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In the past, the Montessori method was only known by educators, but now more and more parents are becoming familiar with this remarkable approach. It is not surprising therefore that this method is now having an impact in the area of sleep, undoubtedly one of the most important areas when it comes to raising children. This brings us to the item known as a Montessori bed.

As anyone with young children will tell you, disturbed and restless sleep is very common. Most parents wake to a crying baby once if not twice or more every night, meaning their little one's sleep is something that can dominate their life. Montessori beds are designed to give young children more independence, which means everyone will get more rest. We'll explain how below.

Key Facts

  • One of the main concerns of any parent is that their child gets enough good-quality sleep. This gives them more energy when they are awake, as well as aiding with proper development in the first critical years of their lives.
  • For this reason, choosing the crib or bed your little one sleeps in is a very important decision to make. Montessori beds are becoming increasingly popular, with a very low design which is practically on floor level.
  • When choosing a Montessori bed for your child, you should consider the space where you will put it, the materials it is made from, and the color.

Our Selection: The Best Montessori Beds

As you will see below, there is a wide range of beds that follow the Montessori method available on the market. In order to demonstrate these, we've selected the best product from each of the four key types of Montessori beds. Which appeals to you the most?

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Montessori Beds

Although more and more parents are choosing a Montessori bed for their little one, these remain relatively little-known items. When buying anything for your child, it is natural to have doubts and questions. We, therefore, seek to clear up all the doubts you may have in the sections below.

Montessori Bed

Montessori beds are designed to encourage your kids' independence and development.
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What is a Montessori bed and what are its advantages?

First of all, it is important to know the basics of the Montessori method in order to understand the advantages of this kind of bed. This method is an approach to parenting which seeks to encourage independence in order to facilitate better development.

In accordance with this approach, a Montessori bed is one that allows your child greater freedom of movement, in order to give them more independence. These kinds of beds let them get up by themselves as soon as they've learned to crawl.  This has a number of benefits for your little one's health and development:

  • They are designed to encourage greater independence in young children.
  • They are safer because they are so close to the floor.
  • They encourage correct posture, for better spinal health.
  • They stimulate cognitive development and better motor skills.
  • They allow your child more freedom to explore the world around them.

Montessori Bed

It is a good idea to place the bed so your child can see all of the room.
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What types of Montessori beds are there?

As previously mentioned, one of the key principles of this approach to parenting is encouraging freedom and independence. In this way, there are many different types of Montessori beds to suit different preferences. This means your child will feel comfortable and be able to fully enjoy one of the places they spent most of their time in the first years of their life. Here are the main types of this kind of bed:

  • Kutuva Montessori bed: is the most classic style. They have a comfortable design, allowing the child to easily come and go from the side of the bed. They can be made to custom measurements.
  • Bunk-style Montessori bed: perfect for kids who share a bedroom. While the older child sleeps on the top bunk, the littlest can get in from the floor. Very practical and great space-savers.
  • Low Montessori bed: in the same style as an adult bed, these are suitable for kids who have learned to walk and can climb up a small height.
  • Cubby-style Montessori bed: this creative style fosters the imagination. They are shaped like a little house and can include various accessories.
  • Tee-pee style Montessori bed: these are very trendy at the moment. They are shaped like a tee-pee which your child is sure to love, with wooden boards under the mattress.

The type of Montessori bed you choose will largely depend on your child's stage of development. From there, you can choose the bed which is best for your little one, with the added benefit that many can be personalized depending on your desires.

Montessori Bed

Montessori beds give your kids more freedom to discover the world around them.
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Which Montessori bed is best for each stage of childhood?

As we know, the Montessori method encourages greater independence in children, aiding in their development at every stage of life. Montessori beds have been developed with this principle in mind, as you'll see in the following table:

Stage of life Type of Montessori bed Why?
Initial months Mattress at floor height So the baby feels safe yet free at the same time.
When crawling Low bed. Allows the child to climb in or out of bed with total freedom.
When they can walk Bed slightly higher. Adapted to their new size and abilities.
Older children Cubby or tee-pee style. Encourages imagination and play.

Most importantly, the bed should allow your child to develop through the different stages of their life while encouraging them to explore the amazing world around them. Their Montessori bed will become a place where your little one loves to spend their time.

Is a Montessori bed safe?

This is one of the most common questions asked by parents thinking of buying a Montessori bed. All parents worry about their children's safety, and it's natural to be concerned that the freedom offered by this kind of bed may come with its dangers. However, there is no doubt that Montessori beds are actually very safe because they are so close to the ground.

Of course, you will need to take reasonable precautions, for example, placing a nice soft rug next to the bed. This means your little one will be able to climb on and off the bed completely safely. It is true that these beds require a little extra attention, but you'll find this comes with many advantages for your child's development.

From what age can you use a Montessori bed?

Experts generally recommend starting to use a Montessori bed from around two or three months of age, though there is no hard-and-fast rule to this. The great thing about these beds is that they can adapt to every stage of childhood, and of course, it is a personal choice for each family as to when you wish to start using them.

Many parents choose to use a Montessori bed when their baby outgrows their crib. The design of these kinds of beds makes this transition easier for your little one. Of course, you should consider your child's age but there are no firm rules in this respect, and you can use these kinds of beds all the way through to adolescence.

Montessori Bed

Tipi-style beds encourage the development of imagination in children, allowing them to play.
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Buyer's Guide

Deciding to buy a Montessori bed for your child is an easy choice, the hard part comes in working out which is the most suitable model. To make the most suitable choice, you should keep certain factors in mind, the most important being:

Space Available

First of all, you need to consider the space you have available for your child's Montessori bed. This is a very important factor because bedrooms following this method should be very simply laid out. This means the bed should have its place.

Montessori Bed

Montessori beds are very close to the floor, making them very safe.
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As with anything for your child, the materials their bed is made from are very important. You want to ensure that these materials are both safe and secure for your little one. Most Montessori beds are made from high-quality wood, which may also be painted in any other color.


There is a wide range of models and designs when it comes to Montessori beds. This represents a great opportunity, as you can find the one which best suits the needs and wants of your child. Most importantly, you should make sure it is suitable for their stage of development.


You should also keep color in mind when buying a Montessori bed. Colors are vitally important in your child's cognitive development, as well as helping them be animated and happy. This means you should take your time in choosing the best color.


A Montessori bed will allow your children to grow in an environment that gives them the freedom they need to realize they are capable of great things. A big part of this is that they can get into and out of bed of their own accord without mom or dad's help. This may require a little extra attention from their parents, but the children will be much happier.

With fun shapes and styles, made from wood and sitting close to the floor, these beds follow the Montessori method, allowing your little ones to be more independent. This facilitates greater intellectual and physical development.

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