Last updated: August 11, 2021

Linen: Derived from natural flax and made with its fibres into a fabric that is both durable, heat and moisture regulating and stretchy. For centuries, people have used this natural product for their clothing and you too will love men's trousers made from linen.

You can find out exactly which material you should choose and what the quality characteristics of perfect men's linen trousers are here. For every occasion, we provide the right dress code with unforgettable styling tips that will make your linen trousers an absolute eye-catcher in the office, at the party or with friends.


The Best Men's Linen Trousers: Our Picks

Buying Criteria: What to look for when buying men's linen trousers

Finding the right men's linen trousers for you is not easy. To help you find the best trousers for you as quickly as possible, we have collected important tips for you.
These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material and workmanship
  • Quality
  • Cut
  • Colour

Briefly and concisely, the most important buying criteria are now explained and explained to you in the following sections.


Linen is an ecological natural fibre made from flax and can be grown without fertilisers and pesticides. It is a traditional product that has been displaced by cotton because of its high price. Due to its naturalness, however, it is celebrating a comeback in fashion, as it is extremely kind to the skin and regulates heat.

These properties are also evident in linen trousers: even in hot or sweaty conditions, your legs feel cool and the fabric absorbs body fluid without leaving stains. In addition, the flax is very stretchy and there is hardly any risk of the trousers tearing.

Your linen trousers are woven very densely and therefore hardly form any lint or knots. Due to this density, the men's linen trousers are as dirt-repellent as they are antibacterial and hardly develop unpleasant odours.


Linen fabric is already extremely strong and durable. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the clean processing of the linen trousers so that the quality is right:

  • Strong and durable seams: Your linen trousers should be properly sewn and ideally reinforced with double stitching in areas of high stress.
  • Reinforced trouser pockets: Certain linen trousers are reinforced with an elastic band on the inside of the pockets to ensure that your trouser pockets do not wear out and close comfortably. Copper rivets are also available to improve the support of your linen trousers.
  • Sturdy trouser fastening: You can fasten your linen trousers with either a button or a zip. The zips must not jam and the button fastenings must have a movable bar so that you can put on your linen trousers without any problems.

If you pay attention to these three points, you will get excellent quality linen trousers that are a little more expensive but will last longer.


There are different cut variations for men's linen trousers. In the following table we show you the biggest sellers:

  • Chino trousers: With these summer trousers you make a good impression both in everyday life and in the evening. The chino is cut rather wide at the top and narrow at the bottom and can be combined with different shoes and T-shirts
  • Slim Fit: In this format, the men's linen trousers are cut relatively narrow. This means that they fit your legs well and still remain very flexible due to the stretch part of the trousers.
  • Regular Fit: These linen trousers have a straight cut without any additional features. Your legs do not come to the fore and the trousers offer enough comfortable freedom of movement.
  • Cargo trousers: In your free time, this garment is perfect with its straight and casual cut. Pockets on the outer leg offer plenty of space and the loose cut means that the trousers can be worn by all body types.
  • Shorts: A short pair of linen trousers is particularly suitable for summer holidays and should reach approximately to your knees. If they are longer, you can of course casually turn the men's linen trousers inside out.

Because linen fabric is good against heat anyway, you should rather prioritise longer men's trousers, as you can wear them in winter as well.


In principle, you should of course always coordinate the colour of the linen trousers with the other items of clothing so that they harmonise well. Roughly speaking, you can divide the colours into more subtle or more colourful shades.

Classic men's linen trousers are mainly found in white, beige, brown or black. These simple and neutral tones go with most of the clothes in your wardrobe and look timelessly beautiful.

More extravagant colours such as red, pink or green are of course also possible. They look especially good at fancier parties or cosy evenings with friends to offer that certain something.

Men's linen trousers: The most important questions answered

We have asked leading fashion experts and here we present key questions about men's linen trousers that are certainly still burning under your fingernails.

What styles of linen trousers are available for men?

