Last updated: August 6, 2021
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Despite the low temperatures in the winter months, many people do not want to do without the fresh air or the starry sky. A mushroom heater can help here. This warms the surrounding air and enables a pleasant and warm stay outdoors.

Heated mushrooms are becoming more and more popular and are being used more and more often. In many areas of public life, it is hard to imagine life without them.

Whether for restaurateurs or private individuals, there is now a wide range of different types of mushroom heaters for the most diverse purposes. For this product comparison, we have compared different models of mushroom heaters and worked out the most important aspects.


  • Mushroom heaters or infrared heaters are used outdoors and are used to provide warmth. They come in two versions: electric and gas-powered mushroom heaters.
  • Important purchase criteria are the size, weight, material, colour, power and suitable gas cylinder size.
  • Mushroom heaters are available in a wide range of price categories. Good products are already available from a medium price range. Differences can be seen in the performance and practical functions.

The Best Mushroom Heater: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for mushroom heaters

In order to find the perfect mushroom heater, we have summarised some buying criteria for you to consider when buying. These criteria are intended to facilitate a comparison of the individual models so that you can make an objective and informed choice.

The criteria with which you can compare the mushroom heaters with each other include:


Should your mushroom heater be placed on a large terrace or rather on a small balcony? Depending on the place of use, you should make sure that it is of an appropriate size. On a large terrace, the space for a large mushroom heater is available and is also needed, because only then can the large area be sufficiently illuminated.

However, if you have a small balcony, you can do without a large mushroom heater and get a small one instead, which not only saves space but is also easier to handle.

It is important to note that the size of a mushroom heater does not necessarily indicate its performance. This does not mean that the larger the mushroom heater, the higher the heat output


Depending on the purpose for which the mushroom heater is used and where it is installed, it is important to pay attention to the weight of the mushroom heater. If the mushroom heater is used for a longer period of time and is not moved, a light and small mushroom heater is not absolutely necessary.

However, if you use your mushroom heater very rarely and would like to stow it away when not in use, it should be as handy and easy to move as possible.


Different materials can differ not only in appearance but also in durability. You should therefore make sure that the material can withstand the high heat and, in the best case, conducts it only slightly or not at all. This reduces or eliminates the risk of burns on contact. Different materials also have different resistance to impact and may therefore show more or less dents.


Whether black, white or metal colours. When choosing the colour of your mushroom heater, you should pay particular attention to where you plan to set it up. If you plan to place it large and conspicuous on your large terrace or in the garden, an eye-catching colour can serve as an eye-catcher.

If the mushroom heater is only to be used for heating and little attention is paid to its appearance, a simple colour that blends in with the surroundings will suffice.


Mushroom heaters for the catering trade and mushroom heaters for the average consumer can differ greatly in their performance. In the catering trade, they often run for several hours at a time and are intended to warm several people at different tables. In this case, you should make sure to buy mushroom heaters with a high output. If the mushroom heaters are only to heat a small area, it is sufficient if they have a low heat output.

Suitable gas cylinder size

Small mushroom heaters can only be operated by small gas cylinders with a low gas content. In the case of large mushroom heaters, large gas cylinders with a significantly higher content volume can also be connected. So if you are only planning to use the mushroom heater for a short period of time, mushroom heaters to which only small gas cylinders can be connected are sufficient.

If you use mushroom heaters very often, you will need more gas or larger gas cylinders. To save a lot of work, you should make sure that your mushroom heater is also suitable for large gas bottles. Please note that the connected gas bottle and the corresponding volume of gas do not correspond to the performance of the mushroom heater

Guide: Frequently asked questions about mushroom heaters answered in detail

In the following, we have answered the most important questions about the topic of mushroom heaters. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

For whom are mushroom heaters suitable?

Whether gastronomy or private individuals. Heated mushrooms are suitable for almost everyone. Private individuals who like to be independent of the weather and don't want to miss out on fresh air even in colder outdoor temperatures can partly escape the low temperatures with the help of mushroom heaters.


