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Different men's trousers are a dime a dozen. Every man has them and every man loves them. Men's trousers are an absolute all-rounder and have long had a standard place in every wardrobe. However, there is a wide range of sizes and shapes, skinny jeans for men are particularly popular at the moment.

A pair of skinny jeans is a very thin and tightly cut pair of jeans, which, due to their built-in spandex, hug all body shapes like a second skin. For many men, skinny jeans have become an absolute must-have. Decisive for the perfect look is both the right fit and the ideal styling.

The Best Mens Skinny Jeans: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's skinny jeans

Since there are so many different men's skinny jeans, it's not surprising if you have a hard time choosing a model. To find the perfect pair of men's skinny jeans for you, there are some buying criteria you can use as a guide.

Based on these features, you can find out which pair of men's skinny jeans best suits your needs:

  • Material
  • Cut
  • Fit
  • Length
  • Colour

In the following section, you will find out what the individual aspects essentially depend on.


The classic men's skinny jeans are mainly made of denim. Denim is the American abbreviated name for the cotton/hemp fibre fabric originating from France. Most jeans today are made of this fabric mixture, as are skinny jeans.

Since skinny jeans for men are supposed to be particularly tight and body-hugging, it is important that the fabric consists of a minimum percentage of elastane so that you can still move well in the tight jeans. It takes at least 2% spandex to get a pliable fabric.

To make men's skinny jeans easier to put on and take off, the low spandex content is also important. This stretch content gives you the freedom of movement you need.


The cut of the skinny jeans is very important because they can show off every curve of the body due to their tightness. It is important that the skinny jeans fit perfectly. It is advisable to try on many models until you find the perfect cut for your body.

It is not a good idea to sew skinny jeans tighter, as this can cause the cut to distort. It is also not advisable to rely on hot washing, as this will only damage the stretch. Therefore, it is really important to find the ideal model.

A pair of skinny jeans should not be too tight on a man, as the jeans can cut into the skin and hurt if worn for a long time. Therefore, never buy skinny jeans that are too small or too tight.


The taller you are, the longer your legs are likely to be. However, since the proportions of the upper and lower body can vary greatly from man to man, conventional clothing sizes do not fit every stature.

As a rule, the length of men's skinny jeans is naturally adjusted to the clothing size. However, if you have already had a bad experience with this, there are fortunately some offers that are slightly more individually adapted to the different proportions.

First of all, there are men's skinny jeans that come in the Tall variant and extra large sizes. Men's trousers in the Tall variant were designed for particularly tall men with long legs. The large size variant, on the other hand, offers stylish fashion for men who do not fit the classic clothing size format.

The different sizes are usually also available in different lengths. The lengths are usually indicated as sizes 30 to 38. Before making any purchase, you should always check the manufacturer's size instructions.


Men's skinny jeans must not only fit you perfectly at the waist, but the length must also suit you. As already mentioned, most models come in lengths from 30 to 38. It is particularly important that the trousers do not bunch up at your ankles, as this is a sign that they are too big for you.

If you have this problem with all the skinny jeans you have tried on, the only solution is alteration tailoring, where all the men's skinny jeans you have chosen can be adjusted to your height and leg length. You should feel comfortable with your skinny jeans especially at the waist and ankles.


The classic denim skinny jeans for men match the typical denim blue in different shades. From very light blue to almost black blue, everything is available in the denim world. However, the different shades of blue can make your body look different.

Light blue men's skinny jeans tend to show off every ounce of fuller people, so we advise you to go for darker shades of blue if you have slightly stockier legs. On the other hand, we advise men with particularly slim legs to go for light skinny jeans, as this colour can show off the legs very nicely.

Of course, the popular men's skinny jeans are also available in even darker shades such as grey or black. These colours usually look good on all sizes and shapes and can be combined in many different ways in everyday life.

Men's skinny jeans: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of different skinny jeans for men, it can be very difficult to decide on a model. To help you as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about men's skinny jeans.

What styles of skinny jeans are available for men?