You can wear linen trousers for a variety of purposes, whether it's for a cosy evening with friends in the summer, casual meetings with acquaintances or even for the office.

  • For the hot summer evening: With light and short linen trousers you are perfectly dressed on the beach or on the balcony on a tropical night. Your legs stay pleasantly cool during a night walk and the fabric absorbs sweat directly at the thighs.
  • For casual get-togethers: Worked together with cotton, your chino linen trousers are a high-quality garment that can be worn in the heat of summer as well as on milder spring or autumn days.
  • For the summer office routine: You can definitely also fall back on men's linen trousers for work. The fabric is absolutely suitable for the office and, despite its high wearing comfort, creates a sophisticated look in the office.

Generally, men's linen trousers are more suitable for warmer months. In winter, you should rather go for a thicker pair of jeans.

How do I know if my men's linen trousers fit well?

To find your dream linen trousers that fit perfectly, you should pay particular attention to your own body shape, your size and the workmanship. The price, the brand and the right washing method can also contribute to your wearing comfort.

  • Your own body shape: Skinny trousers can be suitable for very slim men, otherwise a slightly fitted slim variant is more recommended for you. These emphasise muscular thighs, show off your strong silhouette and make you look younger. If you want to make yourself look a little taller, your linen trousers should only reach to your ankles.
  • Body size: When it comes to size, you should buy linen trousers that tend to be tight around the waist. If you buy trousers that are too loose, they will not hold properly after several wears and will not give a nice shape in the long run.
  • Processing: Make sure that little or no chemicals are used in the processing. These could trigger allergies, make them uncomfortably scratchy and thus impair the pleasant feel of men's linen trousers.
  • Brand: The price and the brand do not have to be decisive for the suitability of the linen trousers. However, they can be indications of the ideal cut and thus make it easier for you to choose the perfect pair of linen trousers.

Once you know the most important features for your linen trousers, you can conveniently order them directly online and don't have to go to the shop.

How do I care for and clean my men's linen trousers?

You should care for and wash your men's linen trousers with care. Either opt for a hand wash or a gentle machine wash.

  • By hand: If you clean the linen by hand, be sure to do so with cold water and a little detergent. The trousers should not be spun or wrinkled, as linen is not suitable for ironing.
  • By washing machine: You can clean the linen trousers in the washing machine with a delicate wash or wool programme at a maximum of 40 degrees without spinning. As a detergent, you should use a light product such as a wool cleaner, as linen could otherwise be damaged.

In most cases, you will already find the most important information about washing your garment on the labels of the men's linen trousers.

What dress codes are there for men's linen trousers?

Of course, you are completely free and can combine the men's linen trousers with your favourite items of clothing according to your own taste.

However, linen trousers in classic colours are perfect for an elegant business look. For example, you could wear beige men's linen trousers with a white shirt and black tie to the office.

Brown leather monks as footwear harmonise with this and a snow-white jacket, which you put on casually over the shirt. Other accessories such as a nice pair of sunglasses, a pocket square as well as a gold watch further refine your look.

Styling tips for men's linen trousers: How to achieve the perfect linen trousers look

Whether you choose men's linen trousers with elasticated waistband, braces, drawstring or waistband, this type of trousers makes perfect business wear that you can also wear in private.

The elasticated waistband or drawstring offers you excellent comfort and is ideal for comfortable leisure activities such as golfing or sailing, where you still want to look sensible despite your sporting activities.

More business-like, on the other hand, are braces or belts with men's linen trousers. They look perfect in an important meeting and are still extremely comfortable.


Men have been wearing linen in this world for 6000 years and you can't be wrong. Men's linen trousers perfectly demonstrate the comfort this unique natural product can offer through its heat retention, stretch and moisture absorption.

With men's linen trousers you have the perfect garment for the mild and high temperatures of spring, summer and autumn. In its matte colours, linen trousers can be combined with your favourite fashions in any way you like, always looking elegant but also comfortable and cosy.

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