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In a world where more taboos are being torn down every day, masturbation is no longer the controversial topic it once was. Masturbation is a physical act and a human need to satisfy one's sexual desire, and practicing this activity — in moderation, of course — is very beneficial to sexual health.

When we talk about masturbators, most immediately think of those manufactured with women's pleasure in mind: the traditional dildos and vibrators. However, there is a wide and growing range of these products that are specifically designed for us men. You'll learn everything there is to know about these masturbators in our article.

Key Facts

  • Men's masturbators are objects created for our sexual pleasure by simulating penetration — whether vaginal, anal, or oral. They replace the use of your hand: although you will most likely have to use the latter to move the masturbator, its internal walls help you achieve climax.
  • While most of these toys are tube-shaped with one or two cavities on each end, you can find other types of masturbators too. The most popular besides the tube type are the life-size dolls — either full or partial body — and the blow-up dolls.
  • Masturbators come into direct contact with the skin of one of the most sensitive and protected areas of our body. This is why the material with which they are made should always be the main factor you consider. However, other key aspects include the size, vibration, and ease to clean, among others.

Ranking: The best men's masturbators

Buying a masturbator is a very intimate act, which means that it is quite normal that most are sold and bought online. In addition, not every town has its own sex shop you can visit. These stores tend to remain on the down-low and make their shipments in a very discreet way. In the following section, you'll discover our selection of the very best masturbators currently available on the market:

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about men's masturbators

It is important that you are more familiar with this type of sex toy before buying your very own masturbator for men. In reality, it can be quite difficult to find all the information you want regarding these products, so we've answered the most frequently asked questions in the next section. We want you to make the right decision since you're exposing a very precious part of your anatomy.

There are various types of masturbators out there: tube or sleeve, realistic dolls, and inflatable dolls, among others.
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What are men's masturbators exactly?

These male sex toys are manufactured with the sole purpose of taking traditional masturbation to the next level. Using them will also allow your hand to rest, as some models will do all the work on their own. The internal chamber is generally very soft and tight, offering a more realistic feel.

These models are also often sold as pocket pussies or penis sleeves. Their inner part often features textured patterns to stimulate the nerve endings of the penis much better than your hand would. They tend to be simple to use and very easy to clean.

All you have to do is insert your penis into the holes and slide the masturbator up and down, just like with your hand, until you achieve orgasm. The price range of these sex toys is very wide.

What types of men's masturbators are there?

As we've already said, there is a wide selection of products on the market, and one for every taste. To help you differentiate them from one another, we can classify these sex toys based on certain particularities they have. In that regard, we can identify them by the cavity they simulate, by their shape, and by the way they work.

The first type will basically simulate every cavity that is normally penetrable. This means you will find masturbators with vaginal, anal, and oral cavities. The most popular among these is the oral type, closely followed by vaginal sex toys. This type of masturbator consists of a penetrable tube that can cover part or all of the penis.

Type Characteristics
Oral They realistically simulate fellatios and tend to be more sophisticated. Their temperature changes simulate normal mouth temperature. Different levels of vibration or gripping are available. You can choose from various levels of intensity. They focus on stimulating the glans. This type is generally not designed for inserting the whole penis. They can be electric or automatic. They are easy to clean.
Vaginal These larger models are generally tube-shaped. Some include heat sensors to recreate vaginal temperature. They feature different patterns within the chamber for greater stimulation. Some have a single opening, while others have both ends open. Single-ended models can be somewhat annoying to clean. They are designed so that you can introduce your entire penis.
Anal They follow the same principle as vaginal models. The inner part is generally tighter to simulate a rectum. They are designed to put your whole penis into them. Different textures on the walls of the inner chamber favor greater stimulation.

When we look at the design or shape of men's masturbators, different types are available: tube or sleeve masturbators, realistic toys, life-like dolls, and blow-up dolls. The innovative egg-shaped masturbators are a recent arrival on the market, but they are exclusively manufactured by a company that has patented the design. Here are the characteristics of each type of masturbator:

Type Features
Tube or sleeve They are the most popular. They adopt the form of tubes, cans, or lamps. These models can have one or both ends open for penetration. They offer oral, vaginal, or anal holes.
Realistic toys Their shape is generally that of a tube or sleeve. The design of the vagina, mouth, or anus is realistic, recreating the parts of the body around these cavities.
Life-like dolls These dolls take on the form of a human body. They can be full-sized. You can usually get them customized to your liking. These masturbators are the most expensive available on the market. They are not discreet toys. This is the closest thing to having sex with a real person.
Blow-up dolls Their principle is the same as life-like dolls. They can be full-sized too. They are not very detailed or realistic dolls. These products can be deflated and are therefore more discreet. You can find very affordable models.
Eggs As their name indicated, they are manufactured in the shaped of an egg. Their egg-shaped sleeve offers different textures. Simply cover the head of your penis and masturbate as you normally would. They are one of the cheapest types.

