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Once upon a time, people used to clean floors with a cloth, and they used to kneel down. This required a lot of energy, took a long time and seriously damaged people's knees - ouch! Fortunately, someone somewhere invented the incredible thing that is a mop. Now, we don't even have to bend down when we clean the floor. This is great for our backs and our knees, win win!

They're simple tools, and for this reason you may thing that it's simple to choose a mop for your house. Well, that's not the case. There's a wide array of different styles and designs of mops on the British market, and they're not all the same! Some are also tailored for certain floor types, whereas others are best all-rounders, great for those who have multiple surfaces in their home. So we've designed this ultimate guide, so you can have a read a think about which mop is best suited for you, your home, your floor and your budget. Let's get started!

First things first

  • Mops can be used to clean all types of floors, but certain models are tailored to specific surfaces, such as tiles, so they naturally won't be as efficient on other floor surfaces.
  • Buckets naturally go hand in hand with mops. Not only do they hold the water and soap you need, but they also drain the mop and help you to clean.
  • Certain factors will help you choose an easy-to-use mop. Extending sticks, for instance, can be adjusted to the height of the user. Buckets that feature a pedal also allow you to drain the mop with ease.

The best mops in the UK

We've had a look at the mops on the market, analysed prices and customer reviews, and come up with this comprehensive list of the best in the UK. You can see this selection below, alongside a little description of each product, so you should be certain that by the end of this guide you will have chosen the perfect mop for you!

Past Product Reviews

Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set

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This turbo spin mob has an foot pedal operated wringer, which will help you to thoroughly clean your house in no time, since you don’t have to spend time wringing the mop yourself! Additionally, this 2-in-1 microfibre head is perfect and very high-tech, since the red fibres it contains will pick up 20% more particles than standard microfibre yarns. Say goodbye to already-mopped floors which are still full of dust!

What’s more, the extendable handle, easy to carry and pour bucket and the water splash protection are added features that will make your mopping experience so easy, you’ll want to mop every day! You can even get into the corners of your floors and under the furniture with the triangular mop head and pivoted joint, what more could you want?

ANSIO Spray Microfibre Floor Mop with Reusable Microfibre Pad

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Next up we have this spray mop by ANSIO, which is designed for the smoothest floor types. Simply detach the 500ml refillable bottle and fill up with water, vinegar and natural cleaning products, or a mild cleaning solution of your choice – not hot water though! This may damage the product. Then, press the trigger spray at the top of the handle so the mop produces a fine mist onto the floor, then simply mop up!

This type of mopping is much more hygienic than the traditional way, since there’s no popping the dirty mop into dirty water and washing the floors. Also, the reusable double-sided microfibre pads are easily detachable and can be hand or machine washed then reused, so you won’t have to be running to the shop every week to buy floor wipes or new microfibre pads – great for saving time and money! ANSIO is also committed to excellent customer service and providing their customers with quality products.

Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action XL Mop and Bucket Set

This SuperMocio three action XL mop is three action because the red non-scratch scourer removes stubborn dirt, the blue microfibre strips easily remove grease from the floors and the 3D red dots ensure that all of that hair and those extra particles are picked up no problem.

The XL feature means that there is extra floor contact so you can mop more efficiently than ever before! The unique wringer twists squeeze the mop head without you having to put in much effort at all and the 10 litre bucket capacity, pouring lip and tipping hand hold underneath makes mopping easy – this sounds like a dream!

Shark Klick n’ Flip Smartronic Deluxe Steam Mop

This steam mop by Shark is perfect for those who want a hygienic steam clean. It doesn’t just give you amazingly clean floors, but it sanitises and eliminated 99.9% of common household bacteria with no harsh chemicals, perfect for those who suffer from allergies. This mop offers a fast, easy, chemical free and safe option for deep-cleaning your precious home.

The Klick n’ Flip technology means that the special double sided microfibre pads trap household dirt, grease and they absorb perfectly. When you’ve finished using one side, simply press a button and flip the mop to the other size and you can sanitise the floor twice. What’s more, when you’re done you can release the pad from the head without touching it, then wack it in the washing machine – perfect!

Vorfreude Floor Mop with Integrated Spray

Last but certainly not least, we have this all-round amazing mop from Vorfreude. This mop uses no power cord, batteries or dangerous hot steam, so it has all the power of a steam cleaner at half the cost and weight. You can use this mop on kitchen, hardwood, slab, laminate, ceramic, vinyl or cement floors without any risk.

The microfibre cleaning cloth can be machine washed 1000 times and the bottle where you can add water, natural cleaning products or conventional cleaning products is BPA free – perfect for the environment.What’s more, you can save money since you can clean with just water so you don’t have to buy any cleaning products, wipes or batteries. Vorfreude also gives you lifetime warranty so you have no excuse to not buy this marvellous mop!