During the winter season, restaurateurs lose many customers in the outdoor area due to the cold months. Mushroom heaters can help there. (Image source: Alisa Anton/ Unsplash)

Likewise, mushroom heaters are very suitable for restaurateurs who often have to reckon with a lower volume of customers in outdoor areas, especially during the winter season. Due to the ban on smoking in restaurants, many smokers had to freeze outside. In addition, heaters became more important than ever, especially because of the Corona pandemic. Many people would like to be outside in the fresh air so that they can better comply with hygiene regulations.

What types of mushroom heaters are there?

On the one hand, there are mushroom heaters that run on gas. The advantage of this variant is that it is transportable and only relies on gas. However, this variant has disadvantages for the environment. This is because the combustion of the gas produces carbon dioxide. Because of this, gas-powered mushroom heaters are banned in many cities and municipalities. For private use, however, they are permitted without restriction. Some manufacturers also offer environmentally friendly versions.

Electric mushroom heaters are dependent on electricity. They are therefore not suitable for use in every location. They are operated with infrared and are therefore a more environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered mushroom heaters. They are also easy on the wallet, as electricity is much cheaper than gas cartridges.

The wattage of both versions should be taken into account. While mushroom heaters with gas are not limited in their output, the output of electric mushroom heaters is usually limited to 3000W to protect the fuses.

What do mushroom heaters cost?

The price of mushroom heaters can vary greatly depending on their type, size or power. The following table provides an overview of gas-powered and electric mushroom heaters.

Price range Electric mushroom heaters Price range Gas-powered mushroom heaters
(30 - 50 €)
Heater that is screwed onto the gas cartridge. Small size Low-priced (30 - 60€) Mostly as a ceiling heater with low power (up to 1500 Watt). Remote control partly available
(50 - 200 €)
For standing with a high output. Several heat settings possible Medium-priced (60 - 100€) With stand and multi-level temperature control possible. Power up to 2100 Watt
(from 200 €)
Noble design and a power of up to 13000 watts. Mostly stepless regulation available. Wheels for transport High-priced (from 100 €) Noble design and high wattage. Energy-saving function and height-adjustable

Our ranking shows that high-quality mushroom heaters are already available from a medium price range, which have a sufficient and partly already extensive range of features.

How dangerous are mushroom heaters?

It is not only the environment that can be harmed by mushroom heaters. They can also be dangerous for people. Too close a distance or even touching them can lead to burns. Because of this, small children in particular should not come near them.

In addition, easily combustible objects should not be kept near mushroom heaters or even hung over them to dry, for example, towels or clothes. Care should also be taken with the covers, which should ideally be purchased from a specialist dealer.

Because of the carbon dioxide produced by gas-powered mushroom heaters, they must not be used indoors and are only approved for outdoor use. Otherwise carbon dioxide poisoning may occur.

How time-consuming is the installation?

Depending on the model, size and type of the mushroom heater, the installation will take different amounts of time and effort. With small floor or ceiling heaters, it is usually sufficient to hang or place them and connect the cable or cartridge.

For larger mushroom heaters, the individual components usually have to be assembled. Some dealers already include the necessary tools to make assembly easier.

The assembly usually consists of a few repetitive steps in which screws and nuts have to be tightened. The entire assembly should not take too much time and is designed to be easy.


To brave the low temperatures during the cool winter months, mushroom heaters are an asset. Thanks to the possibility to choose between gas-powered and electric mushroom heaters, they can be static or portable depending on your needs. When buying a mushroom heater, keep in mind what you intend to do with it. Important comparison points are the size, the weight or the material, but also the colour and the performance are important purchase criteria.

More and more people, whether in the catering trade or as private individuals, are buying mushroom heaters. As already explained, good mushroom heaters are available even on a small budget. However, you should always make sure that the mushroom heaters are permitted for your area of application and that mushroom heaters are not toys and can be dangerous.

Image source: Achudh Krishna/ Unsplash