The last way of classifying these sex toys is by the way they operate. In that regard, two options are available to you: manual or automatic masturbators. You must use the former by moving them with your hand, while automatic models are equipped with small motors or batteries that do it all for you.

What other types of male sex toys are there?

In addition to these masturbators, you can also find a wide variety of other types of men's toys marketed. The most popular include penis rings, as well as prostate stimulators or massagers, although the latter are not designed to directly stimulate the penis.

Rings are accessories that you place at the base of the penis once you have an erection. Their role is to trap blood in the penis, helping you to have a bigger, longer, and firmer erection. They also allow you to improve your sexual endurance. Rings come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, with vibrating models also available.

Masturbators and sex toys are not only designed to enhance sexual pleasure.
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Prostate stimulators or massagers, on the other hand, tend to be a little less popular than other sex toys for men. Their elongated shape features a curve at one end that allows them to reach the prostate. This gland, located approximately 5 cm inside the rectum, is considered to be the male G-spot.

What are the most popular types of masturbators?

The men's masturbator market is currently dominated by a few manufacturers and some specific models. The best known are the Fleshlight masturbators. They are made from SuperSkin, a material patented by the company that consists of a mixture of thermoplastics that creates a real skin-like feel.

The brand also markets Fleshlight Girls Series models, which are an exact replica of the vaginas, anuses, or lips of famous pornographic actresses. These products are sure to fulfill your fantasy of penetrating your favorite porn stars. This specific feature certainly brings a great added value to a product that is already known and liked.

Did you know that masturbation decreases the risk of prostate tumors? Men who masturbate more than five times a week between the ages of 20 and 50 are less likely to develop cancer.

The Tenga Eggs are another men's masturbator that has become very popular lately, in great part due to their low price. They have been designed for single-use, although you can naturally use them more if you want. However, note that they begin to deteriorate after the second or third use. These little eggs are great to start with if you've never used a men's masturbator before.

Despite their quality that greatly varies, we can't forget to mention the traditional inflatable dolls. CyberSkin masturbators are also very popular, although they require greater care to be durable.

What materials are masturbators made with?

A wide variety of materials are used in the manufacture of men's masturbators. That being said, the most frequently used are silicone, TPR or TPE, TPR silicone, PVC, SuperSkin, latex, and gelatin. Each one has a different base and composition that can directly influence your health. We've compared them in the table below for you:

Material Safety for the skin Base components Properties Cleaning difficulty and method
Silicone Very high Semi or inorganic polymers Adjusted molecular structure. It retains heat and is odorless. Soft and elastic. It repels dirt and bacteria. Very resistant to friction. It is not porous nor allergenic. Clean with hot or warm water and antibacterial soap.
TPE or TPR High Mixture or compound of rubber polymer with thermoplastic character Excellent resistance to flex fatigue. High impact resistance. Originally soft, it is modified to become more rigid. Intermediate: it is somewhat porous and therefore requires more care. You should wash it with warm water and mild soap. Using a condom helps promote its useful life.
TPR silicone High Mixture of silicone components and TPE or TPR It is somewhat rigid and stable at high temperatures. Perfect balance between chemical and mechanical elements. Intermediate: it must be cleaned before and after use. Use warm water with antibacterial or mild soap.
SuperSkin Moderate Material patented by Fleshlight Skin-like feel. Soft materials. Hypoallergenic. Easy: simply wash with warm water and let it dry before storing. Do not use soap.
Latex Moderate Synthetic rubber derived from some plants Very porous structure. Allergenic for some people. Peculiar smell. Very flexible. Good vibration conductor. Difficult: its porous texture makes it is easy for dirt and germs to accumulate. You are recommended to use a condom. Clean with mild soap and water.
CyberSkin Low Thermoplastic elastomer (PVC and silicone mixture) It simulates the sensation of real skin. High molecular density. Flexible and resistant. Extremely porous. Very difficult: because of its high porosity, germs and dirt are easily stored. Clean before and after use.
PVC Low Polyvinyl chloride Not recommended for sensitive skin. Allergenic. Very versatile. Elastic and flexible. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors. It contains harmful materials such as phthalates. Easy: simply clean with warm water and antibacterial soap.
Gelatin Very low Polyvinyl chloride Very flexible. Soft touch. Highly porous. Low price. It contains harmful materials such as phthalates. Difficult: since it is very porous, dirt and germs can more easily build up inside. You are advised to use a condom. Clean with warm water and toy cleaner. Do not use strong soaps. Store in dark and cool places.

As you can see, the materials truly determine every aspect of your sex toy, the most important being the cleanliness and care. Safer than PVC or gelatin, for instance, materials like silicone tend to be more expensive. You are always encouraged to opt for water-based lubricants, as these are not harmful to sex toys.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using masturbators?