The typical skinny jeans for men should simply be tight-fitting and look good. However, despite this, there are few differences in skinny jeans, which we have collected in the following table:

  • Serious men's skinny jeans: Whether in business or at a party, skinny jeans are now socially accepted not only in the office but also at various parties. A simple skinny jeans in a muted colour can be super combined with a nice shirt or casual jumper and thus become a real eye-catcher.
  • Men's casual skinny jeans: Men's casual skinny jeans can be worn in different shades of blue and patterns. They may have a slightly more casual look than the more serious skinny jeans to give the leisure look that special serenity.
  • Used-look men's skinny jeans: Used-look jeans are not only very cool, but also particularly trendy. The term refers to a fabric treatment that gives new clothes a used look. Special washing processes, for example, ensure that jeans fade in some places. Signs of wear or holes are also often found on used-look trousers. The used-look is particularly common on men's skinny jeans.

Not every man likes holes in his trousers and therefore it is important to find out which style suits you. If you are unsure which style suits you, you should simply try on different models and then see which style you like best.

How do I know if my skinny jeans for men fit well?

Skinny jeans are supposed to fit a man very snugly, but there are a few universal features that can tell you if your men's skinny jeans are a good fit.

The most important thing when wearing skinny jeans is freedom of movement. If the men's skinny jeans are skin-tight, but you can't bend over or walk, then the trousers are clearly too tight. You must feel comfortable and not be restricted in your movement by the model.

Another feature you should look out for is the creases in the crotch area. If the crotch of a pair of men's skinny jeans wrinkles too much, it is not only uncomfortable, but also not very attractive. If there are too many creases, you know that the trousers are too big for you.

If you haven't deliberately sought out ankle-high jeans, then you should avoid the "high-water mark" trousers. Men's skinny jeans should always go above the ankle. However, there should not be too much fabric bunched up at the trouser leg, as the trousers will then be too big or too long for you. Make sure that the men's skinny jeans go over the ankle and do not cause any fabric congestion.

Last but not least, it is of course most important that the trousers fit you perfectly at the top. The waistband should be neither too tight nor too loose. A waistband that is too tight can make you breathless in the long run and cause stomach pains due to the squeezing. In addition, a waistband that is too tight often makes you feel uncomfortable, as your tummy might squish over the waistband that is too tight. A waistband that is too wide is also not recommended, as men's skinny jeans can often slip down. A belt can only help in some cases.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your men's skinny jeans and enjoy getting them out of your wardrobe and putting them on!

How do I care for and clean my men's skinny jeans ?

In most men's skinny jeans, you can find the correct treatment and cleaning of the trousers on the sewn-in notice.

In general, we recommend washing the trousers at 30 degrees with a mild detergent on the gentle cycle. Turn the skinny jeans inside out and do not use fabric softener to protect the colours and the spandex content. Also, make sure to wash the jeans with similar shades of blue jeans. Afterwards, dry the jeans lying down if possible to protect the fibres.

Styling tips for men's skinny jeans: How to achieve the perfect skinny jeans look

Men's skinny jeans are a real all-rounder and can create a stylish look with all kinds of combinations. We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Rock star look: Roll up your skinny jeans to the ankle and combine them with a solid jacket, such as a black leather jacket or a green bomber jacket. It's important to go for a matte material, otherwise the legs will look even narrower.
  • In the office: If you don't want to do without men's skinny jeans in the office, we advise you to combine simple jumpers over them and to avoid holes or excessive decoration. Less is more!
  • The matching shoe: A pair of cool sneakers, such as Chucks, go ideally with men's skinny jeans. If you are not a fan of sneakers, we recommend a pair of elegant biker boots. They round off the outfit perfectly.

Of course, these styling tips only serve as inspiration for your next outfit. Of course, you can decide how you want to combine your men's skinny jeans according to your personal taste.


Men's skinny jeans have become one of the most popular trousers for men and can be combined in many ways. Whether at the next party, in everyday life or a romantic dinner for two, skinny jeans can be worn for various occasions thanks to the wide range of combinations.

All kinds of looks can be created with a pair of men's skinny jeans. It all comes down to the right combination and the right styling. However, a good fit and a comfortable feel should always come first with skinny jeans.

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