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Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and we have access to more information at our fingertips every day. The exponential market growth of smart bands is the perfect example of this trend. These little devices allow you to obtain useful information on a wide array of parameters.

When you're making your purchase, you will have to consider a variety of aspects based on your budget and personal needs. In the following shopping guide, we'll teach you all you need to know regarding what smart bands can offer you. We'll also help you compare different models so you can make an informed purchasing decision. That way, you can pick the smart band that best suits your needs.

Key Facts

  • Bang-for-your-buck smart bands offer a lot of features so that no data escapes you. They count steps, include different programs for various sports, measure your heart rate, have an alarm, can notify you of calls and messages, and much more.
  • Evaluate whether or not you want your model to have a screen. This feature will allow you to monitor what you're doing in real time. We'll discuss this specific aspect in the shopping criteria section.
  • If you want a smart band with GPS, keep in mind that it will increase the price and lower the battery's autonomy. However, you will get more precise measurements and data in real time.

Ranking: The Best Smart Bands

It is important that you find the very best smart band so you can carefully monitor all your activities. This is why we've selected some of the most interesting options available on the market. These devices tend to have simple designs but can easily be customized, and they'll contribute to you leading a healthier lifestyle.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Smart Bands

A smart band is exactly what you need if you want to have precise data from your daily life such as steps walked, heart rate, or the calories you burn throughout the day and during various activities. Now that you've had the chance to discover some of the best models out there, you can learn more about these devices in the following section.

Woman using her smart band

Smart bands can tell you how much calories you've burned during a specific activity.
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What is a smart band exactly?

These technology-enabled bracelets tend to weigh very little, offer a sporty look and provide you with useful information regarding your different physical activities. Most models also include sleep and heart rate monitoring. In addition, you can connect them to your smartphone to receive notifications of calls, messages, and various apps.

The most affordable smart bands are connected to your smartphone and older apps via Bluetooth to offer you more complete information. The most expensive models, on the other hand, come with a GPS. This means that you can gather very precise data about a specific route without having to carry your mobile phone on your person.

What are the differences between a smart band and a smartwatch?

You've probably heard of both smart bands and smartwatches before, and it's a good idea to know exactly how each product differs from the other in order to make your decision. In the following table, we've gathered basic information so you can learn more about the characteristics of each device:

Criteria Smart band Smartwatch
Design Its design is discreet, and it tends to be smaller than conventional watches. Its design is similar to that of conventional watches.
Notifications You can only check the notifications you receive. Some models allow you to respond to the notifications received.
Functions The most affordable smart bands are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, while others have a GPS. It can integrate Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.
Smartphone connectivity It doesn't need to be constantly connected to your phone. The data can be synchronized. It should always be connected to your mobile phone.
Autonomy The battery offers a fantastic autonomy. Its autonomy is smaller than that of smart bands.

Should my smart band have GPS?

Most models that offer great value for money do not feature a built-in GPS. This means that you'll need to have your mobile phone on you during your physical activities if you want to have very precise information. It will also allow you to obtain additional data directly on your smartphone.

On the other hand, the more expensive models are sold with an integrated GPS, making it easier for them to record distances, speeds, and times. They'll also tell you exactly where you've been and you can carefully check your routes. Keep in mind that the battery life of these smart bands will drain quickly when the GPS mode is turned on.

Mna runing using smart band

It is easier to record distances and speeds with smart bands that feature a GPS.
(Source: Valeriia Sviridova : 100201525/

What is the IP code of my smart band?

As you might know, the IP code appears on various electronic devices. This IEC standard is designed to tell you how resistant your device is against solid agents — with the first digit — and liquid agents such as water — with the second. You will notice that a lot of smart bands have the IP68 code, but what does this mean exactly? The table below has all the information you need:

IP code's first digit Solid particle protection IP code's second digit Liquid ingress protection
IP0X No protection IPX0 No protection
IP1X Protection against objects with a diameter greater than 50 mm IPX1 Protection against water dripping
IP2X Protection against objects with a diameter greater than 12.5 mm IPX2 Protection against water dripping at an angle
IP3X Protection against objects with a diameter greater than 2.5 mm IPX3 Protection against water sprays
IP4X Protection against objects with a diameter greater than 1 mm IPX4 Protection against water splashes
IP5X Dust protected: the ingress of dust will not damage the proper functioning of the device. IPX5 Protection against water jets
IP6X Dust tight: no dust can ingress. IPX6 Protection against powerful water jets
IPX6K Protection against powerful water jets with increased pressure
IPX7 Protection against temporary immersion
IPX8 Protection against prolonged immersion. The maximum pressure and time are determined by the manufacturer.

