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Although women's moisturizer remains the more popular option, men's moisturizer is finally emerging as an essential product in the daily routine for many men. In fact, men's moisturizer is already the third most widely used male product in facial care, surpassed only by shaving cream and its partner, after-shave.

There are different male moisturizers for each skin type and all of them are designed for men's skin, which is usually thicker and more oily due to higher testosterone levels in the body. A quality moisturizer helps limit tightness and redness in the face, and some moisturizers also function as sunscreen or as a shield from nasty pollution.


  • Moisturizers help retain water in the skin's different layers to preserve elasticity and resilience, giving your skin a healthy and attractive look.
  • It's important to pick facial moisturizers that are tailored to men and that suit your specific skin type (normal, dry or oily) as well as your age.
  • Good skin hydration should always be part of your daily facial care routine, especially after you shave.
  • Some moisturizers also offer a sun protection element that can help delay the unwanted effects of aging.
  • It's very important to moisturize your neck in addition to the face, as this part of the body requires hydration but is often forgotten by many men.

The Best Men Moisturizer: Our Picks

There's a wide variety of moisturizers made for men, each with their own texture and makeup. It's a business that is on the rise, as men join in the cosmetic product revolution. Here, we've picked out the best men's moisturizers that are currently available on the market.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Men's Moisturizer

New, innovative products for men's personal care are created and released each day, among them men's moisturizers. There are moisturizers that help eliminate puffiness around the eyes, specialized anti-aging moisturizers and moisturizers with sunscreen. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different options that exist by doing your own research before buying. In the following section we'll some of the most frequently asked questions from men about men's moisturizer.

Your age is an important factor that helps determine which men's moisturizer is best for you.
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Why is facial hydration so important?

Human skin is the body's first shield against anything in the outside world that may be harmful to us. Skin that is well-hydrated helps us maintain optimal water levels in the various skin layers, which boosts its resistant to the elements. Hydrated skin also results in a fresh, young appearance. It's important to bear in mind that not all body parts experience the same exposure to harmful elements, but the face is almost always exposed.

Face moisturizer was created to compensate for this constant exposure of the skin to external factors like pollution or unwanted weather conditions. In the case of men, cultural taboos have historically minimized cosmetic use in comparison to that of women. Nonetheless, mens facial care products have seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years.

At what age is moisturizer needed?

There are varying opinions as to the right age to begin using moisturizers for men. But rather than trying to determine a specific age, it's better to think about men's hormonal development in order to decide when is best to start using this product. As a general rule, the best time to start focusing on facial hydration is at the end of adolescence, after puberty.

The physical changes that occur during adolescence largely determine, among other things, the type of skin you're going to be dealing with as well as the natural hydration state of your skin. When the adolescent stage comes to an end, usually around age 17 or 18, the next question to ask yourself is when you want to begin delaying the impact of aging.

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What are the advantages of facial hydration for men?

Let's begin by stating that the advantages of not moisturizing your face at all are non-existent. So you've got nothing to lose by hydrating your skin. Here's a summary of the benefits of moisturizing.

  • Protects facial skin against harmful exposure to extreme temperatures and pollution in the air. Some facial moisturizers also offer sun protection.
  • Restores the best appearance of your skin. It boosts skin flexibility, smoothness and color.
  • Increases skin resistance. It reduces the chance of suffering skin-related issues in the future.
  • Prevents dryness of the skin. Long-term dry skin can contribute to the deterioration of skin tissues.
  • Delays aging. We don't have an elixir of life, but moisturizers may be the next best thing. If you want to keep your skin looking and feeling as good as possible, begin by keeping your face hydrated.

Which ingredients are found in men's moisturizer?

Most cosmetic products are made from plant-based ingredients in varied proportions. They may also contain substances like hyaluronic acid, which can help reduce wrinkles. In the below table, we go over the most common ingredients found in men's moisturizers.

Brand Main ingredients Comments
Marlowe. Passionflower fruit, green tea, willow bark Nourishes, smoothes and revitalizes the skin.
Jack Black Blue algae, sea parsley and SPF-20 Sea parsley contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to improve skin appearance.

Rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Nivea Maximum Hydration Sea minerals Provides intense moisture.
Brickell Daily Essential Aloe, jojoba oil, vitamin E Green tea provides robust anti-aging antioxidants

Bulldog Aloe vera, camelina oil, green tea Skin hydration and soothing feel

How and when should I apply moisturizer?

