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Everyone washes their hands, at many points during the day. Washing your hands is an essential part of life, since hygiene is of the utmost importance in all parts of life. If you're not clean and hygienic, then you could catch diseases or get ill. Good hygiene habits come down to the little things, like washing your hands after touching dirty things, pets, money, door handles, coming home, before tending to a wound or an injury, and after going to the toilet.

Do you find yourself trying to clutch the soap bar by your bathroom sink with wet hands and it slipping out of your grasp and falling onto the floor? Or maybe you're desperately trying to get the last bit of soap at the end of the bar without it breaking? Well, a soap dispenser is for you. Read this ultimate guide so you can choose the best one for you. Let’s get started then!

First things first

  • A soap dispenser is wonderfully handy, and there are lots of types. Some are even automatic so you don't have to touch them at all!
  • There are many different types of soap dispensers available. They are all essentially the same, but there are some important differences between the different models, such as being automatic.
  • Researching the features of each soap dispenser will help you choose the best one for you. But don't worry, we've got you covered with this guide.
  • It's not difficult to use a soap dispenser, you simply add the soap then push the button or put your hand underneath when and the soap will come out.

The best soap dispensers in the UK

We’ve had a look at the soap dispensers on the market, analysed prices and customer reviews, and come up with this comprehensive list of the best in the UK. You can see each of our favourite soap dispensers in this selection below, alongside a little description of each product. We’re certain that by the end of this ranking and this guide, you will have chosen the perfect soap dispenser for you!

Past Product Reviews

InterDesign Soap Dispenser for Liquid Soap (295ml)

First up we have this soap dispenser for liquid soap by InterDesign (iDesign). This is Amazon’s Choice for soap dispensers and is the perfect handy little soap dispenser for any part of the house: for the bathroom, toilet or kitchen. Additionally, it’s clear so you can add fancy coloured soap and everyone will see it, and since it’s clear you can also see when the soap is running out, which is a bonus.

This soap dispenser is perfect for families with children who don’t want an automatic soap dispenser which could cause their children to play with it and waste a lot of soap. What’s more, if you buy a soap dispenser you’re helping the environment since you only need to buy refill packs to refill it, so you won’t be using as much packaging – perfect! Finally, this dispenser is made from high-quality materials which are very easy to clean.

Getue Automatic Soap Dispenser (200ml)

This fancy automatic soap dispenser is a number one bestseller on Amazon, and it has a system which stops you from putting your hand under and getting too much soap out: put your hand under for one or two seconds and the dispenser will dispense a fixed amount of liquid. It also has a visible window so you can see how much soap is left.

This soap dispenser is easy to set up: all you need to do is press the power switch for a few seconds and the LED indicator will blink. You also know that you’re getting a good quality product since Getue offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. Finally, this soap dispenser is sleek and elegant, so it will easily integrate into any kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

InterDesign Alston Refillable Soap Dispenser (384ml)

Next up we have another manual soap dispenser by InterDesign. This company started over 40 years with one core goal in mind, and that is to offer innovative storage products for the home at affordable prices. This soap dispenser is great as it has a particularly large opening so you can fill the dispenser very easily. The container can hold nearly 400ml of liquid, so it’s a good size and one of the larger ones on the market.

As with the other manual dispenser, this one is clear so you can see very well when you need to refill it. It’s very stylish and will fit any type of bathroom of any colour, and it will add a pop of luxury and class to anywhere. It has a high-quality pump head which ensures a precise dosage of soap every time!

simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump with Soap Sample (237ml)

This brushed nickel soap dispenser is touch-free and very stylish. IT has everything: perfect dimensions, a no-drip valve, speedy dispense system which is engineered to maximise forward flow and to minimise backflow to make dispensing very easy, it dispenses in a mere 0.2 seconds! What’s more, the sensor pump will last for up to a year with two AA batteries, so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries for a very long time!

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this automatic soap dispenser is that you get a free sample of soap with it! This company promises to do their bit to help the environment, that’s why they sell their soap in convenient 1 litre refill pouches, and this soap dispenser dispenses a lot less soap than a traditional manual soap dispenser, but not to worry – simplehuman soap still cleans your hands just as well or if not better than ordinary soap!

Croydex Euro Soap Dispenser Trio Chrome (3 x 310ml)

Last but certainly not least, we have this dispenser trio by Croydex. With hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon, you know that you’re getting a good quality product at a very good price. This trio of dispensers is perfect for if you’re looking to reduce waste and space in your bathroom since you can add shampoo to one, conditioner to another and shower gel to another. This is just a suggestion though since you can put whatever you want in them: washing up liquid, body lotion, hand cream – you name it!

