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Are you always annoyed if you weren't at home when your parcel should have been delivered? Now you have to make your way to the nearest post office to pick up your parcel.

You can save yourself this stress with a parcel post box. Even if you can't pick up your parcel, the postman will put your delivery in the parcel box. Just take it out when you get home!

The Parcel Box Guide is designed to help you make this important decision. The various advantages and disadvantages of the different parcel boxes are explained. Furthermore, some important criteria for the purchase decision are listed. We want to help you get a better overview of your parcel box.


  • A parcel post box takes care of the annoying problem of driving to the post office if you weren't home when the postman rang. With this box, the delivery service can put your parcel in the depot, from where only you can take it out again. A very simple and stress-free delivery!
  • Parcel boxes are available in a wide variety of materials. A box made of stainless steel is perfect for outdoors. The steel will withstand any storm, whereas a textile parcel box should only be used indoors.
  • There are different parcel sizes. Before you buy a parcel post box, you should be clear about how large your deposit flap or the entire box should be. If the deposit box is too small, larger parcels may not be delivered because there is no room for them.

The Best Parcel Box: Our Choices

Parcel boxes: buying and evaluation criteria

When buying a parcel post box, some criteria can be decisive. Only you can decide which are the most important. The evaluation criteria can, of course, vary from person to person, as everyone has different preferences.

The criteria you can use to compare bike coats and tyres include:

With or without multiple insertion

Deciding whether your parcel post box should be with or without a multiple slot is very important. The following paragraphs explain both options.

With multiple insertion

Multiple insertion is made possible by an insertion flap. This means that several parcels and letters can be inserted without having to empty the parcel post box in between.

A parcel post box with multiple insertion works as follows:

The flap of the box is opened and the parcel is placed in the flap. Then it is closed again. When the flap is closed, the parcel falls into the inner space - which is also called the depot. The flap is now free again and the next parcel can be inserted until the depot is full.

The flap protects the contents of the parcel post box and prevents unauthorised removal.

However, you have to make sure that the parcel fits exactly through the flap. Otherwise it cannot be closed completely.

This mechanism is not used for foldable or collapsible models.

Without multiple insertion

A parcel post box without multiple insertion is also used for foldable or collapsible models. With this variant, only the parcel of a single deliverer can be placed.

After a parcel has been dropped off, the box must be opened and emptied by the owner so that the next parcel can be dropped in.

This parcel post box has a lock that is locked after a parcel has been dropped in. The lock is triggered by the parcel carrier.

There are three different types of locking:

  • By pressing a button
  • By pulling a wire rope
  • Self-locking after the lid has been closed

With this variant, however, a letterbox should still be used, as the box without multiple insertion is specifically for parcels. However, a separate letter slot on the parcel letterbox could solve this problem.


There is a choice of different materials for parcel post boxes. Each raw material brings its own advantages.

  • Stainless steel: A stainless steel parcel post box is perfect for outdoors. Unlike other materials, steel is very resistant to wind and weather. This is also reflected in the longevity of the raw material. The stainless steel mailbox is not only convincing in its functionality, but also in its appearance.
  • Textile: This parcel post box differs from the standard objects. Textile is very practical, but more susceptible to damage. Because of this, a parcel post box made of textile should only be hung inside a house (multi-party house). In the open air, the material would not remain undamaged for long.
  • Plastic: A plastic parcel post box has the advantage that it is available in many different colours. It is also rustproof and easy to clean. Cleaning this model is also very easy. The plastic is also well suited for outdoor installation.

Parcel slot volume

The size of the parcel post box plays a role in whether the delivery can even find room in the depot. The size of the insertion flap is also decisive here.

The different sizes of parcels can vary from mail-order company to mail-order company and differ somewhat. Nevertheless, they can be divided into approximate standard sizes.

Size unit dimensions in cm size ratio for illustration
XS 22.5 x 14.5 x 3.0 cm books and CDs
S 25.0 x 17.5 x 10.0 cm T-shirts, model kits and smartphones
M 37.5 x 30.0 x 13.5 cm shoes and files
L 45.0 x 35.0 x 20.0 cm boots or several items of clothing

However, it depends on what your preferences are. Do you tend to order larger parcels or is a small parcel box sufficient?

Note that if you order several smaller items, the depot can fill up quickly.

Useful extras

There are useful extras for parcel boxes that will make life easier for you or the postman. We will now introduce you to a few of these special features.

