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To maintain a home you have to perform all kinds of tasks. Some are more tedious than others, of course, but those who have large windows or a lot of glass furniture know that cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, today's technology offers a  solution: cleaning robots, believe it or not!

These practical devices, like all the technological innovations that come together with robotics, want to save you time and work in repetitive, long and heavy processes. Robotic window cleaners are no exception. If you still have doubts, keep reading this article and find out the most important keys about these fabulous machines.

Key Facts

  • Robotic window cleaners are small devices responsible for cleaning windows and glasses of your home in a completely autonomous way. They save time and effort and, at the same time, give excellent quality results. They are powered by electricity and must be charged to be used.
  • These cleaners generally fit all surfaces, not only glass (some work on tiles or shower doors, for example). You can use them to dry clean or combine them with your usual cleaning product.
  • New models of robotic window cleaners are very simple to use, designed to save energy and have greatly increased their efficiency. They are safe, versatile and, most of them have a discreet design.

Our selection: The best robotic window cleaners

Cleaning windows has never been easy. However, these days there are many automated domestic appliances on the market available to help us out with our daily chores. Window cleaning robots are at the forefront of home robotics, but it can be arduous to find the right model for you. This selection of the best products will help guide you in your purchase.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about robotic window cleaners

Robotic window cleaners are not only responsible for leaving your windows bright and smooth. Many models also have other very useful functions as well as different uses. Therefore, choosing the right device is a not so simple decision. This section covers the most common questions so you do not hesitate to buy.

Some robotic window cleaners clean without needing water.
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What is a robotic window cleaner exactly?

Robotic window cleaners are small machines that, fully automatically adhere to different flat surfaces, especially glass, in order to perform a complete cleaning. Using a battery charged with electricity, they are capable of covering large spaces during periods of time that can be programmed by the user.

Normally, these robots consist of two parts. The first is kind of a safety suction cup that is placed on the surface to be cleaned. The second is the cleaning robot itself that is attached to the suction cup through an extensible cable.

How do robotic window cleaners work?

These machines have a great power to suction against glass or other surfaces. This is why they can keep upright without falling. Once loaded, robotic window cleaners begin to perform the cleaning task by simply pressing a button and choosing the appropriate program.

They generally operate in two ways. Through a remote control, where all functions are set, or through a mobile app. The following table shows the most typical features or programs available.

Program Function
AI (artificial intelligence) The algorithms allow the robot to calculate the ideal cleaning path, detect window limit or other surfaces, and completely clean an entire area.
3 automatic cleaning programs In general, these robots work in 3 ways: starting from the left, starting from the right, starting from the bottom.

These programs are combined with AI.

Twice button (repeat) This function causes the robot to clean a surface twice consecutively, in order to completely remove dirt.
Autostop (Automatic stop) The robot stops and turns off automatically once the scheduled task is finished.

Energy saving.

Are robotic window cleaners suitable only for glass surfaces?

Although the name of these cleaners refers to "windows", in fact, many models adapt to many other types of surfaces. This feature makes them very versatile devices, since they can be adjusted to different scenarios from the typical Spanish homes. The most common surfaces are:

  • Glass of any thickness
  • Shower screens
  • Tiles
  • Indoor or outdoor windows
  • Glass doors
  • Rough glass
  • Reflective glass
  • Safety sheets
  • Tables made of smooth and shiny wood

How do you get robotic window cleaners started?

Putting robotic window cleaners to work is very simple. The first thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the two rings are locked against the surface we want to clean. Then, from the remote control or application, choose the cleaning mode you need depending on the surface. Press start and the robot will begin the cleaning.

An important detail we should not forget is that if we keep the robot connected to the electric source, the suction capacity will be greater. The batteries of this type of devices are always more effective when they are 100% charged.

What does it mean that robotic window cleaners work with UPS?

UPS or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a technology that allows robotic window cleaners to store energy in batteries. This way, even if they are not connected to an electric source or during a power outage, they will keep working for a limited time.

In addition, this system constitutes an important safety standard, since it prevents the robot from falling to the ground when a power outage occurs. Almost all models have this integrated.

Is it necessary to use water for robotic window cleaners to work?

