On the one hand, there are many lounge chairs that have an inconspicuous colour.

For example, you can choose an armchair in brown, grey, white, beige or black. On the other hand, there are also many lounge chairs that have a more striking colour. If one of these is suitable for you, you can choose an armchair in turquoise, blue, pink or yellow, for example.

There are also armchairs that have a patterned colour. Outside of those mentioned, there are of course many other colours. As already mentioned, the right colour depends on you and your living style.

Area of use / room

You can use a lounge chair for different areas and rooms. On the one hand, you can buy an armchair for indoor use, on the other hand, there are lounge chairs especially for outdoor use.

If you choose an indoor armchair, you can place it in the living room next to your sofa.

Alternatively, you can place an armchair in a bedroom, children's room, office or hallway. Many lounge chairs are also specially designed for bars, hotels or similar locations.

If you decide on a weatherproof outdoor lounge chair, you can place it on your terrace or balcony as a comfortable seating option. You can also place the chair in the garden or, if available, next to a pool. It can be useful to buy a cover for rainy days or the winter.


Depending on the manufacturer and model, a lounge chair can have different functions. Here is an overview of the most common functions: Many lounge chairs have no additional function. Before buying, you should know whether you need an additional function.

  • Footrest: The footrest allows you to extend the armchair for your legs so that you can relax better. Alternatively, you can also buy a lounge chair with a footstool.
  • Swivel function: A swivel base allows the armchair to rotate up to 360 degrees. This gives you the flexibility to turn around on the lounge chair, for example to talk to someone.
  • Castors: The castors are mounted underneath the lounge chair and allow you to move the chair flexibly around the room.
  • Reclining function: With some lounge chairs, it is possible to adjust the backrest or fold out the seat cushion. This allows you to adjust your ideal position so that you can comfortably take a nap on the armchair.


When choosing the right lounge chair, you will come across different shapes. As with the colours, you should also match the shape to your style of living. However, you should be aware of whether you want to buy a modern or classic model before you buy. You will often come across trendy and modern armchairs with a futuristic design.

These are particularly recognisable because of their semi-circular backrest and metal base. This is often referred to as an egg shape. These models are often height-adjustable and swivel. You will also come across classic lounge chairs.

These are inspired by the design of the 50s and 60s. These models are available in both rectangular and round shapes. They typically have four legs made of wood or metal.

Lounge chair: frequently asked questions and answers

In the following guide, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions in the area of "lounge chairs". On the one hand, you will be given general information and on the other hand, you will receive a brief overview of the correct care.

What is a lounge chair?

Lounge chairs are an elegant and classy seating option to complement the classic couch in the living room. The comfortable armchair is used by 1 to 2 people as a seat in front of the TV, for relaxing or reading.

Often, the armchair is also designed for rooms such as offices, bars and entrance halls. Typical for lounge chairs are a rather low seat height and a wide surface to sit on.


Lounge chairs add elegance to a room. They can be placed as comfortable seating in almost any living room.
(Image source: Steve Johnson/ Unsplash)

The high-quality armchairs are also available for outdoor areas such as patios, gardens or pools. When looking for a lounge chair, you will come across a variety of shapes and colours.

What does a lounge chair cost?

The price range of lounge chairs is relatively wide. Therefore, you alone decide how much money you want to spend on your future lounge chair. Inexpensive lounge chairs are already available for less than 100 euros. The sky's the limit and you can buy models for over 3,000 euros.

Type Price
Fabric from 50 euros
Imitation leather from 50 euros
Real leather from 250 euros

It should be noted that the fabric factor in particular influences the price. As a rule, armchairs made of genuine leather are more expensive. On the other hand, lounge chairs with seat upholstery made of fabric or imitation leather are comparatively cheaper to buy.

In addition, lounge chairs with seat cushions for one person are usually less expensive than those that offer seating for two.

What types of lounge chairs are there?

When looking for a lounge chair, you will come across different styles. The most popular styles are listed and briefly explained below:

Style description
Modern style straight lines, elegant look, distinct colours
Vintage style nostalgic look, sometimes with exotic details
Scandinavian style bright look, reduced shapes, there are both retro and modern models
Country style feet made of wood, leather or fabric cover, simple look or also after Chesterfield style as an eye-catcher

So you are spoilt for choice to find the style that suits you best. You should also make sure that the style of the lounge chair matches your style of living.