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about mops

In the next section, you'll discover everything you need to know about mops so that you can make the right purchase. We discuss the known and not-so-known characteristics of these useful cleaning tools. We'll tell you about all the aspects you should consider when buying your very own mop, as well as the different types available on the market.

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Nothing makes cleaning easier than a mop.
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What is a mop and how does it work?

As you probably know, this tool is used to clean floors with soap and water. It consists of a stick with thick loose strings or a sponge on one end. It is designed to absorb moisture and clean surfaces. You also need a bucket in which you put the water and the soap before scrubbing the floor.

After dipping the mop in the bucket, simply drain it. You can then clean the surface and place the mop back into the bucket. Rinse and repeat until you're done cleaning. Certain buckets even feature a very practical system with two separate parts: one for the clean water, and the other for the dirty water.

You need to change your mop from time to time, or it will stop cleaning properly. As a matter of fact, an overused mop can even make your floor dirtier.

What types of mops are out there?

There is a wide array of mops available, each one being designed for a specific type of floor, or being an all-rounder. It is important that you know which you need to get the most out of your product. Here is a list of the different types available on the market, and what surface they are tailored to.

  • Microfibre mops: These mops are made with synthetic strings, are quite durable and are very good at absorbing. They are suitable for all types of floors – even those types of floor that don't like getting wet, like wooden or parquet flooring. Clean surfaces dry very quickly with microfibre mops.
  • Cotton string mops: Made from cotton strands, this type of mop is heavier than microfibre mops. They are ideal to scrub harder surfaces such as marble or cement. Make sure you wring the mop well before use, as it may otherwise leave traces on your floor.
  • Sponge mops: These are special mops designed specifically for the most delicate floors. They are most effective on materials such as ceramic, rubber or glass.
  • Floor wipers: This kind of mop requires very little water to clean. They are best used to remove dust from all types of surfaces.
  • Professional mops: These mops can clean large surfaces and are used in conjunction with industrial buckets. They are particularly resistant and capable of deep cleaning.


Mops are simple tools, but not all models available on the market offer the same results. (Source: Sebnem Ragiboglu: 66898310/

How often should I change my mop?

You do need to get a new one from time time, and the when depends a lot on your frequency of use. First of all, you must take into account how often you use it: cleaning your floors every day isn't the same as doing it once every couple of weeks. The same goes for cleaning surfaces with very little dirt or greasy floors.

In that regard, it is recommended to change your mop around every two months. However, you may have to get a new one before that if you use it frequently. Keep in mind that you can also clean your mop. Use hot water at approximately 60°C and a mild soap, or simply throw it in the washing machine. The life of your mop can be lengthened by taking good care of it.

Did you know that you could clean your floor with hot water and lemon juice? This combination doesn't contain chemical ingredients and gives very good results.

What should I look for in a mop?

The table below will introduce you to certain features that you'll be interested for when buying a mop. We strongly encourage you to consider them if you want to be satisfied with your purchase. Some of these factors may be new to you, read carefully, we're guarantee you'll learn something!

Requirement Explanation
Handling An easy-to-handle designed is preferred.
Assembly It should be easy to put together.
Floor Check which type of floor it is designed for.
Extendable stick Adjustable sticks are more comfortable to work with.
Material Make sure you opt for a quality material.
Cleaning The mop must be easy to clean.
Accessibility Opt for a mode with a rotating head to access hard-to-reach places.
Price The mop should be good value for money.

How should I clean different types of flooring?

We've already touched on this, but we can't emphasise enough that each type of flooring should be cleaned differently. If you don't do it correctly, your floors will be streaky or have lots of marks on them, and they won't be as clean as you'd like. To help you pick the right mop for your floors, here is a table with cleaning tips for different types of surfaces:

Type of floor Cleaning
Parquet Start off by removing the dust with a mop or vacuum cleaner. Use a parquet-specific product and a well-drained mop. Ventilate the room well so that it dries as soon as possible.
Ceramic Remove dust with a mop or vacuum cleaner. You can use a specific cleaner, but vinegar also works very well. Warm water will be more efficient.
Marble Start by vacuuming the dust. Use a mild soap suitable for this type of floor. Wring the mop well, and dry the surface with it after cleaning.
Vinyl This type of surface is very easy to clean. First of all, remove the dust with the mop or a broom. Both mild or  soap which is specific for vinyl flooring will do just fine. Wring the mop thoroughly before cleaning.
Tiles This common material is also easy to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Use a mild soap to clean the floor with your mop.

How should I clean my floors using a mop?