It is not absolutely necessary, but it strictly depends a little on the model itself. Some robotic window cleaners clean without water. Others require a small amount to slide. And finally, others have the ability to work with or without water, depending on the type of cleaning we are looking for or the surface we work with.

There are models that work with steam, which is an excellent option to remove the most complex stains.

Nowadays you can send an order from your cell phone or computer to complete household chores.
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What is the cleaning of robotic window cleaners about?

The component of the robotic window cleaners that adheres against the cleaning surface is usually a mop or a cleaning cloth, specially designed to slide gently and smoothly. The most complete robot models clean in several stages: they moisten, rub, remove dirt, properly clean and dry.

This sequence is what allows to achieve a professional finish, leaving a glossy surface without stains or traces of water. In most cases, mops perform a constant reciprocating movement to scrub and remove even the most embedded dirt.

What are the cleaning cloths of robotic window cleaners for?

Rings of robotic window cleaners have small cloths, mostly made of microfiber, which are the ones that effectively slide along the surfaces to clean. Normally, with the purchase of a robot, several replacement cleaning cloths are included and, in some cases, they are reusable, which makes them ecofriendly.

What features should the navigation systems of glass cleaner robots guarantee?

The most important thing is that they can perform a complete cleaning of the entire surface. In other words, the whole area is covered. Navigation systems must ensure that the device can overcome obstacles such as reliefs, frames or decoration marks. In addition, they must be able to avoid empty spaces to prevent falls or accidents.

What security measures should robotic window cleaners include?

Although we have mentioned some issues about the safety of these robots, truth is safety is a very important aspect. These devices can work at great heights or in hard-to-reach outdoor spaces, so a fall could cause damage to the device or to third parties. The following table shows the most common security measures.

Security measures Function
UPS As we have mentioned, this system prevents the robot from falling if a power failure occurs.
Fall arrest algorithms Infrared sensors of the robots detect obstacles, frames and reliefs that could cause falls.
Safety rope These ropes, generally included in the purchase, allow robots to be held in case they fall, holding weights of up to 150 kg.

Shopping Criteria

Perhaps you are still not sure about what model of glass cleaning robot to buy. And it is normal, given the variety and different benefits they offer. However, there are some key aspects that are fundamental and you must consider if you want to make a secure purchase. In this section, we summarize them so that you are well informed.

Silent mode

While robotic window cleaners are there to ease a long and tedious task, we cannot just settle for that. There are models that frankly make a lot of noise and it becomes unbearable to be closed while they’re doing the cleaning task. That’s why it is worth noting that they have a silent mode that does not exceed 74 decibels.

Amanda DodgeJournalist for Steam
"In a few years, you won’t have to leave your house to interact with Evo’s robot friends. More robots are finding all kinds of new purposes, from helping homeowners complete their chores faster to keeping their human friends company".


Robotic window cleaners need a power supply to operate. However, a good battery is essential to avoid having to charge them every too often. In this regard, it is worth checking the product description to confirm that the battery is at least 600 mAh, which ensures one hour of continuous use.

Application Compatibility

Remote controls are a very good accessory for robotic window cleaners. But in a world ruled by smartphones, having an application compatible with these devices makes everything more comfortable. We must ensure the application offered is available in the operating system of our phone. Android and iOS are the most common.


There are many models that perform the cleaning task very slowly. This, besides being annoying, quickly consumes battery. Therefore, it is important to check the power of the robot we want to buy and then verify the maximum speed. Typically, they cover a square meter in at least 1 minute.

You can forget about traditional methods of cleaning.
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As we have mentioned, in devices that can be at a several meters height, security is a fundamental aspect. To avoid falls or other types of accidents, it is recommended to check if the glass cleaning robot has the minimum safety standards, such as the UPS and the extensible ropes, which not all models bring.


Robotic window cleaners have become the most valued and required household appliance in recent years. They are responsible for cleaning and making all kinds of surfaces we have in our homes or offices glossy, especially glass. They work autonomously and need electricity to charge their batteries.

In general, they bring different cleaning programs according to the needs we have. They are intelligent devices, that is, they can be controlled by remote controls or applications, and they have advanced sensors to detect obstacles, frames and reliefs that can be found along the way. They have good security measures and their use is quite simple.

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