What alternatives are there to a lounge chair?

There are many alternatives to a lounge chair in online shops and furniture markets. The most popular alternatives are listed and briefly explained below:

  • Relax armchair: As the name suggests, these armchairs are designed to help you relax as much as possible. This is achieved with pleasantly soft upholstery and a footstool or footrest.
  • Wing chair: A distinctive feature of this chair is the relatively high backrest. You will also find headrests on the side of the backrest. Wing chairs are available in various classic and modern styles.
  • Sleeping armchair: This armchair can be converted into a sleeping facility in just a few seconds. There are various mechanisms that make this possible. Often you can fold out the seat cushion or extend an additional shelf from the armchair.
  • Massage chair: The electric chair allows you to massage your body with devices under the upholstery. You can often choose from a wide range of programmes that you can control with a remote control.
  • TV armchair: These armchairs typically have a high backrest and offer a high level of comfort thanks to the very soft upholstery. It is not uncommon for TV armchairs to have a fold-out footrest.
  • XXL armchair: As the name already explains, this armchair is much larger than the other models. The seat, backrest and armrest are much larger.
  • Rocking chair: With the help of the rocking chair, the owner is able to move up and down. Many people think back to the old rocking chairs, but there are many rocking chairs with a modern design.
  • Chesterfield armchairs: These armchairs have a very distinctive look. Their name and design are dedicated to the British nobleman Philip Stanhope, who commissioned the seating furniture of the same name from a furniture maker in the 18th century. Thicker upholstery and covers made of imitation or genuine leather are typical of these armchairs.


There are many alternatives to lounge chairs. It's up to you to decide which chair is right for you.
(Image source: Białasiewicz/ 123rf)

How heavy is a lounge chair?

It is difficult to generalise about the weight of a lounge chair, as they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Chairs designed for two people usually have a somewhat higher weight.

  • A lounge chair with a seat cushion for one person can be expected to weigh between 4 and 40 kilograms. Lower-priced models are often lighter than higher-priced models. Exceptions outside the weight range are of course possible.
  • For a lounge chair for 2 people, you can generally assume a weight of between 14 and over 60 kilograms. Here, too, cheaper chairs tend to be lighter than those that are more expensive. Exceptions outside the weight range are also possible for two-seater chairs.

Sometimes you won't find any information about the weight when you buy the chair. Therefore, you can also ask the seller or manufacturer if you would like to know this before buying.

How do I clean and care for a lounge chair properly?

When caring for the armchair, the material must be taken into account, as each material must be cleaned differently. A distinction is made between fabric, imitation leather and genuine leather.

  • Fabric: Lounge chairs that have a fabric seat upholstery should first be dry cleaned with a hoover. If unwanted stains or stubborn dirt are to be removed, baking soda can be used. It also has a disinfecting and germicidal effect.
  • Imitation leather: The most effective way to clean armchairs with imitation leather upholstery is to use commercially available washing-up liquid. Diluted with water, the upholstery can be cleaned quickly and easily with a cloth.
  • Leather: For cleaning an armchair with genuine leather, liver grease or other cleaning agents specifically for leather surfaces should be used. Direct sunlight on the leather surface should be avoided if possible. Otherwise, the leather could fade over time.

If in doubt, you can also check the instruction leaflet of your chair. There you should find instructions on how to clean it properly.


The correct care of a lounge chair is elementary for a long service life.
(Image source: Amikishiyev/ 123rf)

If you no longer have the package inserts, you can also contact the seller or manufacturer if you are unsure about the correct care.


With the help of a lounge chair, you can sit comfortably in a variety of places for an often fair price. With so many shapes and colours to choose from, you are sure to find an armchair that suits your style of living. You should consider whether you would rather have a plain or a more striking armchair.

Before buying, you should also know whether you want your armchair to have certain functions. At the latest after the purchase, you should inform yourself about the care instructions for the lounge chair so that a long service life is guaranteed. Lounge chairs made of imitation leather are the quickest and easiest to clean.

Image source: skdesign/ 123rf

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