Masturbators and sex toys are not merely designed to enhance your sexual pleasure. Sex experts are convinced that these accessories can also be used for therapeutic purposes. You can find below a list of the main benefits and drawbacks of introducing men's masturbators into your sexual life.

  • They help to combat erectile dysfunction
  • They are a training medium for premature ejaculation
  • You can increase the resistance and duration of your sexual relations
  • They bring something new to your sexual life
  • You can climax more easily
  • They provide more pleasure than through standard masturbation
  • You can use them alone or with your partner
  • You can develop a dependence to these toys
  • They can lead to disagreements with your partner
  • They could be harmful to your health if you don't pay attention to their materials
  • Some designs aren't discreet

Shopping Criteria

A lot of people originally think that all men's masturbators work in a very similar way. While this is partially true in the sense that the vast majority of them are based on penetration, you should consider various aspects before making your decision. In the following section, we'll discuss six of these criteria; remember that the material is the most important of all.

  • Material
  • Orifice
  • Size of the masturbator and your penis
  • Vibration
  • Cleaning
  • Additional features


Keep in mind that these sex toys come in a variety of materials. Most are soft and elastic, as these are the ones that offer the greatest level of pleasure. That being said, and as we explained earlier, don't forget that their composition will vary. The manufacturing material of your toy will also influence other aspects.

We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that this is the most important aspect to consider because it can affect the health and skin of your penis. Consequently, the price of the product will also depend on the material it is made with. The feeling, durability, look, shape and ease of cleaning are other aspects that vary depending on the material.

Rings are accessories that you place at the base of the penis once you have an erection.
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In that regard, we advise you to purchase a masturbator or any sex toy made from medical silicone or TPR/TPE. Everyone can tolerate silicone, for instance. Latex is also very safe unless you are allergic, while PVC and gelatin are more dangerous because they include toxic components and are harder to clean.


Visual elements are essential, too, because they can enhance your sexual pleasure. For most of us, our level of arousal depends not only on the physical sensations we are feeling, but also on what we see. This is why men's masturbators come in different shapes and designs.

The cavities are generally designed to look like a vaginal or anal orifice, or a mouth with soft lips and a tongue. However, there are also models tailored to people who don't like or are not interested in visual factors. Many of these sex toys, in particular the sleeve type, have a functional cavity with a neutral look.

Size of the masturbator and your penis

Men's masturbators come in many different sizes, both in length and thickness. This is why you have to buy the one that best suits your needs. To do this, start by checking the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. You should also remember that this factor will determine whether you can introduce your whole virile member or only part in it.

The size of your penis is naturally a key factor to consider when you're choosing the most suitable masturbator for you. Opt for a model that is around the same size as your member if you want to insert all of it or enjoy the textures at the end of the sex toy. The perfect fit is always the best decision, and not the biggest available.


The vast majority of masturbators and sex toys designed for men do not include vibration, but a few out there do. While this is not the most common, some models come with a vibrating device that you can actually remove from the masturbator in case you don't want to use it.

These vibrators are generally featured in sex toys that simulate oral sex, as well as in prostate stimulators and penis rings. As you might know, the vibrations are an additional function that can make your sexual experience with any sex toy even more intense and pleasurable.


This is one aspect you should never neglect, since your health depends on it. As you now know, cleanliness is closely related to the material with which your masturbator is made. All materials that are more porous will be harder to clean, and you will have to do so in greater depth and more thoroughly.

But your health isn't the only aspect that depends on cleanliness; the durability of your sex toy does too. Proper cleaning will ensure that you can enjoy your masturbator for longer, with a high-quality material also influencing this. When it comes to cleaning, you are not advised to use very powerful chemical cleaners or alcohol- and acetone-based products.

Additional features

Many manufacturers offer additional characteristics to add value to their masturbators. These features are generally details that make these toys more attractive, therefore convincing you to buy them. In many cases, the packaging is also designed to catch your eye, or it comes with a case or bag for storage.

Other products even include photos, posters or autographs of your favorite porn stars. Manufacturers may also offer X-rated films for you to enjoy while masturbating. These additional perks won't influence the quality of the toy in any way, but rather try to attract more customers.


It is true that masturbation, and by extension any other sexual act, are becoming increasingly accepted in our progressive, open-minded society. Talking about these topics shouldn't be embarrassing, nor should we deprive ourselves of discussing them among our circles of friends, as we can always learn from each other.

This is why introducing sex toys and masturbators to this very common practice from which — almost — no one is exempt shouldn't shock or embarrass us. These accessories can even be used with your partner. Whether you include them in your personal or couple's sex life, men's masturbators will contribute to a more enriching and pleasurable experience.

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