This soap dispenser is easy to fit on any surface since it has the fixings included and the innovative wall bracket allows the dispenser to be fitted either in a corner or flat against the wall. The pre-measured amount of liquid dispensed is perfect so that you don’t use too much product: what more could you want?

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about soap dispensers

You've seen the best soap dispensers on the market, now, it's time for the buying part. We've put together this fab list of things we recommend that you think about before making your purchase. We've also got the most frequently asked questions and we've answered them, so by the end of this section, any remaining doubts will be dispelled and any remaining questions will be answered. Perfect! Let's dive right in.

Close up of woman hand take cleaner foam from pump foam cleanser bottle

Soap dispensers are the easiest way to wash your hands.
(Source: Kitz Corner: 94836561/

What is a soap dispenser and how does it work?

A soap dispenser is a household utensil that's used to store and dispense liquid some. One of the primary differences is between normal and automatic models, which use a sensor to dispense the soap on to the hands.

Refilling a soap dispenser is very easy. You simply open it, which in some models will need a key, and pour the liquid soap inside. You just need to remember to be careful as to not spill the soap when refilling it.

With automatic soap dispensers, be sure to check that the batteries are working.

Should I get an automatic soap dispenser?

One of the most common questions asked by those looking to buy a soap dispenser is if it is better to get an automatic one. The truth is that it is easy to assume that the automatic dispensers are always better. However, in some situations, a more traditional model may make more sense.

An example of how traditional, manual soap dispensers may be better is because you have to always make sure that the batteries in the automatic soap dispensers don't run out. Also, if you have kids, they may want to play with the dispenser, which would lead to a lot of waster soap. Apart from these concerns, however, automatic soap dispensers are more convenient, hygienic and more practical.

NHSBritish National Health Service
"Washing your hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from illnesses such as food poisoning and flu."

When is it better to buy an automatic soap dispenser?

In the previous section, we covered some of the pros and cons of automatic soap dispensers compared to traditional ones. Now we're going to dive a little deeper into why it is a good idea to choose this type of dispenser. At the end of the day though, we recommend that if you have children, you opt for a manual soap dispenser because if you have an automatic one you could find that there's a lot of spillage and wastage.

If you are looking for a soap dispenser for your workplace, always go for an automatic one so that you don't have to worry about lots of people touching it.

Hygiene. Cleaning Hands. Washing hands.

Automatic soap dispensers don't require you to touch them, so they're very hygienic. (Source: Raths: 37623123/

What types of soap dispensers can you get?

Here's a little table so you can see the similarities and differences between the types of soap dispensers on the market.

Type of soap dispenser Uses
Countertop The most common. Very simple to use. Pop it on your bathroom sink.
Wall Placed on the wall in the bathroom. Typically found in public spaces.
Automatic Works by sensing your hand when it is placed under the dispenser, and then it dispenses the soap automatically.

How do soap dispensers work?

Soap dispensers have two different types of supply mechanisms. This is one of the things you should keep in mind when buying a dispenser. As you'll see in the following list, some are more suitable for certain people than others. Therefore it's best to think about the following things:

  • Pump: You push on the top in order to dispense the soap. This is the kind most commonly used in homes.
  • Automatic: These have a sensor that dispenses the liquid soap when you put your hands underneath it.

What are some of the pros of using soap dispensers overusing a soap bar?

Next, we will take a look at some of the benefits you should consider when buying a soap dispenser:

  • Capacity: Many models have a large capacity, which is very convenient as you don't have to refill it very often.
  • Cleanliness: A soap dispenser doesn't leave soap scum, unlike a soap bar, which can become a bit slimy.
  • Easy to refill: It's very simple to refill any type of soap dispenser.
  • Versatility: You can use a variety of liquid soaps with a soap dispenser. Who knows, you could even pop one on the wall in the shower with your shampoo in it!
  • Savings: With a soap dispenser you can use just the right amount of liquid soap that you need. This helps to avoid washing money down the drain!

Is it better to use liquid soap or a bar of soap?

Another question you may have before buying a soap dish is whether it is better to use liquid or bars of soap. Liquid soap is more hygienic for a few reasons. Bars of soap are, by definition, used by several people and sometimes they can leave scum on the countertop and the dirt could stay on the soap bar.

