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Taboos are a thing of the past: women are using sex toys more and more. This is not surprising, as they greatly contribute to a happy and healthy sex life. They give you a lot of pleasure with little effort and help you to relax in private. They can also be used with your partner to bring some variety into the bedroom.

Choosing your first sex toy doesn't need to be difficult. This guide has been designed to help you explore the world of sex toys for women in order to discover new and intense sensations. We've chosen to focus on vibrators, as these are the most common sex toys for women.

Key Facts

  • Sex toys for women are very useful and beneficial. They can give much pleasure with little effort, helping to relieve stress and increase pleasure with your partner.
  • There are a huge variety of sex toys for women. In our ranking of the best products, we have principally presented vibrators. However, we will cover some other types of sex toys in our article.
  • Choosing the perfect sex toy depends on various factors, such as the type of toy, material and whether they have a battery function. You should also consider whether you will be using it with a partner or alone.

Our Selection: The Best Sex Toys for Women

In this ranking, we have decided to focus on sex toys designed for women to use by themselves. However, some are also perfect for using with a partner, as well as solo.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Sex Toys for Women

A good sex toy can reduce stress and strengthen the intimacy between partners. They are great items to promote a healthy sex life. However, there are still many taboos which exist around the use of these products which means that any people are not very familiar with them. In this section, we will answer the most commonly asked questions about sex toys for women.

What types of sex toys for women are there?

Sex toys for women which are in a phallic shape are known as dildos or vibrators. However, there are many other types besides these. For example, there are vibrators which are not inserted into the vagina, but rather massage and stimulate the clitoris similar to oral sex. There are also toys designed for anal play, such as anal plugs.

There are many types of sex toys for women which can also be used with your partner. (Source: Vasyl Dolmatov: 93049111/

There are also sex toys for BDSM, an erotic practice which stands for bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. These toys range from accessories designed to tie up or subdue, such as handcuffs and chains, to whips and gags. Although this article will focus on more traditional sex toys for women, the world of BDSM can be very interesting.

What are the different types of vibrators?

Vibrators are the most well-known types of sex toys, but this doesn't make them monotonous. Vibrators can deliver many pleasant surprises. There are many different types of vibrators on the market, designed to create distinct kinds of stimulation, with different types of use and degrees of intensity. You will find some of each kind in the Ranking section of this article.

Type of vibrator Characteristics Particular advantages Model in the ranking section
Classic vibrator Have a straight, phallic shape and are hard. Generally have different vibration settings. Their use is very intuitive and they are usually great for initiating yourself with sex toys. Shibari Mini Halo
G-spot stimulator A phallic-shaped vibrator designed to stimulate the g-spot. This allows you to reach the most senstive parts of the vagina. Its shaped allows it to stimulate zones not normally reached by a normal vibrator or dildo. Mini Hand Massager
"Rabbit" vibrator Simultaneously stimulates the inside of the vagina and the clitoris. Originally, they came with small "bunny ears" on the base Originally, came with small "bunny ears" near the base. Don't require much physical exertion as it stimulates both zones at the same time. Zripool G Spotter Rabbit
Clitoral stimulator Stimulates the clitoris exclusively. Along with vibrations, emulates the sensation of oral sex. By focusing on the clitoris it delivers more intense sensations. ACVIOO Personal Wand Massager

Are sex toys for women safe?

Sex toys which are made be well-known, trusted brands are perfectly safe. When you start to use them, be sure to follow the instructions and take your time. If you are using sex toys which you will insert into your body, it is always recommended to use lubricant. If your sex toy is made of silicone, you should use water-based lube.

Bear in mind that your genitals are extremely sensitive. You can have allergic reactions to certain materials, even when using high-quality toys. If you feel a burning or stinging sensation, stop using the toy immediately. Glass, metal and medical-grade silicon products are less likely to produce allergic reactions or infections then plastic sex toys.

Irene Bedmar MartinPsychologist and sex educator
"Accept and celebrate your body. This will let you enjoy a much healthier, more enjoyable sex life."

How do you keep sex toys for women clean?

The majority of sex toys for women come into contact with the most sensitive parts of your body. Failure to keep them clean could result in infection. For this reason, you should always keep your sex toys clean and store them hygienically. It is highly recommended to clean them immediately after use, and the correct cleaning method will depend on the material it is made from.