  • Separate letter slot: It can be useful to have a separate letter slot, especially for parcel boxes without a multiple slot. This means that the deposit does not have to be emptied again after every letter or parcel. A separate letter slot saves you a lot of time and trouble.
  • Name plate: A name plate on your parcel post box would be an advantage for your postman. It saves him a lot of stress and time. The name plate enables him to assign your parcel to the right box in no time at all.
  • Bell: With an integrated bell on your parcel post box, your postman can give you a sign that your parcel is now in the depot. Of course, this function is only useful if you are at home. Otherwise, the next time you open the box, you will find out that your parcel has found its way to you.
  • Roofing: A roof is advantageous for parcel boxes that are placed outdoors. Especially in bad weather, the posted parcels and letters cannot get wet and be damaged.

Parcel boxes: frequently asked questions and answers

The following section is intended to clear up all your inconsistencies. Before you buy a parcel post box, there are of course some unanswered questions that need to be clarified. This section is intended to help you with this.

What is a parcel post box?

A parcel post box can be compared to a conventional letter box. Here, too, the postman can drop letters and brochures into the box as usual.

However, there is a small difference. The parcel post box has a much larger cavity and, as a result, more space for the mail. This means that parcels can also be thrown in.


A parcel post box can be a real relief for you. There is no more waiting for the post. You can stay away as long as you like and your parcel will still find its way to you.
(Image source: Annie Spratt / Unsplash)

More and more people are ordering online. Accordingly, more and more parcels are being sent to their future owners by the post office. But if you are not at home to receive the parcel, you have a problem.

But not with a parcel post box. Here, the parcels can simply be dropped in and it is no longer necessary to receive the bundle in person. This saves you a trip to the nearest post office the next day.

A parcel post box is particularly suitable for people who are rarely at home.

It saves them a lot of travel and hassle. A letterbox with parcel function can also prove useful for people who like to order online.

What types of parcel post boxes are there?

There are different types of parcel post boxes to choose from. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Type of parcel post box Description
(Free-)Standing parcel post box The (free-)standing parcel post box can be placed in a wide variety of locations. If it is not screwed on, it can be moved again and again at will.
Solid parcel post box for hanging The solid parcel post box for hanging is somewhat smaller. It can be attached to walls and is therefore very space-saving. The solid model protects the parcels from bad weather
Foldable parcel post box for hanging The foldable parcel post box for hanging is very unobtrusive and saves more space than other models when empty. It simply rolls out when in use so you can place the parcels inside.
Parcel post box for the staircase The parcel post box for the staircase is a foldable model. It is attached to your own front door with a strap.

For more details on the different parcel post boxes, they are explained in more detail in the following sections.

(Freestanding) parcel post box

As the name suggests, this version of the parcel post box can be freely placed. For this, you need enough space to make the letterbox accessible and visible to postmen.

A positive aspect of this type is that you have the most flexibility when placing the box. It can be placed in many different locations.

Many models can also be screwed to the house wall.

It is very important for a (free-)standing parcel post box that it stands on a stable foundation. This guarantees a solid stand during storms.

Most models of this type use a drop flap with a drop mechanism. This makes multiple insertion possible and the letterbox does not have to be emptied in between.

It should be noted, however, that many (free-)standing parcel post boxes do not have a roof. To avoid letters and parcels being damaged by the wet, it is best to fix the box as close as possible to the house wall.

  • Flexibility in placement
  • multiple posting possible
  • Requires stable foundation
  • Usually not roofed

Solid parcel post box for hanging

Models for hanging storage have many advantages. In contrast to (free-standing) parcel post boxes, they are the more discreet option.

Hanging parcel boxes are used especially when there is not enough space on the floor or there is no stable surface.

These boxes can be attached in many places: on house walls, garden fences, ... .

A solid parcel post box for hanging is not really different from a (free-)standing one. The mechanism is very similar. Both models make use of an insertion flap, which in turn allows for multiple insertion.

Since this variant is smaller than the (free-)standing parcel post box, the solid model is cheaper in comparison.

The internal volume of the box is not really smaller than that of the free-standing model. Larger parcels can also be inserted here.

  • Can be used even if space is limited
  • High flexibility when hanging up
  • Multiple deposit
  • Inexpensive
  • Interior volume somewhat smaller

Foldable parcel post box for hanging

Like the solid model, the foldable parcel post box for hanging can also be hung in a wide variety of places. It has a very discreet appearance and therefore does not spoil the overall look of your house.

When empty, the foldable version is very space-saving and more inconspicuous than the solid parcel box.

The lack of an access flap means that multiple insertions are not possible. However, the foldable parcel post box offers enough space for larger parcels.