In the following list, we've summed up the main steps to following before, during and after mopping. Make sure you don them all and don't miss any out, because you floor won't end up looking as gleaming and as sparkly as you would want! Here we go:

  • Dust: The first step is to remove the dust. You can use a broom, although the best options are always dust mops or vacuum cleaners.
  • Fill the bucket: Fill your bucket with water and add the appropriate product, which will depend on the type of surface you want to clean. You can also opt for a natural product such as vinegar.
  • Mop: Wring the mop thoroughly and clean the entire floor. You can scrub harder in case stains remain.
  • Dry: Let the floor air dry. A great trick is leaving windows open while you mop to allow it to dry faster.
  • Dust mop: When the floor is dry, use the dust mop to leave your floors nice and shiny.

 blue textile mop and red bucket on wooden floor

Certain factors will make your use of the mop much easier. (Source: Vvoennyy: 21125625/

What are the pros and cons of mops?

By now, you should know the main things to consider when the time comes to buy your new mop. Just how you shouldn't neglect these things, you should also know the pros and cons of using mops. We've listed them below for you:

  • They are essential to clean your home.
  • Each type of floor requires a specific mop.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • Certain models require some effort to drain them thoroughly.
  • Choosing the wrong type of mop for your floor will lead to poor results.

Shopping Criteria

There are other particularly important criteria that you should be aware of and take into consideration if you want to make a satisfactory purchase. In the next section, we've detailed those key factors, and what role they should play in your final decision. Don't overlook them and you'll be happy with your new mop. These criteria are the following:

Type of mop

As you've discovered throughout our article, British market nowadays has hundreds of different types and styles of mops, so it's not just as easy as buying the traditional mop for your whole house if you want your floors to be gleaming. These new types of mop are more modern and better functioning than the old ones. They are, however, more expensive. But it's definitely worth is, since spin mops, for example, allow you to access hard-to-reach places, places where ordinary, traditional mops wouldn't fit.

Dust mops are also available: these versatile tools let you remove the dust from the floor, before cleaning it with very little liquid. These models are also useful to reach every little corner and offer excellent cleaning results. Evaluate the different options available on the market before choosing the model that best suits your needs.

cleaning floor with mop under Shelves

Depending on your frequency of use, you will need to change your mop from time to time. (Source: myibean: 85399727/


As we mentioned earlier, mops and buckets work hand in hand, which means that you should always try to buy the bucket that goes with your new mop. Remember that certain types of mop can only work with specific buckets due to their shape. Certain buckets make cleaning much easier.

This is the case of models that feature a pedal: this allows you to make almost no effort when wringing your mop. Other types of buckets are divided into two parts. The first one is designed to pour your clean water and the soap you'll use to clean, while the other is used to drain the dirty water. This method is particularly handy.

Sophie HinchliffeMrs HinchHome – Celebrity Influencer
"Cleaning is like a therapy for me, it helps me relax".


Another key factor to consider is the type of material that the mop is made with. Nowadays, certain options offer excellent cleaning results and speed up drying, such as microfibre. Some of the mops available on the market can now also be washed in the washing machine at 60ºC, so they last for ages!

If you opt for a cotton mop, remember that this material is suitable for the most resistant surfaces. Sponge mops, on the other hand, are ideal for floors you want to make shinier. Knowing how to select the best mop for each surface is the best way to be satisfied with your purchase.

Ease of use

Your new mop must be easy to use. Models with extendable sticks, for instance, help avoid back pain and other related problems. Opt for a lightweight mop that can easily access hard-to-reach places. Resistant models could also be a good idea, as they will not break during wringing.


As you may have noticed from our selection earlier, mop prices can greatly differ from one model to the next. Some will only set you back a few quid, while others are much more expensive. Value for money is something really important, as cheaper is not always better in terms of mops. You could spend a few more pounds and buy a really good one which could last you for years! Consider buying a mop with a bucket too, since you'll get better bang for your buck.


Mops are essential for every home, we already know this. But we hope you've learned that you can use them for daily cleaning, as well as deep cleaning or even if you've just spilled that cup of coffee in the kitchen again! Since the market offers so many options, you have to find the right one for your type of flooring and your needs, and we hope we've helped you with that decision.

Mops and buckets truly go hand in hand, and you should opt for a model that makes your life easier. Bear in mind that this will naturally increase your initial investment, but don't worry about that, you'll thank yourself when you don't have back pain after bending over that silly small sized mop stick you bought for a few quid. Certain mops also need specific buckets, or their efficiency will be greatly reduced. Last but not least, you'll quickly realise that mops with extendable sticks are much more comfortable.

We hope you found our ultimate guide on finding the best mop interesting. If that's the case, feel free to share this article on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below!

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