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Monitor mounts are an enormous support for daily media consumption. Whether in the working world when working with the computer, or in the private environment when watching television or gaming - monitor mounts make everyday life much easier.

With our large monitor mount test 2021 we want to show you the different types of monitor mounts. You will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these types, what you need to look out for when buying and where you can buy the monitor mounts. We will give you a closer look at the differences between table and wall mounts and explain which type is most useful for which purpose.


  • Your computer monitor or TV should be VESA classified to ensure a perfect fit of the device with your monitor mount.
  • Common monitor mounts can support between one and six monitors at a time.
  • A distinction is made between wall and table mounts. Wall mounts are particularly suitable for TV sets, while table mounts are mainly used for computer monitors.

The Best Monitor Mount: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for monitor mounts

You have a new computer and want to place your monitor in a space-saving, yet visually appealing way? You might want to place several monitors next to each other for online gaming or in your study and are looking for a suitable option? Or are you looking for a monitor mount for your new TV?

Monitor mounts basically give you the possibility to use your monitor on your desk in a space-saving way.

So if you have a monitor, you should read the following guide carefully to choose the right monitor mount for you. In the following section, we will briefly explain which aspects you should consider when making your purchase decision in order to choose the perfect monitor mount for you. The criteria you can use to compare the monitor mounts with each other include:

In the following sections, we will explain why you should take the above criteria into account when making your purchase decision.

VESA classification

The VESA classification is a special standard that was explicitly designed for mounting computer monitors or TV sets on wall or table mounts.

The uniform dimensions give you the certainty that your VESA-classified TV set or computer monitor can definitely be attached to your newly purchased VESA-classified mount.

The VESA classification primarily refers to the hole pattern on the back of a computer monitor or TV. Most computer monitors are attached to these 100x100 or 200x200 hole patterns with screws on a plate, which can then be attached directly to the monitor mount.

Most TV sets have VESA dimensions of 400x400.

You now have to check whether your existing computer monitor or TV set corresponds to the VESA classification. Some devices have an engraving on the back that confirms the VESA classification. If this is not the case, it is best to check the original packaging of the device. If you no longer have the original packaging, simply search for your device using a common search engine such as

Required size

Size is a very important aspect when deciding on a monitor mount. The reason for this is that you first need to decide how many monitors you want to use. There are monitor mounts that can hold between one and six monitors at the same time. Once you have decided on the number of mounts you need, you need to look at the size of your monitors. Most common monitor mounts can hold monitors between 13 and 27 inches.

This corresponds to a diagonal between 33 and 69 centimetres. You should be aware that the number of monitors also affects the total weight. So be sure that the surface can support the potential weight. Desks with a wooden top, which can usually bear a heavier weight, are a good choice than desks with glass tops. With wall mounts, you also need to make sure that the wall can support the weight of the mount, including the monitor.


An important aspect of monitor mounts is the ability to adjust them. A monitor is traditionally set up in landscape format, such as a standard TV set. However, some monitor mounts offer the possibility to rotate the monitor by 90 degrees in order to bring the screen into portrait format. In addition to adjusting the monitor from landscape to portrait format, some monitor mounts also offer the option of adjusting the monitor in height and angle.

This adjustability is very helpful to adjust the monitor perfectly to your height while sitting at your desk. This way, you can adjust the monitor so that you can relax and look at the screen in a horizontal direction without having to constantly tilt your head forwards or backwards. Be clear in advance whether you want the monitor to be adjustable or not. There are also many monitor mounts that have a fixed arm that cannot be adjusted further.

Suitability for TV sets / computer monitors

The majority of monitor mounts are designed for use with classic computer monitors. This means that the screws needed to connect the monitors to the monitor mount will also fit, and you will not have any problems setting it up. You should know in advance what kind of monitor you want to use the monitor mount for. Most TV sets are larger than computer monitors.

Also, TVs are usually set up with their backs to a wall, whereas computer monitors can also be placed on a desk that is free-standing in a room.

Classic monitor mounts can also hold TV sets.

However, the maximum possible size of the screen must not be exceeded. As a result, you have to think about the type of monitor mount. Just read on, because in the following we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of wall and table mounts.

Decision: What types of monitor mounts are there and which is the right one for me?

Are you currently thinking about setting up your monitor in a space-saving yet visually attractive way? Then there are two product types you can choose between. These product types are suitable for different uses. Therefore, be clear beforehand whether you want to use the monitor for business or private purposes. We have put together a small table for you:

Type Primary use Secondary use
Wall mount TV sets Monitors for presentations
Desk mount Computer monitors Gaming monitors
Wall mount

Wall mount

Monitor wall mounts are primarily used for TV sets. The bracket is fixed to the wall with screws. The advantage of this is that a lot of space can be saved. Old tube TV sets, for example, took up a lot of space. New flat-screen sets, on the other hand, are much more space-saving. And this saving of space is even increased by fixing them to the wall.

