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The Dutch were responsible for introducing tea leaves to Europe in the 17th century. This millenary infusion of oriental origin achieved great recognition in Europe, where it became widely popular.

There are many legends about the origin of tea, but at the moment the scientific evidence only confirms that tea was already consumed in China around the 21st century B.C. The truth is that teacup sets are an indispensable part of your tea preparation process, hence we have developed this guide to unravel all its secrets. Take note!

Key Facts

  • Teacup sets are made up of utensils and tools to serve and taste this popular infusion.
  • There are various types of teacup sets, more and less formal. Among the latter are vintage models, very fashionable and generally made of porcelain or clay.
  • Before deciding to buy a set of tea cups online, you should take into account some basic purchase criteria, such as the style you like, the number of pieces or the material of its components.

Our Selection: The Best Teacup Sets

If you are passionate about tea or are looking to give a gift to a tea lover, there is nothing better than an original set of teacups. It can be English tea, Chinese tea or Turkish tea, but the truth is that this drink requires special containers to preserve all its aroma and flavor. Here is a list of the best tea sets on the market!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Teacup Sets

These utensils designed for a tea making ceremony also have a long tradition, as you can imagine. The story is full of legends about tea and its preparation, both in China and elsewhere in the world. Therefore, below we answer the most frequently asked questions of users about these essential tools for drinking tea.

Small teacups in wood

The utensils for the tea making ceremony have a long tradition.
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What is a teacup set and what are the different types?

It seems obvious, but perhaps its definition is broader than you may think. A set of tea cups - also called a tea set - is a set of utensils consisting of cups, saucers, a teapot and sugar bowl, among others, which are used in the preparation ceremony of this popular infusion.

Teacup sets are complete sets with all the necessary pieces to serve tea, either for ourselves or for guests. There are several different types, which we show you in the following list:

  • Temperature. It maintains the tea at the optimum temperature.
  • Conservation. The tea retains all its features, both in flavor and aroma.
  • Style. Style defines you. A set of fine ceramic tea cups is not the same as a silver one, for example.
  • Gift. These are meant to be given as a present, perhaps for a wedding.

What utensils make up a good set of teacups?

The number of components may vary, but a good tea set includes some essential pieces to follow the ceremonial of tea preparation, either in China or in the United Kingdom. Here is a list of the minimum tools required by a classic teacup set:

  • Teapot. This can be made of different materials, some specific for certain types of tea.
  • Tray. Its function is to move cups and accessories to a table where tea is being served.
  • Creamer. Designed to pour milk or cream, according to the personal tastes of the guests.
  • A sugar bowl and spoon. The spoon is to hold lumps of sugar or (Stevia), but is also used to extract the tea leaves.
  • Strainer or tea infuser. The infuser is a metal container that can come in different forms, but holds the tea inside so it functions similar to a tea bag.
  • Cups, saucers. Cups can have a specific shape, such as Turkish tea glasses. Classic cups for European tea generally have a larger opening at the base to enjoy more of the aroma and the flavor of the tea.

For the more modest teacup sets, three pieces are enough: the kettle, the milk or cream jug and the sugar bowl - in addition to cups, of course. But tea sets can be much more complex and include accessories such as measuring spoon, clock or timer and digital scale to weigh exactly the tea we will use during the preparation.

George OrwellBritish Writer
"Tea is one of the pillars of civilization of this country."

What types of teacup sets exist on the market?

Teacup sets can come in an infinite number of shapes, sizes, styles and materials, but if one thing is the same, it is that today most of the dishes are prepared for microwave and even dishwasher use.

In the following table we present some of the best known tea sets, including the most used materials and their characteristics.

Types of teacup sets Material Caracteristics
Inox Stainless steel Both for formal and infomal tea services. They are very easy to clean.
Chinese Fine porcelain They are usually handmade.

They are usually lighter, more detailed, and smaller.

Dutch Various materials Dutch sets are known for being easy to use.

They come in bright colors and are larger than Chinese tea sets.

English Ceramic or porcelain These teapots and cups are made to last a long time.

Floral designs, pumpkin shapes and rounded flat bottoms as to not tip over.

Turkish Crystal The tea is served in large glass cups with handles so you can hold them without burning yourself.

There are also luxury and vintage tea sets. The luxury ones are silver and gold, are more formal and often include many pieces. The vintage ones are made of porcelain or clay and are usually designed with flowers and ornaments.

Shopping Criteria

There is so much variety of teacup sets on the market that your choice can be somewhat overwhelming. You may be looking for sets to use with your family or for visitors and guests. Therefore, when selecting a good set of teacups it is always recommended that you take into account a series of criteria such as the following:


When buying a teacup set, you have many options in terms of design and style. Maybe you like the Turkish tea service or the watermarks of the Chinese decoration may seem the best. In any case, choose your style and follow the tea preparation according to the chosen model. You will pleasantly surprise your guests!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a set of tea cups online to give as a gift, try to find out what style the person likes best. This way, you will not make any mistakes in the purchase and it will remind them of you every time they use the tea set.

Teapot handmade

The materials of a set of teacups are crucial for their quality and durability.
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The materials of a set of teacups are crucial for their quality and durability. If the set includes the kettle, make sure it is suitable for the type of kitchen you have, whether ceramic, induction or gas. If you have children at home, be careful if you opt for fine porcelain, and if you are looking for resistance, opt for stainless steel.

Silver also has great resistance, but of course this will raise the price of a set. Regardless of what set, you will need to have many pieces and accessories to show off the dishes.

Number of Pieces

A set of tea cups can be very simple or consist of several pieces that contribute to the preparation ceremony of this infusion properly. Depending on how you are going to use them, it may be important that you have a good number of cups and saucers for your guests.

In addition, it is always advisable to have a jug of milk, sugar bowl, tongs and, of course, a good teapot that combines with the rest of the dishes to prepare this millenary drink.

Did you know that in the Victorian era there were cups of tea designed to protect the mustache? They were invented by Brittish Harvey Adams in the 1860s.


Tea accessories are also something to consider if you are going to have guests in your home. Among them are sugar tongs, and also strainers, filters, infusers, measuring spoon or digital scale, among other elements. Keep these aspects in mind if you want to prepare a formal tea party for your guests. You will not regret it!


In the United States there is not the same tradition as in the United Kingdom when it comes to tea. However, the ritual of preparing this infusion does have many similarities and a good set of teacups is a welcome gift. Whether informal or of the finest porcelain, you will delight lovers of this millenary infusion.

When you go to buy a good tea service you must take into account some fundamental criteria, such as the decorative style or the compositional materials of the components. The number of pieces you need and the product ratings by users are also key aspects for making a good choice.

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