A bar of soap can accumulate not only dirt from other people, but also certain germs. In addition, once they are used several times the bars start to have an unsightly shape.

What types of soap are available?

In the little table below, we've explained the different types of soaps that are available and the benefits of each one for your skin. If you're going to buy soap anyway, you might as well buy some which will benefit you in some way, right?

Types of soap Properties
Coconut Has very hydrating properties and doesn't make the skin greasy. Can also exfoliate.
Green Tea Antibacterial and scar-erasing properties. It is also very relaxing.
Oats Perfect for sensitive skin, helps to calm irritation. Also acts as an exfoliant.
Teatree oil Has strong antibacterial properties, helps to rejuvenate elasticity in the skin and encourages smoothness.
Olive Strong moisturising properties and cares for sensitive skin.

What can soap be used for?

If in the previous section we showed you the types of soaps and their properties, now we're going to look at the varieties and what the functions of different types of soap can be. Each of them has a specific use that you may be interested in knowing about. We have also prepared this summary in the form of a table, so you can compare easily. Here are characteristics of each variety:

Soaps Uses
Therapeutical Are prescribed by a doctor to treat different skin conditions.
Liquid Used to easily clean the skin. Commonly used at home or in businesses.
Dermatological This soap is very soft and helps to take care of the skin, especially sensitive or atopic skin.
Aromatic Scented with floral or fruity smells.
Glycerin Can dry out the skin, so is perfect for people with oily skin.
Softening Designed for people with dry or sensitive skin.

What are the pros of soap dispensers?

Undoubtedly, having a soap dispenser is very practical as you surely know after reading this guide. In the following sections, we show you some of their main advantages, but also some disadvantages that may arise. You will likely find it very useful to review these aspects:

  • More hygienic, avoid wastage, easy to use
  • Some models are a little expensive
  • Can break
  • You have to remember to fill them

Shopping Criteria

By now you no doubt have a very clear idea of what you can expect from your soap dispenser. But it does not hurt to review certain aspects that you should keep in mind when making your purchase. Take note of all of the following:

What size do I want?

When buying a soap dispenser you should definitely check its measurements to make sure that you have enough space for it. You should also check how big the tank is. Obviously, the larger it is, the more you can put inside it each time, but more than likely larger soap dispensers will be more expensive than smaller ones.

Professor Jeremy HawkerConsultant Epidemiologist at Public Health England
"Hands are easily contaminated with faecal bacteria when going to the toilet and this can be easily spread on to other things you touch, including food, but unfortunately not all people consistently wash their hands after going to the toilet or before handling food".

Do I want an automatic, countertop or wall soap dispenser?

There are three main types of soap dishes: countertop, wall and automatic. The countertop and wall are similar, the difference being where you put them. And as you know, automatic dispensers dispense soap without having to touch the button. As previously mentioned, they are the most hygienic and convenient. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Which dispensing mechanism do I want?

Automatic dispensers are recommended in public places because they're more hygienic than manual dispensers, but you can still put them in your home since it's good that you'll never have to touch the dispenser with dirty hands since the motion sensor detects your hands. However, pump soap dispensers are cheaper.

Female hands applying liquid soap close up on cream backgroud

Everyone should have a soap dispenser at home, and the most important room to have it in is the bathroom.
(Source: Siraphob Tatiyarat: 55737151/

What material do I want?

Most soap dispensers you find in the market are made of plastic, steel or chrome. The former can withstand dirt very well, so they are ideal if they are going to be used a lot. Steel or chrome models are resistant and durable and tend to be more elegant. They are, however, harder to clean, so bear that in mind.

Is it easy to assemble and disassemble it?

If you want a soap dispenser that you put on the wall, make sure that it's easy to assemble and mount. Usually, a product will contain all the pieces that you need, but check the box or the product description to make sure you don't need anything extra. Also, check that your home or office is suitable for wall dispensers since sometimes you're not allowed to add things to walls or make holes in walls in rented accommodation, for example.


So, now you know all there is to know about soap dispensers and we're sure that you've been convinced to buy one for yourself. It's obvious that they're better than soap bars. Besides, nowadays, you pretty much never see a bar of soap in an office or a café. Automatic soap dispensers are, no doubt, the best. This is because they're more hygienic and you know that no dirty hands have touched them.

If you liked our guide, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below and let us know what your favourite soap dispenser is, or tell us what your favourite scent of soap is. You can also share this on your social media so everyone you know has the cleanest hands!

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