How can I charge my smart band?

These devices generally come with a USB cable to connect them to a computer or power socket. If you have the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, for instance, you'll need to remove the central part from the rubber strap. You can then easily connect it using the USB port of your PC or the adapter to plug it in a power outlet.

The batteries of smart bands tend to last a long time. Many models even offer an autonomy of several weeks without you having to charge them. As you can image, the battery length will depend on the functions you activate and use. Remember that the autonomy of models with built-in GPS is generally much more limited.

How can I synchronize my smart band with my phone?

Smart bands use a Bluetooth connection to receive the information from your mobile phone. This connectivity allows you to synchronize all the data you've gathered to various apps. That way, you can keep track of the steps you've taken, monitor your sleep and heart rate, or check routes you've taken during your workouts, among many other things.

These little devices are generally very easy to connect to your smartphone and the different apps you want to use, even if it's the first time you do it. In fact, smart bands are designed to be very intuitive and the instructions are very straightforward. Follow them carefully, and you can start enjoying all their features. Note that you can configure them from your mobile phone.

Shopping Criteria

You've now discovered our selection of the best models available on the market, and you must have learned a thing or two about smart bands in the previous section of our guide. But we're not quite done yet, so pay attention to the criteria that we'll discuss in the section below. They're all key in making a purchase that will satisfy your personal needs.


This is naturally one of the most important factors to consider. The great news is that there are so many models available on the market that there really is something for every budget. As a matter of fact, you can easily find a smart band for very competitive prices. In the end, it all depends on your personal needs.

The more expensive models offer enhanced technology and more developed sensors. They can even feature a built-in GPS that will help you gather much more accurate measurements. These smart bands also tend to provide more options. Whatever you decide to choose, the useful information you'll gather will help you stay motivated.


You will eventually have to decide whether you want a smart band with a screen or not. Note that, while all the models listed in our selection had one, you can also find some without screens. The latter are a great option if you simply want to collect data and synchronize them directly with the suitable apps on your smartphone.

On the other hand, smart bands with a screen should be your option of choice if you'd rather be able to instantly check all the data from your activities. In fact, some people believe that these models are more practical because having access to that information can help you during your training. You can also receive notifications at all times.


This is far from being a criterion you can neglect. The most important thing you have to do is to check that the model you want to purchase will satisfy every single need you have. In that regard, think about the features that are most important to you and choose a model accordingly. Not all smart bands, for instance, are designed for activities such as swimming.

The most basic function is the step counter. In addition, many models now detect the activity you're doing, monitor your sleep, measure your heart rate, and include a stopwatch. Some smart bands also receive notifications of calls, messages, and applications, and even allow you to control your music player.

Compatibility and Connectivity

You must absolutely check the compatibility of the smart band you want to purchase. While this might seem obvious, it wouldn't be the first time someone buys a product that simply doesn't work with their smartphone. That being said, the vast majority will work with any fairly recent Android or iOS device.

Man practicing yoga using smart band

A smart band can detect and monitor your activities.
(Source: Konstantin Pelikh: 120418615/

Durability and Impermeability

We've already discussed the importance of the IP code and how it determined the durability and impermeability of these products earlier on in our article. The digits of this code tell you the level of resistance of the smart band to solid and liquid agents. If you plan on using your device in more extreme conditions, it is essential that you buy an IP68 model.


A quality smart band with good value for money will give you a lot of useful information. With an incredibly long battery, it will be able to calculate your daily steps, your most intense physical activity, your hours of sleep, your heart rate, and even warn you when you spend too much time without moving. Luckily for you, many models are very affordable.

Don't forget to evaluate everything we've discussed throughout our article. Check the compatibility and the different functions offered, as well as its design, weight, and battery life. This very useful device will help you keep a close eye on your day-to-day life. Some of its functions can even motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle.

We hope that our shopping guide helped answer any remaining questions you might have had regarding smart bands. If that's the case, feel free to share it on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below!

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