Last updated: August 19, 2021

At the mention of wedges, one immediately thinks of the delicious tender-crispy golden-brown potato wedges from the oven. But there are also wedges in the world of fashion, not for eating, but they make some women jealous.

Whether with clear heels or hidden heels, wedges are found both open and closed. Their material can be varied, often made of fabric, leather, imitation leather or a mixture that is adept with straps. However, the popular shoe with a wedge heel must not be missing from your shoe wardrobe.


  • Wedge heeled shoes can be worn to many different events, you can easily stand all day in these comfortable shoes.
  • Wedges often have a midsole that offers a softer, more comfortable or somewhat harder footbed, depending on the manufacturer and brand.
  • They are practical companions and depending on the type and material they can even be used in winter.

The Best Women's Wedges: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look out for when buying women's wedges

Wedge heeled shoes can be worn to many different events. They are suitable for going for a walk, dancing at the prom or just shopping. You can easily stand all day in these comfortable shoes. However, there are one or two purchase criteria that you should consider before buying.

The following buying criteria will help you find the perfect wedge heel shoe for your big prom night:

  • Cover sole and sole
  • Upper and inner material
  • Lining and lining thickness
  • Platform and heel height
  • Brand and sustainability

In the following paragraphs we will explain these buying criteria in more detail.

Sole and insole

The soles of wedges, as with any other shoe, can be very diverse. They can be made of a wide variety of materials. The nature of the shoes determines their longevity and resistance.

The soles of wedges can be made of only one material, such as leather, plastic, synthetic, imitation leather, textile or rubber, or of several materia, such as leather and textile or textile with imitation leather. In addition, wedges often have a midsole that offers a softer, more comfortable or somewhat harder footbed, depending on the manufacturer and brand.

The sole is the material that the sole itself is made of, while the insole describes the material that surrounds the footbed.

Upper and inner material

The upper material is responsible for the aesthetic components, as well as weather resistance. While the inner material provides even more comfort. The upper material of wedges is basically very similar to the inner material. However, the materials can also vary depending on the type of shoe. Besides leather, synthetic, textile, suede or nubuck, among others, are often used as upper materials.

The inner material can be made of microfibres, polyester or imitation leather in addition to leather, textile and plastic. The inner material cannot be compared with the lining, as the inner material usually surrounds the lining.

The material construction of the shoes can also vary between plastic, canvas, croslite or cotton. However, this depends on the brand and manufacturer of the shoe.

Lining and lining thickness

Both open and closed wedges have a lining. Whereas the well-known summer shoes tend to be cold-lined. This does not mean that the wearer gets cold feet, but rather that the shoe is smooth on the inside.

In fashion language, cold lining means any lining variant that smoothly lines the inside of the shoe. However, like other shoes, wedges can also be unlined, padded or warm-lined.

Platform and heel height

Wedges can be counted as part of the platform shoe family, except that the platform on these shoes is wedge-shaped and flatter under the toes than under the heel. The platform height varies from shoe to shoe, some shoes have a platform of 2 or 2.5 cm and other shoes have a 3 or even 4 cm platform.

The heel height is not much different, ranging from 2 cm to 14 cm or even higher. When buying, make sure that you feel comfortable both in the shoes and with their height.

Brand and sustainability

Different brands have different manufacturers. Different manufacturers, in turn, mean different ways of handling the resources used to make them. The organisation Leather Working Group (LWG) strictly controls and checks the production of leather goods.

They attach great importance to where the leather comes from and how the leather is treated. Among other things, their focus is on the sustainability of their partner organisations. Brands such as Camper, Ugg, Zign or Inuovo, for example, have achieved gold status in sustainability, while brands such as Tommy Hilfiger are currently on silver status. Other brands, such as Michael Kors, Pavement or Steve Madden very often have no verification of their products.

At this point, you have to decide for yourself whether or not you would prefer a brand that has proven sustainable production over another brand. Only a few brands were used for this article.

Women's wedges: The most important questions answered

It is often difficult to find the right product from the multitude of offers. Therefore, we have summarised the most important questions about wedges and what they can be combined with for you.