  • Can be used even if space is limited
  • Highly flexible when hanging up
  • Space-saving
  • no multiple insertion

Parcel post box for the stairwell

In apartment buildings, there is usually not enough space for each resident to install his or her own parcel post box. There are therefore foldable models especially for these situations.

Parcel boxes for the staircase are attached to your own front door by means of a strap that is fastened to the inside of the door.

This variant is space-saving and can be removed quickly and easily.

  • Space-saving
  • Can be removed without leaving any residue
  • No solid variant possible

What does a parcel post box cost?

The cost range of a parcel box is very wide. As always, it depends on what criteria the customer looks for when buying.

For example, a parcel post box made of stainless steel is more expensive than one made of plastic. If you also want a separate letter slot or an integrated bell, this will also hit their wallet. Hanging models will also cost more than standing parcel boxes.

So there is no exact classification of costs. However, the following table should give you a certain guideline.

Price class costs in €
cheap under € 100
normal between € 100 and € 500
expensive from € 500

So it all depends on your purchase criteria how expensive your new parcel box will be.


Most people like to order online. No wonder you can also buy your new parcel post box there. When it is delivered, it will be the last parcel you have to wait for!
(Image source: Bench Accounting / Unsplash)

What are the alternatives to a parcel post box?

A direct alternative to a parcel post box would be a parcel bag. This has a similar functionality to the textile parcel boxes. The parcel sack is usually made of nylon or textile materials and can therefore be used indoors.

A completely different option would be to have your parcels sent directly to a nearby post office. If you travel a lot, this saves the postman a lot of time and effort. When you get back home, you can pick up your parcel at the post office.


If you have decided that you don't want a parcel box, you can rent a box from the post office. Your parcel will then be placed directly in this box.
(Image source: Maarten van den Heuvel / Unsplash)

Another alternative would be to write out a certificate of acceptance to your neighbour. Of course, this only works if you get along well with your neighbours and they agree.

With this option, the delivery person can simply hand over your package to your neighbour when you are not at home. They will then hold it for you until you pick it up again.

Where is the best place to put my parcel post box?

The location of your parcel post box is very important. It is advantageous to place the box in an easily visible location so that the delivery service can find it immediately.

With an integrated name plate, the parcel can be delivered correctly.

If it were hard to find, your parcel might not be delivered correctly. In addition, the postman wastes a lot of time and stress looking for the parcel post box. So hang your parcel post box right next to the front door or even on the garden fence if this placement is easy to spot.

How can I build a parcel post box myself?

You don't want to buy a parcel post box, but rather get a little creative and build one yourself. If you're that handy, here's a great tutorial for you.

For a homemade wooden parcel post box you need:

number materials needed
6 wooden boards - 6 mm thick
12 wooden beams (4 posts, 4 longitudinal beams, 4 cross beams)
1 drill
/ chipboard screws
6 bolts
2 hinges
/ screws
4 hasps for padlock
1 padlock
4 castors (optional)

The parcel box will have a height of 60 cm, a width of 100 cm and a depth of 50 cm.

The cover plate will intentionally remain 2 cm longer on all sides. This prevents water from getting into the box.

Step 1

In the first step we build the basic frame of the parcel post box. For this we take the wooden beams (50 x 50 mm).

From these we make the following parts:

  • Saw 4 longitudinal beams to a length of 100 cm
  • Saw 4 cross beams to a length of 40 cm
  • Saw 4 posts to a length of 50 cm

Now we assemble the lower and the upper frame. This is fastened with chipboard screws.

The 4 posts are attached between the upper and lower frames.

Step 2

Before the wooden boards are now attached, you must mark the drill holes. Once this step is done, you can use the drill to pre-drill the holes at a distance of 25 - 30 cm.

Then fasten the wooden panels to the frame with the screws.

Step 3

In the third step, the hinges are fixed to the frame.

To do this, the holes should be measured beforehand so that you can then fix them exactly to the top panel with the drill.

Then the sharp edges of the parcel post box can be rounded off with sandpaper.

Step 4

For the locking system we use hasps. Mark and drill the holes for these. Afterwards, the hold-ups can be fastened with screws.

Your parcel post box can now be locked with a padlock.

Optionally, castors can be attached to the floor with screws.

With the following video, you can now see what you have learned in theory in practice.


A parcel post box is a great purchase for people who travel a lot and are therefore not often at home. This makes it possible to store the parcel in the box and simply take it out when you return home. This saves you a trip to the post office.

The many advantages of a parcel post box will quickly convince you of its worth. There is something for everyone, as they can be chosen in many different ways: large, small, standing, hanging, for indoors or outdoors. A parcel post box is a perfect addition to your home.

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