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The iconic German toy brand Playmobil has been entertaining young boys and girls for over 45 years. Despite its longevity, it has managed to reinvent itself and adapt to the times. Its varied product lines constantly change and remain current, fresh, and of course, hilarious.

Each Playmobil game set portrays a scene. There are scenes of everyday life, nature, or fantasy. Thanks to this great variety, you can be sure to find the perfect set for your little one. In addition, Playmobil also has many benefits for your child's development and can spark their interest in several different subjects.

Key Facts

  • When choosing the perfect Playmobil toy, consider your child's interests and find the product that best suits them
  • Take advantage of the variety of scenes and themes of the different Playmobil lines. You can help motivate your child to learn more about nature or ancient history
  • The educational content, the age of your child, and their interests should all be considered when making a purchase. You want to choose the best product for you, and of course, your child

Our Selection of the Best Playmobil toys

We love Playmobil because they encourage kids to invent their own stories from the scenes depicted in their sets. The scenes can be fantasy, historical, or scenes from everyday life. There are also countless of funny options! To help you choose the best ones, we have included several different options in our ranking.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Playmobil Toys

Although Playmobil has been on the market for several decades, it is constantly reinventing itself. The toys are similar to the ones you had as a child, but it is still worth knowing all of the relevant information before buying these products for your kids. In this section, we will answer the most common question from parents about Playmobil.

kids playing

Playmobil has a great variety of games for children.
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What is Playmobil?

Playmobil is a line of the German brand of toys known as Brandstätter. They have been not the market for 45 years, entertaining children of several generations. The company offers game sets and individual figures. The most iconic toy in the line is an adorable smiling humans that are approximately 7.5 centimeters called Klicky.

The little Klicky are the protagonists of different scenes that come with each set. There are different themes that represent fantasy scenes, nature scenes, or everyday life in the countryside or the city. They usually come with accessories and are very detailed.

Why is Playmobil recommend for kids?

The main reason parents love Playmobil for their children is that is allows symbolic play. That is, the game allows children to simulate narratives and situations. This is essential in a child's emotional and social skills development. Playmobil toys contribute to your child's learning in many more ways. Here are a few:

  • Simulate their creativity:  Setting up a scene with a Playmobil set is very entertaining. Despite having a certain preset structure, the scenes allow fun modifications and can be played out in different scenarios. Most characters and buildings include accessories for your little ones to let their imagination free.
  • Motivates independent play: Some kids find it difficult to play alone without a playmate. Building a Playmobil game is an activity that catches the attention of kids very easily. The game requires a lot of concentration and attention. Therefore, it is the perfect game for your child to learn to play independently.
  • Great Teaching Potential: The sets help arouse your kids' curiosity about subjects like history and science. Toys from the history line, for example, allow children to discover different ancient civilizations. The animals included in the Wild Life line are very realistic and diverse.

What ages are recommended with Playmobil?

The main game lines of Playmobil are suitable for children of at least 4 years old. Younger children may be at risk of suffocation due to some small parts in the game packaging. However, there is a product line for children between one and three years, called Playmobil 1.2.3.

Although preteens seem to be interested in other things, there is no age limit for Playmobil. Many adults also enjoy putting together the fun scenes. There are even some sets created with adults in mind. There are also historical scenes, commemorating famous people from Germany, such as Martin Luther.

Did you know that Playmobil toys were launched in 1974? It is well remembered by adults, too!

How can I keep my child's Playmobil toys clean?

Playmobil products are extremely durable. Many children today even okay with their parent's old toys. As with all toys, constant use can wear them out and, of course, make them dirty. Luckily, cleaning them is not difficult, but it requires care, as they have small parts that can break when washing them.

We recommend a very simple homemade cleaning solution. You will need warm water, some dishwashing soap, and vinegar. Prepare the mixture in a bowl and soak the Playmobil pieces in it. If any part has stickers, do not leave them in the mixture for too long. Rinse the pierces with cold water using a strainer.


Playmobil toys stimulate your child's creativity.
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What product lines does Playmobil have?

Playmobil toys have a huge variety. There are currently more than twenty thematic lines within the brand. There are also product lines based on animated films, such as Ghostbusters, How To Train Your Dragon, or the newly released Playmobil: The movie. Next, we will explain the content of some of the main lines.

Product Line Content Ranking Examples
City Life Presents buildings and scenes of everyday life in the city. The realism of the sets in incomparable. Educational toys.
Wild Life Includes landscapes of nature and wild animals. Human figures in this line often represent explorers or wildlife researchers. Adventure Tree House Safari.
Pirates Treasure islands, ghost ships, and marine animals: Everything your little one will need to spark their imagination facing fierce pirates. Ship.
Action This line focuses on vehicles that are perfect for adventures. Includes race cards, cable cards, and rescue vehicles. Mountain rescue squad.
History Characters from the ancient civilizations of Rome and Egypt star in this line. It includes gladiators, pharaohs, and even historical figures, such as Cleopatra Pharaoh's Pyramid.

Shopping Criteria

Playmobil brand products have a huge variety. We love this diversity, because it guarantees that there is an ideal game for every child. However, this may also make it difficult to choose the perfect toy. When choosing a product for your son or daughter, you must take into account the following criteria.


As we explained in the previous section, Playmobil toys are suitable for both boys and girls at various ages. However, each product is suitable for different age ranges. If your child is under four years old, we recommend opting for line 1.2.3., as this will best suit their needs and does not include any small parts.

As your little ones grows, he can play with other lines in the brand. If you are looking for a toy for an older child or preteen, opt for more elaborate themes. A great option is the Top Agents line of secret agents. Older children may also be interested in products that represent historical scenes.

Did you know that Playmobil toys are popularly known as clicks? This is due to the noise they make when the pieces fit together.


We love the variety of scenes and themes of the Playmobil products. You are guaranteed to find a product for your child's specific interests. Therefore, it is important that you consider what subjects your child is passionate about. If they want to be a firefighter when they grow up, you can opt for a set that includes a fire station or a truck, for example.

Educational Content

Playmobil products are more than just toys. They can also help compliment your child's school education. The youngest of the house can learn important concepts such as colors or animals thanks to Playmobil's 1.2.3. line.

Products that simulate historical scenes can arouse the interest of your son or daughter in universal history.

Product Line

The brand has a huge amount of permanent lines as well as limited editions. The lines are distinguished by their themes, the age of the game, or movie-based content, for example. When choosing a product, go with the product line that best suits your child's needs and interests. In the previous section, we gave an overview of each of the different product lines.

playmobil troop

Playmobil toys are recommended for children aged 4 years and older.
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Consider what the right size is for your child's toy. If you are looking for a set for your little on to build in their room, for example, you can opt for something larger and more elaborate such as the Playground Set we included in our ranking. If you are looking for something small and portable, you can buy one of the vehicles in the Action line or an individual Klicky.


Playmobil is loved by parents, because it offers that nostalgia that reminds us of our childhood. It retains the eternal charm that fascinates children and adults alike and invites you to build a detailed and charming fantasy world. However, it also remains current and adapts to the times and new technologies.

It does not matter if your son or daughter is a fan of animals, if he dreams of being a policeman, or he loves stories about knights and dragons: there is a Playmobil toy for all interests and passions. Building one of these fun scenes and playing with the characters will awaken your child's creativity and imagination.

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