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When we breastfeed our baby, we form a very special bond that cannot be described. However, breastfeeding isn't an easy task – especially at the beginning. This is why it is important to do this in a comfortable and soothing place where both our baby and we can enjoy this moment: the nursing chair.

This type of armchair is designed to create a cozy environment for both mother and child. Its various benefits have turned this childcare article into a moms' favorite and one of the most used products today. If you still have doubts about nursing chairs, our guide tells you everything there is to know regarding them.

Key Facts

  • If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, you probably know that this can be very challenging at times. A nursing chair is the ideal accessory to make the most of this special moment with your baby.
  • This comfortable chair promotes both your wellbeing and that of your little one during feeding. You will also reap various other benefits that we will discuss throughout this article.
  • There are various key factors to consider when picking the right nursing chair for your needs. These include its comfort, size, or manufacturing materials, among others.

Our Selection: The Best Nursing Chairs

Fortunately for you, there is a wide range of breastfeeding products on the market. However, this also means that making the right decision can get difficult. In the following section, we have selected some of the best models out there to help you in your search for a new nursing chair.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Nursing Chairs

For centuries now, this childcare article has accompanied mothers during the first months following birth. However, many people still don't know exactly how useful and beneficial this product can be. In the section below, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about this type of armchair.

The structure of the chair allows you to have a straight back while breastfeeding your baby.
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What is a nursing chair exactly?

It is one of the most essential and practical accessories when you decide to breastfeed your baby. Its design is tailored to providing comfort and encourages correct posture during feeding, making this potentially exhausting task much smoother. Here is a list of the main benefits that nursing chairs offer:

  • The structure of the chair allows the mother to have a straight back while breastfeeding the baby, reducing the onset of pain.
  • The rocking minimizes the feeling of tiredness in the arms and promotes blood flow.
  • Nursing chairs help relieve stress and provide comfort.
  • The rocking also favors the production of breast milk.
  • This movement calms the symptoms of colic, a widespread condition in infants.
  • The balancing induces relaxation and sleep.

As you can see, nursing chairs provide a wide array of advantages that will make your life easier. This is why they have become so popular among mothers. Besides, they come in many different designs, so that you choose the model that best suits your tastes and needs.

What types of nursing chairs are there?

When it comes to nursing chairs, we actually speak of designs rather than types because all maintain similar features and structures. That being said, let's have a look at three main styles available on the market, which are the results of the evolution of this childcare item over the years:

  • Traditional nursing chair: This is the most classic model. They are particularly cozy and soft, with a very relaxing rocking movement that creates the ideal environment while breastfeeding your baby.
  • Design-inspired nursing chair: Nowadays, you can find products with very different designs and shapes to blend into the decor of any room. They offer the very same features as traditional models.
  • Double nursing chair: The latest arrivals on the market, they are perfect for sharing this special moment. Both parents can fit in and be present, improving the bond with the baby.

Needless to say that each style has a vast market of its own, which allows you to find the nursing chair in which you will feel most comfortable. This is, therefore, the most critical factor to take into account. Don't forget that you want to create the coziest place possible to enjoy this extraordinary moment.

Nursing chairs help relieve stress and provide comfort.
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What is the ideal nursing chair?

We can't emphasize enough on the fact that comfort is essential for both the mother and the baby during feeding. For this reason, and despite everyone having their own personal preferences, we can establish a list of key characteristics for a practical nursing chair. Keep the following in mind to get the most out of your model:

  • It must be comfortable since you will spend a lot of time sitting in it.
  • It must rock as smoothly as possible. Too many things are going on at that moment to dedicate extra effort to move it.
  • The height is critical. It should allow you to get up easily even when you have your baby in your arms. The same goes for the depth of the nursing chair.
  • Adjustable and reclining models are your best friends.
  • It should have armrests, as they help relieve tension and reduce pain and fatigue. In addition, they make it simpler for you to hold your little one.
  • It is also recommended to have a footrest to reduce back strain.
  • Finally, cleaning should be effortless. Don't forget that your nursing chair will likely get stained frequently.

It can be tough to keep track of so many factors, but we strongly encourage you to do your best to take into account as many as possible. The more you do, the more practical and useful your nursing chair will be. Again, remember that comfort comes first.

For centuries now, nursing chairs have accompanied mothers during the first months following birth.
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Where should I place my nursing chair?

You may not believe in this, but many Feng Shui experts – an ancient Chinese science – say that where we place certain objects helps to harmonize a room and balance its energies. In this case, as what we want to achieve with the nursing chair is to create a space of well-being, it is important to take into account the location.

