Last updated: August 11, 2021

In the cold winter months, a cardigan is one of the must-haves in every woman's wardrobe. They are perfect to combine and can be put on and taken off quickly in the changing temperatures of the transitional season.

The cardigan for women has a guarantee of cosiness and is available in so many variations. With bright or neutral colours, eccentric or matt patterns and different cuts, it complements any outfit, no matter how boring. Whether with a casual outfit or an elegant dress, the women's cardigan can always be used.

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Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying ladies' cardigans

The selection of cardigans for women is not exactly small and to help you find your way around, there are a few buying criteria that you can use as a guide. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Closure
  • Length

After this paragraph, we have broken down the individual criteria for you a little more. This should bring you closer to everything and help you to understand the criteria better.


Most cardigans for women are made of very soft and airy material. The following fabrics are used particularly often:

  • (Tree) Wool
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Synthetic fibre
  • Elastane

Above all, the fabrics differ in their warmth properties but also in their durability and workmanship. This makes ladies' cardigans suitable for different occasions. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, they are also suitable for different seasons.


Ladies' cardigans are available in a wide variety of colours. The colours that are most common are black, white and brown. However, they are also available in yellow, blue, red and co.

The trend at the moment is for bright colours like red and yellow. But patterned cardigans are also very popular with women this season. But you should not ignore the patterns. From big hearts to small animals, you can find everything on your cardigan and add the final touch to your outfit.


Ladies cardigans have 2 ways of closing: with a zip or with buttons. Buttons, if they are well made, give your ladies cardigan a classy feel. A zip, on the other hand, is very pragmatic and clearly takes less time than buttons, where each one has to be buttoned individually.

Of course, there are also cardigans for women that don't need to be fastened at all and can simply be worn open. For example, if you wear a cardigan that has an oversized look, you won't need a fastener.


Cardigans are sold in short and long lengths. The long cardigans are usually made with a lighter material. The long cardigans for women can be knee-length or floor-length and often come with a small integrated pocket for small items. The long cardigans convey more of a feeling of cosiness.

The short cardigans usually end at hip level and thus emphasise a narrow hip. Depending on the material, they are either very light and thin or have a coarse knit and are therefore somewhat heavier and can also be worn as a full-fledged top.


The perfect cardigan depends on the occasion for which it is intended and which cut looks particularly advantageous. For example, if you are rather small and petite, you will be completely lost in floor-length cardigans.

To accentuate feminine curves and narrow shoulders, fitted cardigans can be an advantage. In addition, there are loose-fitting cardigans that create a casual look.

Cardigans for women: The most important questions answered

When it comes to women's cardigans, there are naturally a few questions that come up. In the following, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you. This should help you to answer the questions.

In which styles are cardigans for women available?

A cardigan for ladies is certainly not a rarity. They can be stylish classics, but can still follow the trend. Below we have a little summary for you about the styles available:

  • Women's long cardigans: For everyday wear, the long cardigan for ladies is a true all-rounder. It cuts a great figure with any everyday look. Whether knee-length or even ankle-length, it not only looks good but also gives you a cosy feeling as a fluffy companion.
  • Short women's cardigans: Short women's cardigans in combination with a jumper of the same colour are called twinsets and are very often found among older ladies as an everyday outfit. Especially this winter, short cardigans are also trendy among the younger generation. The casual look mixed with the classy look of the older generation makes a perfect mix.
  • Elegant ladies' cardigans: For festive occasions on cooler days, an elegant cardigan is just the right choice. Especially when the end of the year is approaching, you face a challenge for festivities in cold temperatures. The elegant look should not only look good, but also keep you warm. With festive embroidery and special features, an elegant ladies' cardigan gives the outfit that certain something.
  • Business cardigans for women: Besides a blazer, a fitted cardigan with a classic V-neck and classy buttons can also make a good impression. If you combine the right colours, such as black or blue, with a smart blouse or dress, the business look is perfect.

Depending on the occasion you want to wear the cardigan for ladies, you have the option to choose between these four styles to complete your look.

How do I know if my women's cardigan fits well?

To make sure your look is perfect, it's not just about how you combine it with other clothes, but also whether your cardigan fits properly! We have some tips for you below. These will help you to see if your cardigan fits properly.

  • The shoulder seam should end where your shoulder ends. It should be too tight, nor should it overhang (unless the oversized effect is desired)
  • When you stretch your arms forward from your body, no more or less than your wrist knuckles should show.
  • Even if the cardigan is buttoned up, you should still be able to sit down comfortably.

The shoulder seams should lie flat without producing bulges and when you lift your arms it should not be uncomfortable. It should not pull or pinch, otherwise your cardigan is clearly too small. Too much fabric under the armpit, however, means your ladies cardigan is too big. Above all, your cardigan should be comfortable.

How do I care for and clean my ladies cardigan?

At some point, your garment will need to be washed. To keep your cardigan fluffy, you should not wash it too often. The temperature should ideally be below 30 degrees and you should wash on the delicate cycle. Under no circumstances should you spin knitwear in the washing machine or hang it up after washing, but leave it to dry lying down. But of course you should always pay attention to what the washing label of your item says. It may also be that the material of your cardigan requires special care.

Often, small pieces of lint can appear on your favourite cardigan. To prevent this, you can turn your garment inside out when washing or run a lint roller over it. If that doesn't help, there are lint shavers available for purchase.

Styling tips for women's cardigans: How to achieve the perfect cardigan look

As a simple accessory or even to keep you warm, the ladies cardigan can do so much for women. Here we have some styling tips for you to create the perfect look.

  1. To accentuate your curves, you can wear a waist belt with a fitted cardigan without it showing.
  2. To draw the eye away from a slightly wider hip, avoid styles that are too loose. Your women's cardigans should also not end at hip level, as this draws the focus to that very spot.
  3. A wool cardigan is very easy to combine and looks great with jeans and leather trousers.
  4. For a casual look, a normal pair of jeans and a figure-hugging T-shirt go well with the ladies' cardigan. This gives the body a bit of shape under the cardigan.
  5. Coarse cardigans are bulky, but fine knits accentuate the figure, so you can choose whichever you prefer.
  6. Complemented with a thick scarf and a hat, the women's cardigan is a great companion on autumn days that are still a little too warm for a winter jacket.
  7. If your cardigan has three-quarter sleeves, they will flatter your legs as they will automatically look a little longer.
  8. If you are a little shorter, you should avoid long cardigans, as it can easily look as if you are drowning in them.
  9. Over a dress, a women's cardigan accessory can add a touch or two and keep you warm at the same time.
  10. For the perfect mix of styles, pair heavy, chunky material with lightweight blouse fabrics. A turtleneck could cut a great figure under a cardigan.
  11. If you want the cardigans to look more casual and be cosy and warm, skinny jeans and figure-hugging tops are a must under the cardigan.

As you can see, a cardigan for women is versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways. The most important thing is how you feel when you look in the mirror.


If you are looking for a cardigan that is comfortable and keeps you warm on cooler days, you have made the right choice with a women's cardigan.

From casual to elegant, you can create many looks with a cardigan for women. The right styling and combination with the right pieces is very important. As long as the cardigan fits well and is well cared for, nothing stands in the way of the perfect look.

(Image source: Giulia Bertelli / unsplash)