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Rag dolls have been in homes for generation after generation. Our grandparents played with them, our parents too, we did, and of course our children will, as well. They are characterized by being very soft and very endearing items. Available in myriad models, they will provide caring and fun moments for children.

Because they are made of fabric, these dolls are ideal for babies. They can hug them and sleep with them without fear of harming themselves. Since all of the little body is soft, there will be no risk for baby. We encourage you to take a look at this guide to buy the ideal rag doll for the children in the house.

Key Facts

  • These are very simple dolls, made of cloth and that stand out for being soft. Hence they are suitable even for newborns.
  • Rag dolls are distinguished by being sturdy and machine washable. They cannot hurt children or damage anything else and they take up little space, because they can be squeezed or compacted.
  • They represent tenderness and affection, while helping the fine motor skills of children and stimulating their imagination.

Ranking: The Best Rag Dolls

Babies are especially attached to rag dolls. Their parents can calm them with these toys, because they are so soft that children cannnothelp but love them. Over the years, they will become beautiful childhood memories. Below, you will find a list of some of the best rag dolls on the market today.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Rag Dolls

In their first months of life, children need soft and gentle toys, those that do not involve any risk. For this reason, rag dolls will make excellent options, since they are made of soft materials and do not contain any hard parts. To help you make an optimal choice, we tell you some essential details and options that yuo can find with the high-quality rag dolls on today's market.

Rag dolls stimulate children's imagination.
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What fabric is used to make rag dolls?

As the name implies, most rag dolls are made of 100% fabric. The cloth is a fabric that can be made of cotton, thread, wool or polyester, among others. The entire toy, then, is made of fabric, both the exterior and the interior filling. Hence his soft and tender to touch.

To decorate the dress or your hair, the dolls may include other types of materials. For example, it is very common that the hair is made of strips of wool or that the outfit incorporates buttons, beads or many other embellishments.

Despite having, some plastic elements, these dolls are very snuggly.

For what ages are rag dolls recommended?

Rag dolls are appropriate toys for any stage of a child's development, including when it is a newborn. It is clear that the age suitability of the toy will be noted by the manufacturer, but, in general terms, they are dolls suitable for all ages. Being very soft toys, they are especially recommended for babies.

Newborns need toys that cannot harm them, that are soft and do not contain small parts. Hence, items such as ragdolls or stuffed animals are among the most recommended for babies. As they grow, these toys will continue to be suitable, although kids may prefer more versatile ones.

Rag dolls are toys that invite you to hug them.
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Can you machine wash rag dolls?

One of the outstanding features of rag dolls is that they can be machine washed. This means that they allow total cleaning by being able to put in the washing machine whenever the parents deem it adviseable. Its suitability for the washing machine is explained by its materials. Being made of cloth, they are perfectly compatible with machine washing.

It is essential to consult the manufacturer's instructions regarding the optimum washing temperature. If the fabrics are resistant, ragdolls can most likely be washed up to 140 degrees. In any case, it is recommended that you wash them in a bag specially designed for delicate fabrics so that they are not damaged.

Rag dolls are toys that usually look happy and have optimistic expressions.
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What are the benefits of rag dolls to babies?

Rag dolls represent multiple benefits for the kids in the house. From birth, babies need to be subject to stimuli for proper development. At this point these dolls come into play, which assist their brain functions and allow them to relate to their environment without any risk of getting hurt.

Thanks to rag dolls, babies will start early in the recognition of shapes and textures. Their fine motor skills will be enhanced by interacting with these toys. They also contribute to educating your  child's visual memory. Being very soft dolls, they can hug them and sleep with them, so they will feel safe at all times.

Rag dolls naturally arouse feelings of affection.
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What advantages do rag dolls have in comparison to other types of dolls?

In general terms, dolls are very beneficial toys for the childrens' development. They are articles that will allow them to develop social and emotional skills, in addition to acquiring values such as responsibility or companionship. Of course, rag dolls offer certain advantages in relation to other types of dolls.

These dolls are easier to handle than plastic ones, especially for the little ones. Being supple and soft, they convey affection and friendship. Another advantage is that children cannot be injured playing with them and, even if they rip or tear, they can easily be repaired with a needle and thread. They are very resistant, lightweight and can also be machine washed when they get dirty.

  • They are soft and cuddly
  • They do not hurt
  • They can be machine washed
  • Tough and durable
  • They get dirty easily
  • They can become broken
  • Some models are not suitable for washing machines

Shopping Criteria

The wide variety of rag dolls on the market could make your choice difficult. Carefully ponder what are the features that a doll should meet to fit your child's needs. We also offer the main purchasing criteria to consider when selecting one of these toys.


Design is one of the fundamental aspects to look for when choosing a rag doll. Of course, the tastes of the recipient must be taken into account. The models are very numerous. There are dolls with outfits of different colors and prints, with more or less expressive faces and hair of different lengths and textures.

In the market we also find rag dolls linked to some of the most popular television or movie characters. Hence it is helpful to know what the preferences of the children are. Most dolls reflect a lot of cuddliness and friendliness.

There are models of princesses and fairies, while others are more sweet or fun.

Size and Weight

It is very important to consider the size and weight of the rag doll. The options are many, so that they can adapt to children of all ages. Usually, the dolls have a height of 10 to 15 inches, so the child can play with them without difficulty. These sizes inevitably invite a hug.

Weight is not a problem in the case of rag dolls. Being made of cloth, they are usually very light toys. Their weight, therefore, is suitable for handling even by babies. The fact that they hardly occupy any space is convenient because they can easily bend and become compact. Thus, they are ideal to carry in your bag comfortably.

AguamarinaSpecialist Voice and Teacher
"Being made with warm cotton, flannel or muslin cotton, they nourish the baby's developing senses."

Age of Child

It is advisable to consult the manufacturer's instructions regarding the recommended age of use. The best thing about rag dolls is that, as they are soft and fluffy, they are suitable for children of all ages, including newborns. For babies, they represent toys they can “grasp” and with which they can lie down without risk.

If the doll in question incorporates a small part that the child could put in their mouth, it may not be recommended for babies. However, this is usually the only drawback. In general, it is practically impossible for babies to hurt themselves with these dolls, so they do not usually pose any danger.


You can identify simpler and more complex models on the market. In relation to the former, they would be the rag dolls that do not offer any outstanding functionality. It will be the child themself in charge of making the toy come alive through their imagination and the scenes that they invented during play.

However, there are other, more advanced models that, for example, have light or emit sounds. Moreover, there are dolls in the market that also offer entertaining movement. Being more complex mechanisms, these models may not be suitable for machine washing. Be sure to read the instructions before doing so.


The versatility of a doll is related to its ability to adapt to different situations. For example, there are dolls that wear removable clothes, which translates into greater dynamism during play. In this way, the child will have a great time changing the clothes of its rag doll.

Another detail to look at is the doll's hair. While some dolls exhibit a more static mane, others allow different hairstyles. There are, then, models that have wool or cotton yarn hair for the child's enjoyment. With this type of doll kids can play by combing tthe hair, making braids or pigtails.


Rag dolls are toys that stimulate the imagination of children while awakening feelings of affection. These are articles with multiple benefits for their development and growth. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have marked the childhood of several generations, from our grandparents to our children.

Rag dolls' squishy bodies and friendly designs have been responsible for entertaining children from countless homes from the cradle onward. They are toys of great durability that, over the years, can even become collector's items. Choose the doll wisely and you will be able to put a smile on a child's face.

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