As you may know already, the best location for your nursing chair is your nursery – where your baby sleeps after feeding. This simple fact prevents your little one from feeling confused, which favors relaxation and rest. Here is a useful little video on how to create a functional nursery in your home:

In what positions can I breastfeed my baby?

The position in which you hold your baby greatly influences the quality and the feeling of comfort of the child during feeding. While every mother eventually finds the position that best works for her, there is usually an adaptation period during which they try various possibilities. In the table below, we have listed the most popular ones to help you get comfy faster:

Position When? How?
Cross-cradle After birth Sit down and place the baby against you, so that your bellies are facing each other.
Cradle After the first two months Rest your baby on the arm on the same side as the nursing breast. Make slow movements.
Side-lying Ideal at night, either in the nursing chair or in bed Extend one arm and rest your baby on it, holding their body with the arm and their head with your hand.
Football  If you have very large breasts or after a C-section The baby rests lengthwise on pillows.

These are just a few of the most popular positions that are comfortable for both mothers and babies. Try them out to see which best works for you two. In addition, many mothers use different postures depending on the time of day or the mood of the little one.

The height of the nursing chair should allow you to get up easily, even when you have your baby in your arms.
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What are some tips for using my nursing chair?

Breastfeeding isn't an easy task, especially at first. Like everything that revolves around babies, there are many influencing factors that you need to be aware of. When it comes to using a nursing chair, the most important is that you remain calm and pass this on to your baby. Here is a list of simple tips to make your life easier:

  • Both of you should feel comfortable at all times. Before breastfeeding, calm your baby in a cozy place that you both know.
  • While you may think that placing the nipple in your baby's mouth is the most effective method, this is not the case.
  • Slowly bring the nipple closer to your baby's mouth. They will open the mouth themselves once they notice it.
  • If the mouth is already open, place the nipple pointing to their palate so they can start suckling easily.
  • Ideally, your baby's head, ears, shoulders, and head should be aligned for greater comfort.

If you follow these tips to the letter and your little one doesn't adapt immediately, don't blame yourself. Some babies cannot get used to breastfeeding or need more time to adjust to it. Nipple shields are a great accessory to have, too. Feel free to consult your pediatrician for more specific instructions if you are having difficulties.

Buyer's Guide

Considering the amount of time that you will be spending sitting in your nursing chair, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this purchase is an important one. This is why you should evaluate a series of fundamental criteria before getting your own. In the following section, we have detailed these aspects to help you make the right decision.


There are two reasons why this is the very first criterion that you should take into account. First of all, remember that we discussed the importance of having your nursing chair in an environment that is suitable for the job that you have to do. In that regard, make sure that you have enough space for it.

In addition to the general size of the chair, have a good look at the depth of the seat, the distance to the floor, and the length of the backrest. All of these ultimately determine how comfortable the nursing chair is. Remember that you should be able to stand up without using your hands.

Ariane GoldmanFounder of HATCH Collection
"The key to a good glider is that it’s comfortable enough to play host to constant late-night feedings and endless rocking sessions (often coupled with podcast-listening or mindless Instagram scrolling), but it’s not so big and bulky that it consumes the entire nursery."


The manufacturing material of the nursing chair is naturally another decisive factor in your purchase. Note that wood and metal are the most commonly used materials. The former is particularly stable, very durable, and creates beautiful designs that look wonderful in any room.

Metal, on the other hand, allows much lighter and more ergonomic armchairs to be manufactured. This is why it is another favorite among mothers. The choice you will make depends solely on your tastes or preferences, as each offers different benefits.


Now that we have discussed the structure of the nursing chair, let's focus on its core: the padding. We keep repeating that the primary purpose of this childcare article is to create a comfortable space in which mother and baby can share this special moment.

For this reason, your main priority is to find a well-padded model in which you won't feel uncomfortable after a while sitting down. In addition, we can't forget to mention the armrests and footrests, two fundamental elements when it comes to comfort.


Our final criterion is portability. This refers to the possibility of moving the nursing chair from one room to another, or, taking it out to the terrace once summer arrives. Since the location is so important, some mothers prefer to have two different chairs.

On the one hand, they have one that remains in the nursery for everyday use. On the other hand, a lighter and generally smaller armchair allows them to move it around to suit the needs of specific moments. The most important is that you have the freedom to breastfeed wherever you want.


Nursing chairs are a great help for any mother who has decided to breastfeed her baby. This creates a very special bond for which you need to be in the most comfortable environment possible. This is why these childcare articles are so useful.

They allow both the mother and the baby to feel snug and enjoy the incredible moment that breastfeeding is to the maximum. In addition, nursing chairs offer advantages such as the reduction of back or arm pains that are so common during feeding. Have you tried them yet? If not, don't wait any longer!

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