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Finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality is essential when decorating your house. While you naturally want to create an attractive space, you also need it to be practical. This applies to every room of your home – including your bathroom. Some elements, such as toilet paper holders, are vital.

This product can feature an attractive design, but its functionality is primordial. We have prepared the following shopping guide to help you find the best toilet paper holder for your bathroom. You will discover our selection of the most popular models on the market, as well as the ins and outs of these basic-yet-vital accessories. Are you ready? Let's roll!

Key Facts

  • You can find a wide range of different toilet paper holders on the market. If you want to make the best possible purchase, think about your personal needs and what each model offers you.
  • Think about the design of your bathroom and the space available to place your toilet paper holder. Remember that the location is everything to make its use comfortable.
  • Make sure you know the best position to install it before you choose a specific model. The product should allow you to easily insert the rolls of toilet paper and be made from a quality material. We will delve into these criteria in the final section of our guide.

Our Selection: The Best Toilet Paper Holders

The best way to start this shopping guide is by introducing you to the most popular toilet paper holders currently out there. This will help you learn more about specific features, some of which may surprise you.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Toilet Paper Holders

We hope that our selection of products has helped you know these accessories a little better. You may even have discovered interesting features in these outstanding models. That being said, there are still some aspects that you need to familiarize yourself with. In the section below, we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding toilet paper holders.

You can place your toilet holder on the floor or the wall.
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What is a toilet paper holder exactly?

As its name suggests, this compact bathroom accessory is designed to hold your toilet paper. Some models even offer storage for more rolls. These elements are decorative but above all functional. They come in different materials and a wide variety of designs, with most being either fixed to the wall or resting on the floor.

What is their purpose?

Many people keep their toilet paper rolls on the toilet itself, in a basket, or on top of a nearby radiator. While this is fine, it is not ideal and could make your bathroom look messy. A toilet paper holder will prevent this from happening. In fact, its primary role is to promote order, hygiene, and cleanliness – but it can be decorative, too.

Where can I place my toilet paper holder?

The vast majority of models will either be on the wall or placed directly on the floor. The former are fixed to the wall in different ways, as we will see below, or attached to the sink unit. Also called freestanding holders, the latter rest on the floor and can be moved at your leisure. Besides, they can feature a toilet brush or storage space for toilet paper rolls.

Malcolm DavisOwner of San Francisco-based Malcolm Davis Architecture
" I like to bring in some sense of nature, a piece of natural wood or a Heath tile that has a handmade quality. I use a wood shelf in a lot of bathrooms. If the surfaces feel too hard and shiny, it can feel too perfect. With materials that have a softer organic feel, that’s when the person starts to feel they fit in."

What types of wall-mounted holders are there?

Toilet paper holders are essential, there's no doubt about it. With this in mind, you are probably wondering what your options are. The time has come to have a look at the models frequently found on the market. let's start with wall-mounted holders:

  • Lidded holders. This is one of the most classic models, with a lid to hide the toilet paper and keep it away from dust and moisture. They are fixed to the wall and are quite small in size. Most are made from metal.
  • Lid-free holders. They are similar to the model above but don't feature a lid. Their main advantage is that you can see how much toilet paper is left. For the rest, they share the same characteristics as lidded holders.
  • Vertical holders. This is a lid-free toilet paper that is fixed to the wall vertically. In fact, most of these models can be placed both horizontally and vertically.
  • Holders with reserve. These vertical models can hold more than one roll at a time.
  • Holders with shelf. More and more models come with a small tray to place your cell phone – or any other item you need.
  • Folding holders. They feature a mechanism that allows you to move the bar on which the roll is placed. That way, you can change it more easily, and the holder can adopt different positions with the same fixation.
  • Holders with storage. While this isn't very common, some wall holders offer storage space – through ropes, shelves, or other similar elements.
  • Holders with toilet brush. Also rare, these holders come with a toilet brush that you can hang on the wall.

Toilet paper holders are an essential bathroom accessory.
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What freestanding holders are there?

Now that you know more about wall-mounted models, let's look at those placed directly on the floor. Note that the last two types in the following list also appeared in the previous one, but they are more common as freestanding models.

  • Holder stands. They consist of a support with a toilet paper holder, either horizontal or vertical.
  • Holders with storage. The holder includes a storage space with a bar or cylinder designed to house your toilet paper rolls.
  • Holders with toilet brush. These space-saving models are incredibly versatile. Remember to check that the space between both items is sufficient to avoid splashes for obvious hygienic reasons.