What types of wedges are there for women?

The types of wedges are as numerous and as varied as the shoe world itself. Depending on the intended use, wedges have different characteristics. We have listed the most important types for you below.

  • Wedges Sandals: In summer, these shoes complete any outfit. They look like sandals come in different designs and are also as comfortable as sandals. This shoe combines the elegance of high heels with the everyday functionality of sandals. In addition, wedge sandals can also be perfectly combined with the evening dress, cocktail dress, or jeans look.
  • Wedge Mules: These shoes are a practical combination of simple slippers, which you then just have to slip into, and the style of heeled shoes. Mules often come in the form of flip-flops and are often made of rubber. They are therefore perfect for a holiday by the sea or a walk in the old town.
  • Wedge pumps: The pumps are simply a must-have for women with style. The term pumps defines shoes that are neither open at the toes nor at the heels, but wedge pumps often lack exactly this feature. They are playful yet elegant enough to catch the eye both at work and on the street.
  • Sneaker wedges: These eye-catchers combine the functionality of sneakers with high heels. Their style protects you from wet feet even in rainy weather. The wedge heel of sneaker wedges is surrounded by leather, so sneaker wedges don't look like high heels at first glance.
  • Sport wedges: They combine a sports shoe and high heels. Sport wedges do not look like high shoes because their wedge heel is inside the shoe, just like the sneaker wedge. Sport wedges are still relatively new and are currently mainly available from Adidas.
  • Overknee wedges: Overknee wedges are completely closed shoes that reach above the knee when worn. They are simple yet elegant and their style makes legs look longer. These shoes can be perfectly combined with a skirt or cocktail dress without showing too much leg. By the way, overknee wedges can also be worn over tight jeans.
  • Wedges Boots: For women who want to wear boots without having to sacrifice high heels, there are the wedge boots. They usually reach the ankles, but can be combined and worn with any outfit. Thanks to their design, wedge boots are also ideal for cold and rainy days. Depending on the sole and profile, these stiletto boots can even be worn in winter.

With so many different types of wedges, it is of course difficult to decide on the perfect shoe. We recommend that you take your time to think about what you need the shoe for and how often you want to wear it. This should make your choice a little easier.

How do I clean and care for my wedges properly?

When it comes to cleaning and caring for your shoes, it all depends on the material. If your wedges are made of leather, you should always treat them with leather polish. If your shoes are made of fabric, you should treat and care for them with fabric cleaner.

For wedges made of Croslite or rubber, water should be sufficient as a cleaning agent. You can find out more about this at your local shoe retailer. But be sure to treat the shoes before you put them on for the first time.

What can wedges be combined with?

Wedges can be combined with many items of clothing. According to style experts, they look best when worn by tall women with thin legs. Stretch jeans, skinny jeans, chino trousers, short skirts and dresses are perfect with wedge heels.

For a visual leg-lengthening effect, our style experts recommend combining black tights with black wedges. Small women who don't want to do without the cosiness of wedges should choose dark models if possible.

Can wedges be worn for driving?

As far as driving a car is concerned, we regret to inform you that the trendy wedge heel shoes are completely useless. When driving, you need shoes in which you have a better feeling for operating the pedals. This feeling is not given by the wedge heel, because the higher the heel, the worse the control over the pedals.

It is not legally forbidden to drive in wedge heels, but to avoid an accident, we strongly recommend that you refrain from doing so. Fashion is all well and good, but not worth an accident or even your life. However, if you do not want to leave the house without your wedges, we recommend that you either take them off in the car or simply replace them with shoes suitable for driving.


Wedges, or simply wedge heels, can be combined with almost anything and are extremely comfortable for the fact that they are high heels. They are a must-have for every woman who not only has style but also knows what is good for her feet.

Whether with a summer dress, for a swim at the seaside, for a walk in the old town or as an eye-catcher with an evening dress. These shoes are comfortable, beautiful and elegant. They are practical companions and, depending on the type and material, can even be used in winter.

Sources: Unsplash & 123rf