Most men think they know how best to use face cream, but many forget about the neck. Th neck is also frequently exposed to harmful environmental factors and should be kept moisturized just like the face. The thin, sensitive skin found in the neck is especially prone to dehydration, and the decline of smoothness in the neck can open the door to the early signs of aging.

Men should use a moisturizer at least once per day, such as after applying aftershave in the morning. It's also advised to apply a second layer of moisturizer prior to going to bed. Don't forget to moisturize the area around the eyes, especially if you're concerned about developing dark circles or "bags" there. You can even buy specific products for the eyes if you prefer.

If you want to keep your skin looking as young as possible, start moisturizing.
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What is the primary function of each type of moisturizer?

Every man is unique, and their needs can differ greatly. In the end, it all depends on the type of skin you have and the specific issues you may want to address. One common issue among men is poor hydration, but there are several other factors to consider like age and the climate in which you live.

Moisturizing creams can also be calming, relaxing, invigorating and revitalizing. If you have especially dry skin, you'll need a product that provides instant and continuous hydration. There are some products that are designed to treat wrinkles.

Buyer's Guide

The cosmetics sector has a huge variety of brands and products tailored to men. Finding the right product can be overwhelming, so you should start by taking into account the characteristics of your own face. There are a handful of other factors that you also should consider before buying a moisturizer, including the following:

Skin Type

Firstly, you should determine whether your skin is dry, normal or oily. If you're not sure about your natural skin type, start with a product meant for normal skin and see how it goes. If you have particularly dry skin, you're probably aware of it already.

Knowing what your skin phototype is can also be useful. If your skin is very pale, with low levels of melanin, the sun will cause a greater impact. If this is the case, you may want to think about buying a male moisturizer that includes UV protection.

In order to pick the cream that's best for you, determine your skin type.
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Maybe you're worried about acne, or about developing wrinkles. You're not alone! Age can definitely be an important factor when selecting a male moisturizer since younger skin has different needs from older skin.

A common question is whether to hydrate young skin. Based on appearance, younger skin doesn't require as much assistance as that of someone who's 50 years old. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't start the task of delaying aging as soon as you can. You'll find that there is a good moisturizer for every age group.

Main Function

When considering the many different kinds of moisturizer available, you should pick a product that best performs the specific task you're looking for. Identify the central issue you hope to solve. Is it facial hydration? Acne? Aging? The following are the most critical functions of a good facial moisturizer:

  • Regulate the natural skin secretion, to avoid excess oils.
  • Limit the effects of acne and pimples.
  • Bring luminosity to the face, in order to avoid a dull look.
  • Tightening effect to boost skin firmness and youthfulness.
  • Delay the onset of wrinkles and other symptoms of aging with a revitalizing function.

Frequency of Use

Facial hydration should be done at least once a day as part of the male grooming routine. However, there are some moisturizers that may work best during the night. In general, applying moisturizer for the day and night is more important as you get older.

Some moisturizing products, which can even be found in the form of liquid drops, are designed to reduce the visual impact of exhaustion. These can provide you with quick or "emergency" hydration, such as after a night of heavy drinking. These products are not meant for everyday use, but they're good to keep around just in case you need them.

The sensitive skin on the neck is especially prone to dehydration.
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Male Product

This factor may seem obvious, but it may be overlooked. As explained earlier, a man's skin is thicker and naturally has higher levels of oil than women's skin. For this reason, a male moisturizer is tailored in important ways to men.

If you come across a moisturizer and aren't sure if it's for men or women, give it a smell. Feminine moisturizing creams can often be identified by a perfume-like smell. There is no negative impact from using a woman's moisturizer, but keep in mind that it probably won't deliver the same benefits as one that's meant for men.


The skin found on the face is almost always the most exposed to external elements like weather and pollution. This has always been the case, but men have not always protected their bodies as they are doing today. Moisturizers for men have only recently grown in popularity, but they're an undisputed necessity.

Women were ahead of the game on this one, but men are catching up fast. To choose the best moisturizer for you, consider your age and the specific characteristics of your skin. Although old age is inevitable, using a daily men's moisturizing cream can help to limit or slow down its impact.

If you found this guide on men's moisturizer helpful, please leave us a comment below or share this guide on your social networks. Thanks!

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