If your toy is made of glass, metal or silicone, clean it with soap and water. If it is not water-resistant, use a damp cloth in order that it doesn't get too wet. It is not a good idea to put it in the dishwasher as this could leave a residue. If your toy is not battery-powered, you could even boil it for a couple of minutes to complete disinfect it.

Can you use sex toys for women with a partner?

Of course! Incorporating sex toys in the bedroom with your partner can give you a lot of pleasure. This is especially true to break out of the routine when your sex life is becoming monotonous. There are sex toys designed primarily to be used alone, such a men's masturbator or certain vibrators, but many can equally be used with a partner. Sex toys will allow you to experiment with new positions, increase the intensity of orgasms and explore fantasies.

Because of the taboos surrounding sex toys, this can be something which is difficult to bring up with your partner. Some men may feel displaced, insecure or fear that they are not enough to satisfy their partner. However, vibrators and other sex toys do not replace your partner, rather they complement the experience and give new sensations to both.

Can sex toys for women be used for other things?

Some sex toys have functions beyond sexual pleasure. Vaginal dilators, for example, are used to relax very tight tissues. This is useful when having undergone vaginal surgery (for example, for trans women), radiation or suffering from vaginismus. There are also kegel exercisers which can be used as sex toys and also help to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Sex toys are very beneficial to increase pleasure for women. (Source: Kamil Macniak: 72010646/

Vibrators not only stimulate the vagina and clitoris. There are many more erogenous areas of your body that you can stimulate with these toys to give you a lot of pleasure. In addition, you can use the electric function of vibrators to massage other parts of the body, such as the back or neck. Your imagination is the limit.

Shopping criteria

Sex toys are accessories designed to give sexual pleasure. They are available for men and women, with or without electrical function, in thousands of shapes and materials, and for many different parts of the body. We want to help you in choosing your next sex toy. When choosing the perfect toy, you should consider different purchase criteria:

Type of toy

Consider what type of toy you are interested in and what will best suit your needs. Dildos and vibrators are the best options if you want vaginal or clitoral stimulation. If you are looking to increase your long-term sexual pleasure, pelvic exerciser balls are an excellent choice. If you are interested in bondage, look for accessories such as handcuffs or chains.


Sex toys come in contact with some of the most sensitive parts of your body, therefore it is important that the material is safe. The best models are made of metal, glass or silicone, as non-porous materials. If you opt for a silicone toy, make sure it is medical-grade silicone. This prevents infections and the growth of bacteria.

Battery Function

Vibrators are probably the most popular sex toys for women. This is because they are arguably the most effective in stimulating erogenous zones. All the toys that we include in our Ranking section have a battery function. However, there are also great sex toys which do not vibrate but still give much pleasure, such as glass dildos.

Remember to clean your sex toys after using them. (Source: Katarzyna Białasiewicz: 72232275/

Type of Use

When buying a sex toy, first consider whether you will use it on your own or as a couple. If you will use it by yourself, we recommend one that requires minimal effort, such as “bunny” vibrators. Clitoral stimulators are also perfect for masturbation, as they emulate the feeling of receiving oral sex from a partner.

If you are looking to integrate a sex toy into intimacy with your partner or simply experiment with another person, we recommend toys that complement sex. The "classic vibrator" in our Ranking, for example, can be used as a couple to increase the intensity of orgasms. Also, shopping together for sex toys can be very exciting in itself.


If buying a vibrator for the first time, it is best to choose a model which makes a good introduction to sex toys. There are simple, small and moderately priced vibrators, perfect for "beginners." This is a good way to get used to using these kinds of toys, then later you can move on to more elaborate ones. The Mini Massager listed in our Ranking is a great example of a "beginner" vibrator.


Sex toys are versatile products which can greatly improve your sex life whether you use it on your own or with a partner. The ideal sex toy for you can help to renew your sex drive and open you up to completely new sensations. Using it as a couple can be very pleasant for both of you and increase the intensity of your orgasms. Regardless of how you use them, your sex toy will leave you satisfied.

In our Ranking, we choose a diverse range of products, suitable for different forms of use. We decided to focus our recommendations on vibrators, as they are the perfect products to start your sex toy journey. Later, you can explore other types of toys and new fantasies.

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