  • Maximum load of up to 100 kilograms
  • Fixes devices up to 75 inches
  • Can only be fixed to the wall

Most wall mounts have the option of adjusting the screen horizontally. This allows monitors to be pulled closer to the viewer up to a width of just under 50 centimetres.

Table mount

Table mount

Monitor table mounts are primarily used for computer monitors. There are basically two types of table mounts. On the one hand, there are table mounts with a stand that can be positioned on a straight surface. On the other hand, there are table mounts that can be attached to the edge of a table by means of a mechanism.

  • Space-saving
  • integrated cable strip
  • easy installation
  • Low maximum monitor weight

The primary advantage of table mounts is that they can be placed anywhere. Furthermore, some monitor mounts offer the possibility of avoiding an annoying cable tangle by means of an integrated cable strip.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about monitor mounts answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions regarding your future monitor mount. After you have read the guide, including the following questions, you can decide on your monitor mount with a clear conscience.

Who are monitor mounts suitable for?

Monitor mounts are basically suitable for anyone who wants to use a monitor. For example, for relaxing while watching TV with a TV mounted on a monitor bracket. With a TV, a wall mount is therefore a good choice to perfect the viewing experience.

Monitor Halterung-1

Monitor mounts give you the opportunity to set up your screen in a space-saving and elegant way at the workplace or at home.
(Image source: Mariakraynova)

Or are you in the process of setting up your own office and desk? Or do you want to improve your chances of online gaming via several monitors? Then you need a monitor mount for your computer to set up your monitors in the best possible way. And especially on a desk it is important to save as much space as possible. Monitor mounts promise to do just that.

Is a monitor mount suitable for my TV?

Whether a monitor mount is suitable for your TV depends on the size of your TV. Most monitor mounts can accommodate monitors with a size of 27 inches, which corresponds to a screen diagonal of 69 centimetres. However, there are also special mounts that are explicitly predestined for oversized TV sets.

You need to check whether your TV set complies with the VESA classification. The best way to do this is to look on the back of your TV, on the original packaging or on a search engine such as

What size monitor mount should I buy?

It all depends on what exactly you plan to do with your monitor mount. You should first decide whether you need a monitor mount for one or more monitors. The second question you should ask yourself is whether you want to connect a computer monitor or a TV set.

Most computer monitors are no larger than 27 inches, which corresponds to a screen diagonal of 69 centimetres. Therefore, most monitor mounts will fit this size. However, if you want to connect a large TV set, you will need a monitor mount that is suitable for such a size.

Be as far-sighted as possible. If there is a chance that in the near future you will not only want or need to connect one screen but two in parallel, then it is better to opt for a monitor mount with two screen positions.

How much does a monitor mount cost?

Monitor mounts have a relatively wide price range. As a rule, monitor mounts with several arms for multiple monitors are more expensive. Prices for good monitor mounts with one arm start at around 30 euros. Prices for good monitor mounts with two or more arms start at around 45 euros.

Monitor Halterung-2

Table mounts give you the option of setting up several monitors at once and positioning them separately from each other (Image source: Thamniyom)

The prices for wall mounts can be divided into those for TV mounts and computer monitor mounts. Computer monitor mounts are usually cheaper because they have to carry less load. They start at about 30 euros. In contrast, TV wall mounts are more expensive. They start at 40 euros, but vary greatly depending on the size of the monitor to be installed.

How do I set up a monitor mount?

The different types of monitor mounts can also be assembled in different ways. The easiest way is to set up a table mount on the edge of your table. All you have to do is use the clamp that is included in the delivery. Always make sure that the mounting is clean and correct in order to avoid possible damage caused by the monitor holder falling off.

Type Ease of assembly
Wall mount Difficult
Table mount on table edge Easy
Table mount with hole Difficult

It is more difficult to mount a monitor holder with a hole in the desk top. You either have to use a desk with a prefabricated hole. Or you can saw a hole in your wooden top yourself. Always make sure that you stick to the dimensions required for the monitor mount. Mounting a wall bracket is just as difficult. You have to pay attention to several aspects.

On the one hand, you must ensure that the wall can withstand the weight of the monitor mount including the screen. Furthermore, you must ensure that there are no cavities behind the wall, otherwise the load-bearing capacity of the wall mount cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, there must be no water or power lines running through the wall. On the other hand, you must make sure that you check the horizontal alignment of the wall bracket with the help of a spirit level.

Image source: Sosiukin/

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