Which type of toilet paper holder is better?

Now that we have looked at both wall-mounted and freestanding models, you are probably wondering which is the best type. The reality is that the one you should opt for depends on your needs. We have listed their main differences in the table below by evaluating the main characteristics of each model. That being said, keep in mind that exceptions always exist.

Feature Wall-mounted holders Freestanding holders
Easy installation

How can I fix my toilet paper holder to the wall?

There are three different ways you can do that. The first one, drilling the wall and placing screws, is the most stable. Secondly, you can use a sort of sticker that some models come with. It is less resistant than using screws, but faster. Finally, you can attach your toilet paper holder with suction cups. The least resistant of the three ways, it is the fastest.

Should I buy a holder on its own or a bathroom set?

While you don't necessarily want all the items in your bathroom to be identical, it is good that they have some sort of link between them. If you can find products that combine with each other but are different, they won't give the impression that you chose them randomly. Whether you decide to buy a toilet paper holder on its own or as part of a bathroom set, you may want to keep this in mind.

What is a removable holder rod?

Also called roller by some manufacturers, the rod is the part where you place your toilet paper. On the market, you can find models with an open shaft, allowing you to change the roll easily. Other toilet paper holders have a removable rod. The spring-loaded structure of these rollers consists of two parts, the smaller one fitting into the larger one to help you slide the empty roll out.

Lidded toilet paper holders are one of the most classic models, with a lid to hide the toilet paper and keep it away from dust and moisture.
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What are the advantages of toilet paper holders?

Now that you know a number of different features of these bathroom accessories, you probably feel more than ready to make your purchase. However, we still want to look at certain key criteria that you will need to analyze to choose the right model. Before we get into these aspects, let's have a quick look at the main benefits and drawbacks of toilet paper holders:

  • It is the most hygienic way to place toilet paper rolls
  • You can find options for any type of bathroom
  • Some models include a toilet brush
  • You may need to drill holes in the wall to install your holder
  • The sticker holding some models can come off over time

Shopping Criteria

We are nearing the end of our shopping guide, but we promised to introduce you to a series of essential criteria first. It is imperative that you pay attention to all of them and that you take them into account before making your final decision. If you do so, you will know exactly which product can satisfy all your needs.


As we mentioned earlier, there are three ways to install a toilet paper holder: with a drill, with a sticker, or with suction cups. If you want it to be very strong, go for the first method, while stickers are best if you want a fast and fairly resistant setup that won't affect your wall. Suction cups are only recommended as a temporary solution. The following table will help you know which option to choose:

Method Resistance Fast installation Damage to the wall
Drill High No Yes
Sticker Medium Yes No
Suction cups Low Fastest method No


Horizontal toilet paper holders are more traditional and aesthetic, in particular if they feature a lid. However, vertical models give you better access to the toilet paper. We recommend that you choose the second option if you want to change rolls more quickly, or if you have children who leave the toilet paper touching the floor.

Also called roller by some manufacturers, the rod is the part of the holder where you place your toilet paper.
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Professional Use

You should purchase a toilet paper holder with a key if you are going to use it professionally. It isn't appropriate for anyone to have access to the paper rolls in a public establishment, as this is not hygienic and exposes you to someone taking the paper. While these models are slightly different, you can find various sizes and designs on the market.

Access to Toilet Paper

In the past, it was common to have to disassemble the holders to change the toilet paper roll. Nowadays, most models feature an open rod, which is the favorite option among buyers. Holders with a removable rod aren't the most practical, so we only recommend them if you have a good reason. You can use them as a learning tool for young children, for instance.

Now that you have looked at the type of rod that will give you the best access to the toilet paper, you have to think about where you will place your holder. Make sure to set it close to the toilet so that it is easy to reach but cannot get splashed in any way. In addition, the height must be appropriate so that you can grab the paper comfortably.


High-quality stainless steel is the best material for toilet paper holders. It is very strong and can withstand the passage of time, water, and humidity. If you for it, you will get a product that can last as long as the rest of the bathroom – if not longer. Besides, it is easy to clean and elegant.


A toilet paper holder is essential to keep your rolls clean and organized and protects them from dust and other dirt. To find the right model for your bathroom, think about your needs and personal taste. While aesthetics are important, functionality is primordial.

The information we have given you should have helped you know the most essential characteristics of these accessories. Don't overlook the key shopping criteria that are the ease of installation, the manufacturing materials, or the type of toilet paper holder. If you take into account our advice, we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with your final decision.

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