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Thank you for being attentive to each new delivery, we welcome you once again to Reviewbox. Today we are going to talk about nebulisers, a product that has become the superhero of every patient suffering from respiratory or other serious illnesses.

Technology in medicine has advanced so much that finding different models of nebulisers is no surprise to us, so we have prepared the best information about each of these types so that you can find out which one is the most suitable for you.

And of course, as well as informing you about the characteristics of nebulisers, we will also tell you which are the best and most popular ones on the market, so that you have the best points of comparison when making your choice.

The Best Nebuliser: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Buying a product that will become a fundamental part of your life and your health can be a little complicated if you don't have the most relevant knowledge, that's why today we have prepared a buying guide with all the information you need about nebulisers to make your purchase easier.

Using a nebuliser can help you control your respiratory illnesses and even improve them as a whole. (Photo: belchonock /

What is a nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a medical device in which a liquid medicine is placed in small doses. It has a device called a cloud, which conducts air through a plastic tube that is connected to each end of it and another in a plastic mask that is placed over the mouth or through a mouthpiece.

The air enters a compression chamber through an orifice, which has a filter that controls the passage of any type of particle, dust, among others. This air is transmitted in a forced way with a motor. After passing through the compression chamber, the air is expanded to one of the outlets or orifices.

What are the advantages?

Nowadays, nebulisers are one of the most useful medical devices in the treatment of different patients, so we could say that the main one that we find in them is the fact that it helps to improve notoriously diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, which is so common nowadays in so many people.

Another advantage of nebulisers is the ease of use and the fact that patients do not suffer an unpleasant experience, as they only work by exhaling air containing the medication prescribed for the improvement of their condition. Another reason why it is a super popular treatment.

  • Controls multiple diseases
  • Ease of use
  • Pleasant user experience
  • Popular and effective treatment
  • You can have one at home
  • Can be expensive to purchase
  • Requires prior knowledge to use
  • Some maintenance

Ultra sonic, jet or mesh nebuliser - what should you look out for?

It is more than logical that a medical treatment of this type has different variations, as medical technology is advancing every day, so today we want to talk in detail about each type, to increase your knowledge.

Ultra sonic nebuliser: They are of the portable type, so they have a battery. They are much less noisy and the speed at which they work is significantly higher. It does not have a compressor for the air, as it uses ultrasonic waves to produce the aerosol.

This nebuliser works with vibration energy, which is at a notoriously high frequency, so the stronger the vibrations, the smaller the particles that are generated will become. This device is capable of nebulising a very large amount of liquid, which makes it one of the most popular.

Jet nebuliser: Jet nebulisers are one of the cheapest and easiest to use. It works by electric current and its mode of use consists of placing the liquid medicine in the cup, which then passes through the compressor tube and spreads it to the nozzle.

The jet nebuliser produces the aerosol when the air comes into contact with the cup, when the fluid pressure is produced it causes the liquid to rise in the form of small droplets, these can be inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Mesh nebuliser: The most effective type of nebuliser of all, as well as the most expensive. These can be battery operated. They use a vibrating mesh to produce the aerosol of liquid medication, but require frequent cleaning.

You can also find the static mesh nebuliser, in which pressure is generated in the liquid medication so that it is transported through the holes in the mesh to generate the aerosol.

Ultra Sonic Nebuliser Jet Nebuliser Mesh Nebuliser
Price Medium Low High
For all types of medication Yes No Yes
Power source Battery Battery Battery or power outlet

Are inhalers the same as nebulisers?

Believe it or not, there are many patients who tend to confuse inhalers with nebulisers, so today we want to tell you about the similarities and differences that separate them completely:

Although both are used to treat diseases such as bronchitis or asthma, these two types of treatment work very differently. Inhalers have a small pump, which contains the medicine that is already sprayed under pressure into the pump.

The person using it has to press down on the pump so that the pressurised dose of medicine comes out at the same time as they inhale. They are a more convenient type of treatment to carry, as they can even be carried in a pocket, but they tend to be slower to improve the condition.

Nebulisers are generally much more effective, however, the treatment time is more laborious, as the doses are delivered over several minutes, unlike inhalers, which deliver small doses in just seconds. It is clear that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nebulisers, on the other hand, have a different way of working, which we have already mentioned. We don't want to tell you that one is better than the other, but to specify that it depends on the type of treatment and the patient's condition as to which of the two should be used.

How much does a nebuliser cost?

As you have seen throughout this article, nebulisers come in many types, so it is quite logical that their prices vary depending on which one you buy. We recommend that you evaluate your budget very carefully, as this can make your purchase much easier.

You can find a high quality nebuliser, with no risk of failure, for between MXN 2,200 to MXN 1,000, while a much better quality, more basic nebuliser can easily be found for between MXN 800 to MXN 400. Affordable prices for all budgets.

Where to buy a nebuliser?

There are countless places where you can buy the nebuliser that best suits your treatment needs, including Medical Center and Lanceta HG Polanco. We recommend that you consult your doctor about the best options in order to purchase a quality product.

We know that being in an intensive search for any type of product can become extremely tedious, so if what you want is a more comfortable search with a greater variety of prices and models, you can always access the best digital platforms, which are Amazon and Mercadolibre.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of Nebulisers

Purchasing a product that will become a fundamental part of your medical treatment requires a lot of care, so we believe it is prudent to inform you that there are many aspects that should be taken into account before purchasing your nebuliser, as this could make your purchase more satisfactory.

  • Power sources
  • Mask type
  • Child nebuliser
  • Adult nebuliser
  • Dose
  • Accessories

Power supply

Evaluating the power source of your nebuliser will allow you to know which one is the most convenient for you, so first you should know which are the types that exist, so that at the moment of making the purchase decision you will have a better vision of the nebuliser that suits you best.

Batteries: Portable nebulisers will always have batteries as a power source, as this makes transportation much easier. This type of nebulizer has a good performance, so it is recommended for those who need to have their doses constantly can do it from anywhere.

Motor: Nebulisers with a motor can be portable, however they are heavier. Their performance is quite good, which makes them one of the most popular. These types of nebulisers are generally recommended for home use, as portability can be difficult.

Power outlet: Nebulisers that have the power outlet as their power source are quite efficient. Most users choose to purchase one for this reason. If you want a nebuliser that is easy to carry, this is definitely the one we recommend for you.

Motor driven foggers are usually one of the most efficient foggers. (Photo: belchonock /

Type of mask

As crazy as it may sound, when buying your nebuliser you should evaluate the quality and type of oxygen mask, because if you buy one that is not strong enough or of good quality, it may deteriorate over time.

Simple mask: This type of mask is the most common one you can find. It has side holes, which allow the air that has been inhaled to escape. The air flow that is administered ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. They are recommended for short treatments, as they are not very comfortable.

Mask with reservoir: The quality of this type of mask is better. It makes the flow of the treatment lower, so the concentration of oxygen it provides is much better. This mask contains a bag at the lower end which improves the dosage of the medication. Recommended for more intense treatments.

Venturi mask: These are one of the best masks; they have a small device on the inside that sucks in air from the outside and mixes it with the oxygen contained in the medication. This type of mask is mostly used when the patient's treatment requires greater care in delivering the doses.

Children's nebuliser

It goes without saying that the use of nebulisers is not limited to adults, as a large percentage of children or babies suffer from bronchitis or asthma, so if you wish to purchase a nebuliser for your little one, we recommend that you find out more about their use.

Nebulisers of this type differ markedly from those for adults, so it is very important to be aware of them. One of the main characteristics that separate them from each other is the fact that children's nebulisers are smaller and may be in the shape of animals or colourful toys.

It may be thought that nebulisers for adults are also suitable for children, however, this is not recommended, as children's nebulisers have a different pressure, which makes the flow of oxygen different; this is because the doses of the medicine must be better controlled in children.

Adult nebuliser

Now, if you want to buy a nebuliser to treat yourself or a loved one who is an adult, you need to be well informed about the nebulisers dedicated to this age group, because if you buy a different one, such as a children's nebuliser, the treatment may not work as expected.

The main reason why adults require the use of a nebuliser is the presence of respiratory diseases that were not controlled from an earlier age or that simply appeared over time and made their presence felt at that time in their lives.

Adult nebulisers have a different type of dosage than children's nebulisers, as having a respiratory disease that has been nurtured over the years requires a much stronger dose of treatment, in order to see quicker and more beneficial results for them.


This aspect goes hand in hand with the previous ones; you may not think so, but it has a lot to do with it, so it is important that you pay attention to it if you are thinking of acquiring a nebuliser for your home, as it could save you some uncomfortable moments or the complete spoiling of your treatment.

Another important aspect you have to take into account is the fact that the dosage for children is very different from that of adults, so if you have a child at home who has the same condition as you and you think that your treatment might work for them, you are totally wrong and the only thing you will do is harm them.

Many patients who have had nebulisation as a treatment method for many years believe that they know which dose will work best for them and although these can be learnt by heart, it is always advisable to consult your doctor, as self-medication is highly risky for your health.

It is important that when purchasing your nebuliser you check with your doctor about the correct doses for you. (Photo: belchonock /


There are some accessories for your nebuliser that will make it work properly. You should know that there are some models that do not include these, so it is important to be attentive when making your purchase, as it will help to have the best points of comparison when making your purchase.

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is another method by which the patient can receive their treatment. They are mostly used by children, as they make the treatment dose smaller and the treatment time shorter. They are similar to inhaler mouthpieces, one reason why they are often confused with nebulisers.

Air filter: The air filter is one of the indispensable accessories that you should even have as a spare. The air filter is the one that allows the pressure of your nebuliser to be completely stabilised, so that when you start your treatment there is no circumstance of any kind of failure.

PVC tube: When you buy your nebuliser it is more than clear that you will get a PVC tube, since it is the one that will transmit the air flow from the machine to the mask or mouthpiece, however, it is advisable to buy a spare one, as this type of tube tends to deteriorate too easily.

Antibacterial filter: Finally we have the antibacterial filter, if not the most important accessory. This filter is the one that prevents the passage of malicious particles in the oxygen that the patient is inhaling during treatment. All nebulisers have this, however, it is recommended to have a spare.

(Featured image photo: belchonock /

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